50 Thoughtful Thanksgiving Gift Ideas

Thanksgiving Gift Ideas

Thanksgiving isn’t typically thought of as a time for gift giving, but that makes it even more of a perfect time to surprise your friends and family with a thoughtful gift. Show your hostess how much you appreciate her hard work and dedication with a Thanksgiving hostess gift. Or, make the holiday even more special for the little ones with a small harvest-themed gift. Shower your spouse with a gift she’ll really appreciate, or choose a special gift that shows your parents how much you care. The options for a great Thanksgiving gift are truly endless. Here are 50 great Thanksgiving gift ideas:

1. Salted Caramel Thanksgiving Bouquet

Salted Caramel Thanksgiving Bouquet

This festive arrangement is packed with juicy orange slices, strawberries, grapes, and apple wedges. Salted caramel apple wedges are dipped in gooey caramel, covered in semisweet chocolate and sprinkled with fine sea salt for the perfect indulgence. A turkey made with fresh pineapple and semisweet chocolate tops it all off.

Cost: $99.99

2. Gobble Gobble Platter

Gobble Gobble Platter

Pineapple daisies covered in chocolate, strawberries, and apple wedges surround a turkey made from chocolate covered pineapple. For an added touch of indulgence, each chocolate covered strawberry is rolled in hazelnut crunch.

Cost: $54.99

3. Glass Pumpkin Object

Glass Pumpkin Object

Made with mouthblown recycled glass, these elegant pumpkins are the perfect centerpiece for Thanksgiving dinner. You can buy them individually or in coordinating sets of two or six.

Cost: $80.75

4. Salad Servers: Olivewood and Black Bone

Salad Servers Olivewood and Black Bone

Handmade of olivewood and bone dyed with organic plant extracts, these salad servers will add a bit of flair to your hostess’s gathering. Made to last for years, the wooden tones will deepen over time.

Cost: $55.00

5. Pastabilities Gobble Turkey Pasta

Pastabilities Gobble Turkey Pasta

What could be cuter than turkey-shaped pasta? All the kids at your Thanksgiving gathering, both young and old, will appreciate these bite-size turkey-shaped noodles made with 100% durum wheat and vegetable powders.

Cost: $12.99

6. Williams Sonoma Popcorn Sampler

Williams Sonoma Popcorn Sampler

This set includes two hand-selected heirloom varieties of premium popcorn, each prized for its delicate texture and flavor. It also provides you with two delicious seasonings: white cheddar and popcorn salt.

Cost: $29.95

7. Dried Flower Wreath DIY Kit

Dried Flower Wreath DIY Kit

This handy kit provides all the materials you need to create your own autumn wreath. A willow reed frame, elegant blooms, and foliage can be mixed and matched to make your wreath unique and completely your own.

Cost: $42.00

8. Acacia Wood Cake Stand with Glass Dome

Acacia Wood Cake Stand with Glass Dome

Crafted from natural acacia wood with a mouthblown glass dome to keep your favorite cakes, cupcakes, and other sweets fresh longer, this cake stand comes engraved with a monogram for extra personalization.

Cost: $99.99

9. Reusable Casserole Tote

Reusable Casserole Tote

This handy gift lets you take your favorite leftovers with you when you go home. It’s made with durable double-layer organic cotton canvas that’s strong enough to carry heavy casserole dishes and cast-iron pans.

Cost: $52.00

10. Faux Fur Shearling Throw

Faux Fur Shearling Throw

Made of 100% polyester faux fur with a medium-length pile, this shearling throw is smooth and silky to the touch. It comes in your choice of five neutral colors and is yarn-dyed for long-lasting color.

Cost: $129.00

11. Natural Sea Salt Sampler Set

Natural Sea Salt Sampler Set

This set includes six delicious gourmet sea salts that will take your recipes to new heights. It comes with salts from around the world, including Cyprus, France, the Himalayas, Portugal, Sicily, and New Zealand.

Cost: $19.99

12. Grateful Thankful Blessed Coaster Set

Grateful Thankful Blessed Coaster Set

This elegant, engraved wood coaster set will keep your coffee table free from rings and water damage. They’re made from lightweight birch wood and feature an engraving that reminds your loved one to always be thankful.

Cost: $24.99

13. ZippyPaws Tucker The Turkey Plush Dog Toy

ZippyPaws Tucker The Turkey Plush Dog Toy

Share the celebration with your pup this Thanksgiving with this sweet turkey plush toy. It features a crinkly fan of tail feathers and a squeaker toy that will keep your pooch occupied for hours.

Cost: $10.99

14. Stonewall Kitchen 7 Piece Breakfast Gift

Stonewall Kitchen 7 Piece Breakfast Gift

This gift box is packed with everything your loved one needs to enjoy a delicious breakfast. It includes blueberry jam, strawberry jam, crepe mix, pancake mix, muffin mix, and maple syrup to create a top-notch meal.

Cost: $79.95

15. Pumpkin Harvest Apron

Pumpkin Harvest Apron

This pumpkin-adorned apron is a festive way to celebrate the season that will instantly put you in the Thanksgiving spirit. It’s made with 100% cotton for superior comfort and protection for your clothes.

Cost: $27.20

16. Fall Gift Basket

Fall Gift Basket

This basket is a great way to say, “Happy Thanksgiving.” It’s packed with a fall silk flower bouquet, pumpkin pie scented candle, two fall kitchen towels, a set of turkey salt and pepper shakers, a bag of popcorn, a few bags of autumn candy, and two wool pumpkins.

Cost: $75.00

17. Old Fashioned Cherry Pie Earrings

Old Fashioned Cherry Pie Earrings

These delicious-looking cherry pies are handmade out of polymer clay that looks good enough to eat. They even have a realistic cherry pie-buttery crust scent that smells so real, you’ll be tempted to devour them.

Cost: $40.00

18. White Leaf Cocktail Napkins

White Leaf Cocktail Napkins

These maple leaf-shaped cocktail napkins are perfect for your hostess’s Thanksgiving tablescape. Plus, the white embroidery on white linen means they can be bleached so she won’t have to worry about cleaning spills.

Cost: $45.00

19. Unisex Turkey Cotton 2-Piece Pajamas

Unisex Turkey Cotton 2-Piece Pajamas

Made of 100% ribbed cotton, these turkey pajamas feature cute details, a comfy cozy texture, and quality embroidering. They come in a wide variety of sizes so all the kids can match.

Cost: $22.46

20. Matte White Ceramic Pumpkin Shaped Deep Pie Dish With Lid

Matte White Ceramic Pumpkin Shaped Deep Pie Dish With Lid

Crafted of ceramic in matte white, this pie dish features a pumpkin shape with a white lid and golden-stem handle. It features a deep capacity for larger pies, so you can add even more filling to your apple and pumpkin pies, potpies, and quiches.

Cost: $19.99

21. Wood and Marble Round Cheese Board

Wood and Marble Round Cheese Board

In cool marble and warm acacia wood, this cheese board features a simple round design that will beautifully display your charcuterie and appetizers. Plus, it comes custom engraved with your family’s name for a touch of personalization.

Cost: $59.00

22. Food & Drink Chemistry Kit

Edible Chemistry Kit

With this unique kit, your little one can create chemistry experiments she can actually eat. It comes with 16 fun experiments you can eat and drink with easy-to-follow instructions for safe, non-toxic results the whole family can join in on.

Cost: $18.00

23. Pumpkin Check Cheese Plate Set

Pumpkin Check Cheese Plate Set

Serve up your Thanksgiving favorites on these adorable pumpkin cheese plates. The two-piece set features a watercolor plaid pumpkin in the center, with the words “happy fall” on the top.

Cost: $25.50

24. Personalized Thanksgiving Bamboo Cutting Boards

Personalized Thanksgiving Bamboo Cutting Boards

Upgrade your loved one’s cutting board with this personalized bamboo in your choice of harvest-themed designs. Bamboo cutting boards make great cutting boards because they’re durable and environmentally friendly.

Cost: $49.99

25. Pumpkin Picking Candle

Pumpkin Picking Candle

This pumpkin candle smells like vibrant leaves, hay rides, hot apple cider, and pumpkin spice. Made from a natural soy wax blend, it features a burn time of approximately 60 to 80 hours.

Cost: $34.00

26. Zwilling JA Henckels 27-Cup Sorrento Plus Double Wall French Press Coffee Maker

Zwilling JA Henckels 27-Cup Sorrento Plus Double Wall French Press Coffee Maker

With its Italian-design carafe and filter press engineered in Germany, this French press features a truly European design that results in a superior cup of coffee every time. It features high-quality double-wall borosilicate glass construction that keeps coffee hot no matter how long it takes to drink it.

Cost: $54.95

27. Thanksgiving Mommy and Me Shirt

Thanksgiving Mommy and Me Shirt

These adorable mommy and me matching shirts are picture-perfect for Thanksgiving day. It’s a perfect gift for a new mom or for yourself and your own baby to take memorable photos.

Cost: $16.17

28. Hot Chocolate on a Stick

Hot Chocolate on a Stick

The day after Thanksgiving is officially hot chocolate season. This hot chocolate set features single servings of hot chocolate that melt into hot milk in your favorite flavors, such as French truffle, peanut butter cup, peppermint, and salted caramel.

Cost: $36.00

29. Tall Amber Vase

Tall Amber Vase

Show off fresh blooms with this vintage-style vase that exudes fall vibes. It features an amber-hued design with a rimmed edge and a stepped-in neck to hold a variety of floral bouquets.

Cost: $49.00

30. ThankFULL Socks

ThankFULL Socks

These cheerful socks remind you to always stay thankful, even when it’s not Thanksgiving. They’re made with your choice of wool blend or cotton blend and your choice of colors.

Cost: $14.64

31. Pie Chart Dish Towel

Pie Chart Dish Towel

This cheeky dish towel provides a fun twist on a pie chart, breaking down the components of a great autumn season, such as cozy sweaters, family, and apple cider. It’s the perfect pick for your Thanksgiving hostess.

Cost: $20.00

32. Felt Leaves Thanksgiving Garland

Felt Leaves Thanksgiving Garland

This pretty garland will liven up your hostess’s Thanksgiving décor. It comes in three different parts for an even more festive effect, with two spelling out the words “Happy Thanksgiving” and the last full of leaves and acorns.

Cost: $22.00

33. Roku Streaming Stick+ 

Roku Streaming Stick+

Make sure he can catch the big game, no matter where he’s going this Thanksgiving with this Roku streaming stick. It allows you to watch your favorite streaming services anywhere there’s a Wi-Fi connection.

Cost: $44.99

34. Family & Friends, Food & Football Thanksgiving Pullover Hoodie

Family & Friends, Food & Football Thanksgiving Pullover Hoodie

Thanksgiving day provides the perfect combination of family, friends, food, and football. Keep up the tradition with this sweatshirt that comes in your choice of five colors in a cozy cotton and polyester blend.

Cost: $26.99

35. Fall Rolling Pin Set

Fall Rolling Pin Set

This embossed rolling pin allows you to make festive cookies with imprints of your favorite harvest-themed objects, like pumpkins, acorns, leaves, and more. Made of high-quality beech wood, they’re durable and long-lasting.

Cost: $49.49

36. Five Silly Turkeys

Five Silly Turkeys

Treat your little one to a brand new board book. This story centers around five silly turkeys who twirl around on the dance floor, get chased by a bee, tan in the sun, and more to make your child laugh with delight.

Cost: $7.99

37. Alpine Swiss Yukon Mens Genuine Suede Shearling Slip on Moccasin Slippers

Alpine Swiss Yukon Mens Genuine Suede Shearling Slip on Moccasin Slippers

Made of genuine leather suede with soft shearling faux fur, these slippers are comfortable and warm to lounge around the house. They feature a moccasin style with a rubber outsole and are ideal for lounging indoor use.

Cost: $24.99

38. The Whole Shebang Craft Jerky Gift Bundle

The Whole Shebang Craft Jerky Gift Bundle

For the family member who isn’t a big fan of turkey, choose this jerky bundle to give him something to snack on. With flavors such as hickory beef jerky, habanero, cayenne beef jerky, BBQ beef jerky, and bourbon and vanilla bean beef jerky, you can’t go wrong.

Cost: $64.99

39. Thanksgiving Puppet Play Set

Thanksgiving Puppet Play Set

This set of puppets includes a Native American boy, a Native American girl, a Pilgrim boy, a Pilgrim girl, and a turkey. Each puppet is constructed of two layers of felt and features detailed embroidering.

Cost: $48.00

40. Pumpkin Pie for Pretend Play

Pumpkin Pie for Pretend Play

Your little one will adore this eight-piece pumpkin pie made with wool-blend felt. Each piece of pie features a removable dollop of whipped cream, and the entire pie fits inside an ocean blue felt pie plate.

Cost: $110.00

41. KINREX Thanksgiving Turkey Soft Plush Costume Hat

KINREX Thanksgiving Turkey Soft Plush Costume Hat

Made of high-quality polyester fiber materials to stand up, this adorable turkey hat is a hilarious choice. Perfect for both kids and adults, it’s a funny addition to any family gathering.

Cost: $6.04

42. Throw Throw Burrito

Throw Throw Burrito

This dodgeball card game is sure to liven up your Thanksgiving gathering with lots of good-natured competitive fun. It allows you to go head to head with your opponents while throwing and avoiding the soft, plush burritos.

Cost: $24.99

43. Boyer’s Coffee Pumpkin Spice

Boyer's Coffee Pumpkin Spice

This flavored coffee provides a blend of pumpkin and spices that’s perfectly suited for the autumn season as the weather turns cold. It has notes of pumpkin pie, cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves to liven the senses.

Cost: $10.59

44. Friends Are the Most Important Ingredient in the Recipe of Life Wooden Spoon

Friends Are the Most Important Ingredient in the Recipe of Life Wooden Spoon

Choose this birch spoon engraved with the phrase, “Friends are the most important ingredient in the recipe of life.” It’s ideal for the host or hostess of an amazing Friendsgiving gathering.

Cost: $12.00

45. Little Food Puzzles

Little Food Puzzles

These tiny little food puzzles look good enough to eat. Each set comes with three food-related puzzles that are just the right size to be completed in 20 minutes or less.

Cost: $45.00

46. Gift Set Soap Dish & Mini Soaps

Gift Set Soap DIsh & Mini Soaps

This gift set contains three of the most iconic soaps featuring colorful packaging based on motifs found in Portuguese architecture. Blended with shea oil and 100% vegetable ingredients, they’re moisturizing and all-natural.

Cost: $46.00

47. Oval Turkey Platter

Oval Turkey Platter

This platter makes the perfect addition to your Thanksgiving feast. Made from sturdy dolomite with a watercolor design, it’s sure to make a great addition to your loved one’s Thanksgiving table.

Cost: $54.95

48. Williams Sonoma Fall Pie Punches & Impression Cookie Cutters

Williams Sonoma Fall Pie Punches & Impression Cookie Cutters

This set of six pie cutters allows you to embellish your pie crusts in a delightfully festive way. The set includes a pumpkin, sunflower, pinecone, and three leaf designs.

Cost: $19.95

49. Mom’s Custom Recipe Book

Mom's Custom Recipe Book

Made with high-quality birch plywood, this wooden recipe book allows you to keep all your special recipes in one special location. It comes personalized with your choice of design and custom wording.

Cost: $20.00

50. Milk Chocolate Turtle Gophers

Milk Chocolate Turtle Gophers

These turtles are layered with three delectable layers, including Georgia pecans, Southern-style caramel, and signature milk chocolate hand swirl. The red pinstripe box is packed with delicious candies.

Cost: $59.00

Wherever you’re going this Thanksgiving or whoever you’re shopping for, you’re sure to find the perfect Thanksgiving gift ideas on this list. Surprising your loved one with a thoughtful and creative gift will make this holiday even more special.

Common Questions About Thanksgiving Gift Ideas

Do people give presents on Thanksgiving Day?

While it’s not a tradition to give or exchange gifts on Thanksgiving day, some people bring a gift for the person or family that is hosting the Thanksgiving meal. These gifts are usually small, such as a bottle of wine, flowers, or a platter of desserts the group can share.

You can also give these types of gifts to anyone you’re thankful for to let them know that you’re grateful to have them in your life.

What to get a girl for Thanksgiving?

It’s not typically necessary to get a girl a gift for Thanksgiving. However, if you want to give her a small gift as a token of your appreciation, consider:

Do you bring a gift to Thanksgiving dinner?

Whether you should bring a gift to Thanksgiving dinner depends on your family’s or friend group’s traditions. It’s a thoughtful gesture to bring a hostess gift for the person hosting Thanksgiving dinner, such as:

What do you bring to Thanksgiving as a guest?

If you’re attending a potluck Thanksgiving dinner, you’ll want to take a prepared dish. Ask the host beforehand to find out what everyone else is bringing so that you can bring something needed that’s not already covered.

If you’re going to someone else’s house for Thanksgiving dinner or for a several-day visit, it’s common to bring a gift for the person or family hosting. Great ideas include: