50 Thoughtful and Practical Bridal Party Gift Ideas

heart shaped fruit and chocolate covered strawberries bouquet with

The girls (and guys) that make up your bridal party have stood by your side through it all. Now, they’ll be standing by your side on the biggest day of your life. Though giving your bridal party thank you gifts isn’t required, it is a nice gesture. After all, they have probably put a lot of time and effort into your wedding. Giving them a thoughtful and unique present can help convey just how much you appreciate them and how much they mean to you. Searching for bridal party gift ideas can be difficult, but finding that perfect gift for those special people in your life will make it all worth it.

If you’re not sure what to get your bridal party, we’ve got you covered. We’ve gathered up 50 amazing bridal party gift ideas. You can either opt to get the same gift for all members of the bridal party or choose a unique gift for each loved one. Here are 50 great bridal party gift ideas:

1. Sprinkle Explosion Celebration Platter

Sprinkle Explosion Celebration Platter

Bursting with confetti sprinkles and whipped frosting, this platter is sure to make a big impression. It comes with celebration cupcakes, cheesecake topped with whipped frosting and sprinkles, and cheesecakes topped with fresh strawberry dipped in cake batter-flavored white chocolate.

Cost: $64.99

2. Chocolate Fruit Bouquet Made With TWIX® Cookie Bars

Chocolate Fruit Bouquet Made With TWIX® Cookie Bars

Featuring fresh fruit rolled in chopped TWIX® Cookie Bars, this treat is packed with crunchy caramel sweetness and rich, semisweet chocolate. Plus, it comes in an adorable mug that’s hers to keep.

Cost: $49.99

3. Speckled Minimalist Ring Dish

Speckled Minimalist Ring Dish

Choose this tiny little dish that has been stamped with her initials for a personalized touch. It’s made of a light and pliable clay material that looks like ceramic but won’t shatter if you drop it.

Cost: $19.00

4. Band of Hearts Ring

Band of Hearts Ring

Choose this friendship ring with dozens of hearts in a circle. Plated with 14 karat rose gold, the open heart design feels weightless to wear and is thin enough to be stacked with all of your favorite rings.

Cost: $65.00

5. Personalized Wedding BRIDESMAN Cufflinks

Personalised Wedding BRIDESMAN Cufflinks

Don’t forget your bridesmen on your special day. These cuff links feature a silver finish,  the word “Bridesman” and your special date engraved on the front, and a custom cuff link case.

Cost: $18.83

6. Courant Catch:1 Essentials

Courant Catch 1 Essentials

Make sure her phone stays charged throughout the big day with this wireless charger. Just place your device on the pad, and it instantly charges – without having to deal with wires or plugs.

Cost: $40.00

7. Birth Month Flower Personalized Farmhouse Candle Jar

Birth Month Flower Personalized Farmhouse Candle Jar

Choose this candle filled with a premium soy blend wax and printed with your bridesmaid’s name, your wedding date, and her birth flower. The back can be printed with any message of your choice.

Cost: $19.99

8. EMU Australia Women’s Mayberry Slipper

EMU Australia Women’s Mayberry Slipper

Made of soft and cozy sheepskin, these slippers feature a durable and flexible rubber sole that can be worn both indoors and out. They allow your feet to breathe while keeping them warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Cost: $23.98

9. Relax & Renew Suite

Relax & Renew Suite

Help your bridesmaid unwind and relax after days and weeks filled with wedding excitement. With restorative tea, delicately-scented candles, organic honey, and so much more, this gift box has everything your bridesmaid needs to make life feel a bit nicer.

Cost: $88.00

10. Vintage Chic Bag

Vintage Chic Bag

This bag combines style and durability for the ultimate personalized gift. Featuring leather handles, a handy interior zipper pocket, and a sturdy canvas exterior, it’s super functional and built to last.

Cost: $19.99

11. Bridesmaid Robes Set

Bridesmaid Robes Set

Your bridesmaid can relax, get pampered, and put the finishing touches on her makeup and hair in this soft floral robe on your wedding day. Made of rayon cotton, this robe is super soft and features a cute kimono style.

Cost: $8.99

12. Floral Bridesmaid Gift Personalized Mirror Compact

Floral Bridesmaid Gift Personalized Mirror Compact

This gorgeous metallic compact mirror features your bridesmaid’s name in a pretty script in the color of your choice. At just two inches, it’s the perfect size to pop in your purse and pull out for daily touch-ups.

Cost: $10.79

13. Beige Foldover Clutch Purse 

Beige Foldover Clutch Purse

This personalized clutch is made of high-quality faux leather in beige with your bridesmaid’s initials printed in gold tone on the top flap. Big enough for all your most needed essentials, it’s built with durability in mind.

Cost: $60.00

14. Boho Personalized Phone Case

Boho Personalized Phone Case

Another awesome bridal party gift idea is this personalized phone case. It features a simple, yet classy design on a slim, yet super durable high-quality plastic case. Clear, open ports allow for easy connectivity.

Cost: $21.15

15. Fillmore Vegan Leather Luggage Tag and Passport Case

Fillmore Vegan Leather Luggage Tag and Passport Case

An ideal gift for a bridesmaid who loves to travel, this gift set includes a passport safe and a matching luggage tag made from vegan leather. A colorful shadow-printed monogram provides a personal touch.

Cost: $69.00

16. Personalized Sleep Mask

Personalized Sleep Mask

These pretty sleep masks will help ensure she gets a good night’s rest by keeping out all light. Made of soft satin, they come printed in a pretty script with her name in black text and an adjustable strap to hold it in place.

Cost: $9.89

17. Personalized Wedding Hanger

Personalised Wedding Hanger

This beautiful engraved hanger offers a special touch to a special day and looks amazing when taking photographs of her bridesmaid’s gown. It comes personalized with her name, role in the wedding, and wedding date.

Cost: $7.87

18. Samring Womens Pajamas Set 

Samring Womens Pajamas Set

Choose a comfortable set of pajamas your bridesmaid can use to relax and unwind. Made with a cozy mix of viscose and spandex, they’re available in your choice of 20 colors and patterns.

Cost: $34.99

19. Fuzzy Bridal Party Socks

Fuzzy Bridal Party Socks

Choose a pair of fuzzy microfiber socks made with 95% polyester and 5% spandex. They come printed with a black vinyl spelling out your bridesmaid’s role in your wedding (i.e., maid of honor, matron of honor, bridesmaid, etc.).

Cost: $10.00

20. Illume Coconut Milk Mango Bath Bomb Set

Illume Coconut Milk Mango Bath Bomb Set

This scented bath bomb set comes inscribed with the words, “I couldn’t say ‘I do’ without you”, making it a fitting bridal party gift idea. It features a beachy island scent, with notes of pineapple, mango, papaya, and coconut infused with Tahitian vanilla.

Cost: $11.92

21. Bridesman Enamel Lapel Pin

Bridesman Enamel Lapel Pin

For your bridesman, consider this understated lapel pin. Made of hard enamel, it’s plated with gold metal with a rubber clutch closure and features the word “Bridesman” in gold plating.

Cost: $12.00

22. The Coffee Fix

The Coffee Fix

Get this curated box of treats for the bridesmaid who loves coffee. It includes coffee-flavored treats, such as chocolate bars and power bars, along with chocolate-covered espresso beans, cold brew concentrate, and more.

Cost: $78.50

23. Love Knot Pearl Earrings

Love Knot Pearl Earrings

Celebrate you tying the knot with these pearl earrings. Featuring a “knot” that’s just right for the occasion, they’re handmade with real, authentic pearls and sterling silver plated in gold.

Cost: $18.55

24. Birth Flower Necklace

Birth Flower Necklace

Get your bestie a necklace featuring her birth flower. It’s made with a silver-plated pewter setting topped with a real flower, stem, and leaf, all preserved in coating of resin and strung onto a sterling silver chain.

Cost: $48.00

25. Scripty Style Personalized Yoga Mat

Scripty Style Personalized Yoga Mat

Your bridesmaid can hit the studio with this personalized yoga mat. Made of PVC material, it features an anti-slip on the back of the mat and comes in five fun colors to choose from.

Cost: $27.99

26. Farm Fresh Spa Experience Tin

Farm Fresh Spa Experience Tin

Goat’s milk, lavender, and shea butter combine to create a luxurious milk bath tea, bath truffle, shea cream, and lip balm for the ultimate spa experience. They all come in a rustic farmhouse-inspired metal tin.

Cost: $32.00

27. Custom Name Mug

Custom Name Mug

Another awesome bridal party gift idea for your bridesmaids or bridesmen is this rustic camp mug. Made with cast iron with a stainless steel rim, it provides a cool retro feel whether you’re drinking hot or cold beverages.

Cost: $16.09

28. Summer Sausage & Cheese Gift Box

Summer Sausage & Cheese Gift Box

This gift box is packed with meat and cheese for your bridal party to enjoy after the big day. It includes two beef summer sausages, two types of cheddar, gouda, honey pineapple mustard, and sweet hot mustard.

Cost: $49.99

29. Modern Polka Dot Personalized 14 oz. Commuter Travel Mug

Modern Polka Dot Personalized 14 oz. Commuter Travel Mug

Choose this travel mug personalized with your bridesmaid’s name and your choice of color. This premium stainless steel mug features a handy snap-on lid with a push-back tab to keeps content hot or cold.

Cost: $18.89

30. Blenders Eyewear Pacific Grace

Blenders Eyewear Pacific Grace

Get your girls a pair of sunglasses they can wear at the big event and beyond. These sunnies feature pink lenses and rims in an ice blue gloss finish that is all-the-way fabulous but sophisticated.

Cost: $49.00

31. Bridesmaid Knot Bangle & Heart Card

Bridesmaid Knot Bangle & Heart Card

Choose this knot bracelet for your bridesmaid to show her how much it means to have her by your side. It comes with a sweet heart-shaped card that reads, “I can’t imagine this day without you by my side. Thank you for helping me tie the knot.”

Cost: $11.99

32. Illume Coconut Milk Mango Rollerball Will You Be My Bridesmaid Proposal Idea

Illume Coconut Milk Mango Rollerball Will You Be My Bridesmaid Proposal Idea

Ask your friend if she wants to be your bridesmaid with this perfume kit. It comes engraved with the words, “Will you be my bridesmaid” in gold foil on the outside. Inside, she’ll find a scented perfume that smells of coconut, mango, and vanilla.

Cost: $14.30

33. Scrub It All A-Ouai

Scrub It All A-Ouai

Treat your bridal party to a bridal scrub they’ll never forget. Made with sugar and coconut oil, it features a velvety-rich rose scent infused with notes of bergamot, musk, and more.

Cost: $38.00

34. Cica Facial Sheet Mask for Women Skin Care

Cica Facial Sheet Mask for Women Skin Care

Cica helps soothe and rebuilds the skin barrier to make it stronger. This face mask combines cica with damask rose, cherry blossom, and niacinamide to help boost radiance, reduce redness, and even improve the complexion.

Cost: $12.97

35. The Sill Hoya Heart

The Sill Hoya Heart

Love is the name of the game when it comes to weddings. This single leaf cutting of a Hoya Kerrii plant is a fun way to show your love for your bridal party. It is partially rooted without a node, allowing it to stay heart-shaped for years to come.

Cost: $48.00

36. La Chatelaine Hand Cream Trio Tin Gift Set

La Chatelaine Hand Cream Trio Tin Gift Set

Treat your bridal party to hand cream that will deeply moisturize, nourish and protect your skin. Made with ultra-hydrating ingredients, such as shea butter and argan oil, this hand cream is a cult favorite for a reason.

Cost: $27.00

37. Wemore Shaggy Long Fur Faux Fur Weighted Blanket

Wemore Shaggy Long Fur Faux Fur Weighted Blanket

This blanket integrates softness and coziness with premium plush faux fur on one side and sherpa on the other. Plus, it’s weighted to wrap you in gentle comfort and warmth for sound sleep and relaxation.

Cost: $68.98

38. Initial Necklace

Initial Necklace

Get her a minimalist necklace that features her initials. In your choice of gold, rose gold, or silver, this bridal party gift idea makes a big statement and can be layered with other pieces for an even more interesting look.

Cost: $19.60

39. Personalized Hair Clip

Personalized Hair Clip

Make sure your bridesmaid’s hair always looks amazing with this hair clip personalized with her name in shiny sequins. This clip comes in your choice of five fun colors and seven sequined text colors for dozens of unique options.

Cost: $18.00

40. Personalized Flip Flops

Personalised Flip Flops

Featuring a tiny bow on the side of the sandal for a touch of elegance and style, these gorgeous flip-flops can be personalized with her name and role in the wedding. They’re just right for a night of dancing.

Cost: $12.14

41. Small Personalized Velvet Quilted Makeup Bag

Small Personalized Velvet Quilted Makeup Bag

Made of polyester and quilted velvet with a tassel pull, this quilted makeup bag can carry your beauty products, makeup, keys, phone, and so much more. Plus, it comes personalized with an embroidered monogrammed initial.

Cost: $14.99

42. Bridesman Definition Coffee Mug

Bridesman Definition Coffee Mug

This personalized coffee mug explains exactly what a bridesman is, “A male in the bride’s wedding party that is equally as fabulous as a bridesmaid in duty and position.” Made from durable ceramic, it’s microwave and dishwasher safe.

Cost: $16.00

43. Jade Roller & Gua Sha

Jade Roller & Gua Sha

Made of rose quartz, this facial roller can help relieve muscle tension, reduce facial puffiness and help your skin look firm and lifted. The quartz is cool to the touch, allowing it to chill and energize the skin.

Cost: $16.99

44. Reusable Under Eye Mask

Reusable Under Eye Mask

If a quartz roller isn’t your speed, consider a reusable under-eye mask. Made of 100% silicone, they’re designed to create a seal between your favorite serum and your skin, sealing in the ingredients and boosting the effects.

Cost: $15.00

45. Initial Letter Ring

Initial Letter Ring

This initial letter ring features your choice of crystal initials from A to Z. Made from high-quality copper with gold plating and cubic zirconia, it makes a sentimental surprise for your bridesmaid.

Cost: $10.95

46. Small Travel Jewelry Case

Small Travel Jewelry Case

Choose this mini jewelry case for your bridesmaid. Made from durable textured vegan leather, this travel jewelry case features multiple compartments for earrings, bracelets, and necklaces, along with a shadow-printed monogram on the outside of the case.

Cost: $49.99

47. Oh! Nuts Chocolate Biscotti Gift Basket

Oh! Nuts Chocolate Biscotti Gift Basket

For a sweet treat she won’t forget, consider this basket of delicious biscotti. Each biscotti is covered in dark chocolate and delightful toppings, such as almond slices, peanut butter chips, peppermint, and so much more.

Cost: $34.99

48. Personalized Gold Frame Gunmetal Pocket Watch & Fob

Personalized Gold Frame Gunmetal Pocket Watch & Fob

Get your bridesman a beautiful gunmetal pocket watch. It features a modern clock face, and you can have the hinged case personalized with a custom engraved set of monogrammed initials.

Cost: $34.99

49. Charcuterie Board Set

Charcuterie Board Set

This charcuterie board features two hidden storing drawers underneath the cheese board – one for the cheese knife set and one for a serving plate. Handmade with 100% quality bamboo material, it has a clean, modern feel.

Cost: $34.99

50. Bridesmaid Proposal Box

Bridesmaid Proposal Box

This personalized box contains a bunch of treats for her, all tied up in a pretty ribbon. It comes with a personalized stainless steel cup, makeup bag, tin candle, matches, crinkled paper, and a glitter box.

Cost: $13.99

Whether you’re looking for something practical or a bit more sentimental, you’re sure to find something for her (or him) on this list of bridal party gift ideas. Choosing the perfect bridesmaid gift or bridesman gift will make your loved ones feel appreciated and valued on your big day and beyond. Whether it’s a beautiful fruit bouquet or bridal party proposal box, they’re sure to be that much more excited to celebrate with you on your big day.