Edible names Lamorne Morris the Sweetest Man Alive.


A crusade of kindness – what a sweet way to live.
Edible’s Sweetest Bouquet Alive and Sweetest Platter Alive are the gifts that give right back to charity. And in honor of their arrival, we named actor and comedian Lamorne Morris the Sweetest Man Alive to help deliver the news and kick off a ripple of kindness.

“I truly think that an act of sweetness can turn someone’s day around. You really don’t know what people are going through. And it really doesn’t take a lot to be sweet,” Morris said.

Be Sweet Today treats start at $34.99, and proceeds help the Random Acts, a 501c3 non-profit organization that provides funds for acts of kindness in communities around the world.


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Morris credits kindness for influencing his career in comedy.

“As a kid I used jokes to defuse tough situations,” he said. “I realized that people really enjoy laughing. It’s a form of kindness when you can make someone smile. Smiling and laughing – it heals the heart.”

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So, how does Morris feel about being named Edible’s first Sweetest Man Alive?

“Well, it feels grape,” he said.

Grape way to put it.

The Sweetest Bouquet Alive and Sweetest Platter Alive.