Sweeten Up Your Employee Onboarding Process

Delicious Fruit Design®

When hiring new talent for your company, proper onboarding starts before a new employee’s first day. Many organizations discuss the cost of hiring talent, but we often forget to focus on the value of retaining and growing that talent. So when does the focus on retention begin? It actually starts long before the employee walks in the door for their first day.

Here are a few tips on how to sweeten up the onboarding process for new employees:

1)    The offer letter.  Does your company call the candidate before the letter goes out to inform them that the letter is on its way?  This helps gauge the candidate’s true interest and provides them the opportunity to voice any concerns.  During this call you can also test the offer by sharing some of the details.  This way if the offer is not in line with expectations it can be addressed before the offer letter is ever received.

2)    How is the offer delivered?  One of my best memories was receiving my offer from a small start-up based in CT.  It arrived via FedEx.  When I opened the box I found a beautiful company branded Portfolio case.  Upon opening the portfolio, I discovered my offer letter.  My tenure at this company was 10 years and it all started off on the right foot thanks to that simple gesture.

Delicious Fruit Design®
Delicious Fruit Design®

3)    How do you confirm your commitment and excitement of having someone join your team before their first day?  Why not send something the Friday before they join (most employees tend to start on a Monday).  Several companies work with Edible Arrangements® when onboarding a new employee.  Nothing says celebration or “WOW” like a fruit arrangement or Chocolate Dipped Fruit™.

4)    Day and week one should be filled with planned introductions.  The persons work space should be ready to go and lunches should be planned during their first week to ensure they can make new friends, meet management and network with others on the team.

After that, it’s about the experience you provide your new employee. The Bureau of Labor reported in their JOLTS report that the separations rate in July 2014 was 3.3 percent.  How is your company performing against this national average? Remember, you only get one shot to make a first impression. Make your new employees say “WOW”.

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Author: John Boccuzzi, Jr. – Edible Arrangements® Vice President of Corporate Gifting