10 Sweet Farewell Gift Ideas For When It’s Time To Say Goodbye

Farewell Gift Ideas

Saying goodbye is hard, whether you’re bidding farewell to your family member, friend, or even a coworker. When someone moves away, it can feel like a little piece of your heart is leaving with them. Be sure to celebrate the time you had together and send her off with best wishes for her next adventure. One great way to do this is with a thoughtful farewell gift. Here’s how to find the best farewell gift ideas that share your love and well wishes.

How to Choose a Farewell Gift

Choosing a farewell gift can be tricky. How do you find the perfect gift that conveys everything you’re feeling? You’re sad that they’re leaving, excited for their new adventure, and looking forward to catching up again soon. Luckily, there are plenty of gifts that fit the bill.

Consider a digital photo frame that you can cram with as many pictures of your favorite memories as possible or even just a regular frame with a photo of the two of you. Your loved one will think of you — and all the fun times you had together — every time she glances at it. Or, choose a delicious food gift, such as a delightful arrangement from Edible Arrangements®, that makes parting an even sweeter sorrow.

Top 10 Farewell Gift Ideas

If you’re searching for the perfect farewell gift, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve scoured the internet for the best farewell gifts that help convey all of your complex emotions:

1. Cherish The Moment FruitFlowers®

Cherish The Moment FruitFlowers®

This combination of chocolate covered fruit and a hand-tied bouquet of freshly-cut blooms reminds your loved one to cherish each moment you have together. The fruit includes strawberries and apples covered in semisweet chocolate and white chocolate drizzle, and bananas topped with a combination of semisweet and white chocolate and semisweet drizzle.

Cost: $74.99

2. Strawberry Sweets And Popcorn Crunch Bundle

Strawberry Sweets And Popcorn Crunch Bundle

This bundle includes a little bit of everything for extra indulgence. First, it starts off with three strawberry cheesecakes with whipped cream and a juicy strawberry half, three strawberry cookies, a box of chocolate dipped strawberries, and a gourmet bag of popcorn from Maddy & Maize™ in the flavor of your choice.

Cost: $46.98

3. Custom Moving Personalized Mug

Custom Moving Personalized Mug

This mug features your state and the state where your loved one is moving with the phrase “Distance means so little when someone means so much.” It’s just right for a best friend, sister, or family member who’s moving away.

Cost: $27.99

4. How Lucky Am I to Have Something that Makes Saying Goodbye so Hard Bracelet

How Lucky Am I to Have Something that Makes Saying Goodbye so Hard Bracelet

Saying goodbye is hard, but that means you’ve experienced the love that makes it so challenging. This bracelet celebrates that sentiment with your choice of design stamped onto the outside edge, from picks such as stars, hearts, swirls, cobblestone, and more.

Cost: $27.99

5. These People Are Going to Miss You Personalized Frame

These People Are Going to Miss You Personalized Frame

With the words, “These people are going to miss you like crazy,” this frame is the perfect choice for a going-away present from a group. It comes personalized with any one-line phrase of your choice.

Cost: $24.75

6. Long Distance Friendship Lamp

Long Distance Friendship Lamp

With a simple touch of your hand, you can turn on the lamp of your loved one to let them know you miss them and that you’re thinking of them. With every touch, the lamp displays a rainbow of colors, one at a time.

Cost: $85.00

7. Custom Moving Away Gift Print

Custom Moving Away Gift Print

This beautiful art print can be personalized with any two states, the names of you and your loved one, and your choice of meaningful quote. It comes in your choice of 100 different watercolor options and is professionally printed on the highest-quality photo paper for long-lasting beauty.

Cost: $29.00

8. Dhwazz Digital Photo Frame

Dhwazz Digital Photo Frame

Fill a digital photo frame with pictures of you and your loved one that they can look at whenever they’re feeling homesick. This model features 1280 by 720 resolution for high definition quality, supports up to 32 GB of data, and doesn’t require the use of Wi-Fi.

Cost: $77.99

9. New Beginning Love Knot Necklace

New Beginning Love Knot Necklace

Give this beautiful necklace to a loved one about to embark on a new chapter in life. Made of 14-karat white gold over stainless steel, the Love Knot Necklace represents an unbreakable bond between you and your loved one no matter the distance they travel.

Cost: $60.00

10. Moving Away Gift Socks

Moving Away Gift Socks

Create a one-of-a-kind pair of socks for your loved one that features your faces and state outlines. You can choose to feature between one and 14 faces, a background color from 10 options, and outlines of the state they’re moving to and the one they’re moving from.

Cost: $24.99

Whether your coworker is leaving for new opportunities or your best friend is moving cross country, you’re sure to find the perfect farewell gift on this list. Give them the gift along with a promise: it’s not goodbye, it’s ‘see you later.’