Spook-tacular Halloween Party Activities


The sweets, the costumes, the games – who doesn’t love Halloween? To help you with your Monster Mash party planning, we’ve collected some of our favorite ghoulish games to keep your guests entertained at your Halloween bash! Below are some super-fun, easy activities that everyone will love – adults included!

1 – Pop Goes the Pumpkin

The game that serves as a fun activity AND a festive decoration. Give this spin on a classic carnival game a go!

2 – Witch’s Hat Ring Toss

You can’t have a Halloween party without a wicked ring toss.

3 – Spider Races

Real spiders need not apply! This indoor activity will result in SO many laughs. Hurry to cross the finish line!

4 – Wrap the Mummy

We guarantee that this will be a guest favorite. All you need are some rolls of toilet paper. The fastest mummy wrapper wins!

5 – Pumpkin Bowling

Turn toilet paper rolls into ghoulish bowling pins, and transform a pumpkin into a bowling ball – bowling never looked so fun!

6 – Candy Corn Count

How many candy corns are in the jar? Challenge your guests to correctly guess the number and give a prize to whoever gets closest.

7 – Pumpkin Carving

Download and print our pumpkin carving stencils. We promise they’ll be a smashing success!

8 – Pin the Spider on the Web

A festive spin on “pin the tail on the donkey” that adults and kids alike will love.

9 – Pumpkin Tic-Tac-Toe

It may be simple, but we guarantee it’ll be big hit! You just need 10 miniature pumpkins (5 orange and 5 white) and some orange duct tape.

The games are good to go, but what else do you need to plan the perfect Halloween bash? Make sure to check out our spook-tacular Halloween Party tips to help you plan the rest of your Monster Mash. Don’t forget to share your photos with us, too! Tag us @ediblearrangements on Facebook and Instagram and @edible on Twitter.