Social Strategy: Make it Shareable


Why do you like your  favorite brands?  Assuming Edible Arrangements® is one of your top picks, you might initially like us because you like our fresh fruit bouquets and chocolate dipped fruit. Then, you might “like” us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter to stay updated on our latest promotions and product launches. While that’s a part of what we offer Edible Arrangements® fans and followers on social media, we believe social media users are more engaged and more invested when they see complementary content that supports our overall message: that a truly fruitful life is one that is healthier, more fun, and filled with surprise and delight daily!


We want our friends, fans and followers on social media to find value in having us appear on their newsfeeds.  When you see a post pop up on your newsfeed that makes you laugh, teaches you something new, or even gives you a great recipe idea to try at home, it’s always a plus, right? That’s why part of our social media strategy is to provide exclusive social content that is relatable, useful and entertaining. That’s what we mean by a “shareable” post; a “shareable post” is something that you see that makes you want to pass that message along to your own network of friends or followers. (After all, why would anyone share irrelevant, useless, boring content?)

And when you scroll through your feed, how cool is it to find a recipe for a drink or product that you can’t buy at a local store?  Everyone loves a DIY project!  Our goal is to give our guests tips and tricks to “WOW” their own guests at home.

For our social media team, collaborating to produce “shareable” content is one of our own favorite projects…well, because it’s fun! We get to create custom images at impromptu photo shoots, taste test our own fresh fruit recipes, research fresh tips that are truly unique and more.


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What kind of social content makes you want to “share?” Tell us in the comments below and keep the conversation going!