10 Small Gift Ideas for Coworkers They’ll Actually Want

Small Gift Ideas for Coworker

Whether it’s for your coworker’s birthday, a holiday, as a thank you for her help, or as a way to say congratulations for her achievements, there are lots of reasons to buy your coworkers a gift. Luckily, you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg each time a gift-giving occasion pops up. You can still show your appreciation for your coworker with an inexpensive present that’s both unique and fun. Here’s how to choose the perfect small gift ideas for coworkers.

How to Choose a Gift for a Coworker

You probably spend more time with your coworkers than you do with your spouse or your family. That doesn’t make it any easier to choose a gift, though. In fact, your coworkers are probably the hardest people to shop for on your list. The first trick is not to go overboard and spend too much money. Spending too much can make your coworker feel uncomfortable or burdened with the idea that she needs to reciprocate. Instead, stick to small, inexpensive gifts that make a big impact.

You also want to be mindful of the image you’re portraying about yourself. Before selecting a gift, ask yourself what the gift conveys about you. Lazy or cheap gifts make the recipient feel that you are only offering a gift because you felt that you had to. The right gift will show your coworker that you care and are thoughtful enough to choose a gift that pertains to her likes and interests. Likewise, you should always avoid gag gifts for a coworker, especially if you don’t know her really well, because those kinds of gifts can easily be misconstrued.

Top 10 Small Gift Ideas for Coworkers

If you’re still stumped on what to get your coworkers, we’ve got you covered. Here are ten small gift ideas for your coworkers that they’ll really want to receive:

1. Classic Indulgence Box

Classic Indulgence Box

This delectable box is full of fun treats your coworker would be delighted to receive. It’s packed with chocolate covered strawberries, chocolate covered apple slices, and banana slices covered in a combo of white and semisweet chocolate.

Cost: $29.99

2. A-Maize-Ing Popcorn Variety Pack

A-Maize-Ing Popcorn Variety Pack

This variety pack of popcorn is just what your coworker needs to brighten up a case of the Mondays. It includes four delectable popcorn flavors, including birthday cake, raspberry lemonade, chocolate caramel, and bourbon barbecue.

Cost: $28.99

3. StarPack Premium 3 Piece Mini White Ceramic Succulent Planter Pot Set

StarPack Premium 3 Piece Mini White Ceramic Succulent Planter Pot Set

Get her this set of sweet succulent planters to brighten up her cubicle decor. It comes with a set of three white ceramic planters that feature a drainage hole and bamboo tray and are perfect for filling with your favorite succulents.

Cost: $15.97

4. Bodum 8 Cup Pour Over Coffee Maker

Bodum 8 Cup Pour Over Coffee Maker

We all know the coffee from the communal coffee pot isn’t that great. Get her this pour-over coffee maker that allows for a rich and robust taste for the perfect brew. Plus, it comes with a reusable stainless steel filter that eliminates the need for paper filters.

Cost: $19.99

5. Anker PowerPort Wireless 5 Stand

Anker PowerPort Wireless 5 Stand

This cute stand provides the perfect place for your coworker to place her phone while keeping tabs on workgroups or emails. Plus, it wirelessly charges your phone whether it’s placed horizontally or vertically on the stand.

Cost: $21.99

6. Self Planner

Self Planner

With this six month planner, your coworker can organize her to-dos, manage her time, and finally perfect that elusive work-life balance. It comes with thick, white ivory paper, a back pocket, and two ribbon markers.

Cost: $9.99

7. Baker’s Edge Nonstick Edge Brownie Pan

Baker's Edge Nonstick Edge Brownie Pan

Does your coworker always try to grab an edge every time there are brownies in the office kitchen? This brownie pan adds edges to every brownie. Plus, it’s made with heavy gauge cast aluminum with a non-stick coating.

Cost: $36.95

8. New York City Candle

New York City Candle

Get her a candle with the distinctive scent of the Big Apple. This candle contains notes of bergamot, lemon, and grapefruit that smell just like spring in Central Park, shopping at department stores, and the concrete jungle that’s NYC.

Cost: $34.00

9. Tile Mate (2020) – 1 Pack

Tile Mate (2020) - 1 Pack

Make sure she never misplaces her keys on the way to work again with this Bluetooth tracker. It comes with a free app that allows you to view your Tile’s most recent location no matter how far away you are.

Cost: $24.99

10. Takenaka Bento Box

Tile Mate (2020) - 1 Pack

Give your coworker a stylish lunchbox she can use to bring her lunch to the office. It comes with two tiers and removable partitions that provide extra room for snacks and treats.

Cost: $38.00

Show your coworker how much you appreciate her with one of these lovely gifts. The best part is you won’t have to spend much to make a big impression.