Sincerely, Papyrus


Bloggers Note: You’ve probably noticed that we use Papyrus in our logo. (And if you haven’t, just ask any graphic designer you know — we’re pretty sure they have.) We get comments pretty frequently on social media and otherwise from people who have opinions about our use of this font. Well, it’s been in in our logo since the very beginning… and who knows what may happen in the future… but in the spirit of fun and a little humor, please enjoy our take on what Papyrus would say about our long relationship.


Dear Fruit Fans,

Fifteen years later, and I think now is the perfect time to talk about something that’s been on my mind a lot lately. This has been one of the longest and most fulfilling relationships of my life, and it all started in 1999 when Edible Arrangements® was founded.  When the sign went up for the very first store in East Haven, CT, it featured yours truly, Papyrus.  Now, in over 1,000 locations worldwide, there I am, still front and center.


But I see what people sometimes say about me nowadays.  I’ve noticed the comments about me on social media, and I admire Edible Arrangements® for defending me.  I’m grateful for their loyalty as a founding member of #TeamPapyrus.


And, I’m happy to see that there are others (like @DavidVogelDotCo and @ToeMarroe) that also appreciate and respect the commitment Edible Arrangements® and I share.

Papyrus2 Papyrus3

There are very few other than my good friend, Comic Sans, who can understand my pain. We often talk over lunch about our relationships and the connections he’s made with #TeamComicSans. While we know it’s never easy to be a part of the font industry, it’s no secret that Helvetica and Myriad Pro have it easier. I mean, how often do you see a blog or tweet bashing either of those guys?!

Okay Fruit Fans — sorry, if I’ve gotten a little off topic with my sob story — I’m usually much more relaxed. I just get so frustrated sometimes! (I spend a lot of time at day spas to unwind.) My point is, while I’m more than certain Edible Arrangements® knows how much you love them and appreciates your brand loyalty, I appreciate their loyalty and dedication all these years. #ForBetterOrWorse

I hope you can understand… and maybe even cut me a little slack. 🙂