Rule Breaker Snacks Joins Edible Partner Program

Rule Breaker Snacks Joins Edible Partner Program

We are pleased to announce that Rule Breaker Snacks has teamed up with Edible® as a new member of our Partner Program!

The Edible® Partner Program is a premium food destination housing all your gifting and self indulgence needs. Shop from our curated list of brands across the country, featuring snacks, condiments, desserts and more – delivered straight to you.

With the Edible® Partner Program, customers find one platform with endless indulgence!

Who is Rule Breaker Snacks?

Nancy Kalish founded Rule Breaker Snacks because she wanted to eat healthy, but had a tendency to eat dessert for breakfast. Kidding aside, Kalish is a former health journalist and certified health coach that is trained to eat healthy. But, she does have an unhealthy sweet tooth. After reading about brownies made from beans and started experimenting until she perfected her recipe.

Now, Rule Breaker Snacks provides guilt-free snacks that everyone can eat! Rule Breaker Snacks are free from many common allergens (no wheat, tree nuts, peanuts, dairy, eggs, soy, fish or shellfish). Finally, all products are also certified gluten-free, vegan, non-GMO, and kosher (KOF-K) too.

“Now I can finally have a brownie for a snack (or even breakfast!)–and feel good about it. And so can you!”

What do they contain? Simply good, clean ingredients and no preservatives.

What makes Rule Breaker Snacks stand out and WOW customers?

Rule Breaker Snacks is a growing company, which means that everyone wears many hats in the office. As founder and CEO, Kalish also does a little bit of everything from sales to shipping orders. But, because the company places so much focus on quality ingredients, Kalish loves dreaming up new flavors for treats and baking dozens of batches until they’re perfect. To help WOW customers, Kalish and the team know the products inside and out, which makes customer service a truly special experience for customers because they are always talking to product experts.
“As the founder and CEO, I often call customers who have questions about our ingredients and products, particularly if they or their family members have food allergies. We want to let them know that we take their concerns seriously and are watching out for them.”
And, when the snacks are healthy and delicious, it makes it easy to WOW customers worried about food allergies.

Why join the Edible® Partner Program?

Rule Breaker Snacks focuses on high quality ingredients to produce exceptional products. These are the same the qualities that make the Edible® brand special. So many companies focus on flashy marketing without products that back up their claims. But, brands like Edible® and Rule Breaker Snacks offer high quality products that make them unique in the crowded food marketplace. At Edible®, our passion, heritage, and future are rooted in helping people all over the world celebrate life’s most special moments with a gift or treat that’s carefully crafted to WOW. We certainly believe that Rule Breaker Snacks shares are mission of enhancing life’s special and everyday moments. We are happy that the Rule Breaker Snacks team believes in the same mission and is looking forward to sharing their delicious (and healthy) snacks with more people!

“We are thrilled to have the opportunity to reach a whole new group of customers through Edible’s amazing Partner Program and give them yet another option for healthy snacks.”