50 Romantic and Thoughtful 40th Anniversary Gift Ideas

romantic chocolate covered strawberry table display with candles and gift

Congratulations, your marriage is now officially middle-aged! If you’re still thriving as a married couple after 40 years, it’s something worth celebrating. A 40th anniversary might not come with as much fanfare as a 50th anniversary, but four decades spent together is a special milestone in its own right. This milestone is commemorated, in both the traditional and modern sense, by the ruby gemstone. Rubies feature a fiery red hue that acts as the perfect symbol of burning love. They also make for a thoughtful 40th anniversary gift idea for the one you love.

That being said, rubies aren’t the only way to mark the occasion. Commemorate the years you’ve spent together with a personal gift, such as a photo collage or custom wall art displaying your special songs. Read on for more romantic and thoughtful 40th anniversary gift ideas:

1. You’re The Sweetest

You're The Sweetest

This arrangement is packed full of delicious fruit favorites, including pineapple daisies, strawberries, cantaloupe, and honeydew. For even more indulgence, many of the strawberries are covered in gourmet semisweet chocolate.

Cost: $105.99

2. Happily Ever After Platter

Happily Ever After Platter

This platter combines strawberries dipped in chocolate and strawberries dipped in white chocolate, both topped with decadent chocolate drizzle. Two dove-shaped pineapple slices shine at the center of the beautiful platter.

Cost: $59.99

3. Large Personalized Tic-Tac-Toe Board Game

Large Personalized Tic-Tac-Toe Board Game

This tic-tac-toe board provides a new take on a classic game. It features a premium rustic wood design that will add a charming accent to the coffee table, along with personalization along the side.

Cost: $53.98

4. Joann1.00a Buchanan Ruby Candle

Joanna Buchanan Ruby Candle

Floral and exotic, this candle features a magic scent with notes of geranium, leather, and warm amber. The candle is housed in a beautiful ceramic pot with a glamorous ruby sparkle bee on the top of the lid.

Cost: $88.00

5. Unique 40th Wedding Anniversary Sundial Gift 

Unique 40th Wedding Anniversary Sundial Gift

Combining, simplicity, elegance, and durability, this sundial is a beautiful representation of your marriage. It’s inscribed with the words, “40 wonderful years together” to remind your loved one of how far you’ve come.

Cost: $90.55

6. Parliament Wallet

Parliament Wallet

This premium leather smart wallet provides slim storage and quick access to your cards. It features an aluminum cardholder that fans out your cards to help you find the right one as well as protect them from skimming.

Cost: $71.00

7. As We Grow Anniversary Milestone Tree

As We Grow Anniversary Milestone Tree

Choose the ruby red milestone tree for your 40th anniversary with the one you love. It’s made with a wooden base with a metal heart and features leaves made from fragments of recycled glass.

Cost: $75.00

8. Cambria Ruby Rug

Cambria Ruby Rug

If jewelry isn’t your loved one’s thing, choose a ruby red rug with an intricate pattern that’s reminiscent of a red Persian rug. It comes with a detachable rug cover that can be machine washed for easy clean-up.

Cost: $129.00

9. The Smart Garden 3

The Smart Garden 3

This innovative indoor garden cares for itself and grows all your favorite herbs, fruits and vegetables for you with minimal effort on your part. It provides perfectly calibrated watering, light, and nutrients, all completely automated.

Cost: $99.95

10. Eucalyptus Classic Sheet Set

Eucalyptus Classic Sheet Set

Designed to help regulate body temperature and soothe sensitive skin, these sheets feel like nothing you’ve ever felt before. They’re made with proprietary spun eucalyptus fabric, making it silky and cool to the touch.

Cost: $155.00

11. Courant Catch 2: The Classics

Courant Catch 2 The Classics

Made with premium pebble-grain Italian leather, this charger features dual wireless charging ability. That means it can charge two devices, side by side, with no “dead” zones.

Cost: $150.00

12. Rememory Game

Rememory Game

You’ve shared a lot of memories over the years as a couple. Put your memory to the test with this card game perfect that explores the depth of your memory while creating new moments with your loved one.

Cost: $23.95

13. Grant Leather Watch Box

Grant Leather Watch Box

This watch box features pebbled leather in your choice of black or brown and a monogram for a personal touch. With space for five watches, it helps keep your loved one’s timepiece collection organized and ready to go.

Cost: $99.00

14. Ruby Anniversary Gift Personalized Sheet

Ruby Anniversary Gift Personalized Sheet

Turn your favorite song into a stunning piece of artwork for your home. The artist will use the sheet music from a meaningful song to create a custom piece of artwork while incorporating a ruby color for the 40th anniversary year.

Cost: $89.00

15. Italian Herringbone Throw

Italian Herringbone Throw

Lightweight and versatile, this super-soft throw keeps you warm and provides a pop of color to your home decor. Plus, it comes monogrammed for a personal touch that makes it completely your own.

Cost: $119.00

16. Two Hearts Forever One Necklace Gold Plated with Diamonds

Two Hearts Forever One Necklace Gold Plated with Diamonds

Engraved with your names, this beautiful heart necklace features two hearts intertwined together with two sparkling accent diamonds. Made of sterling silver plated in 18 karat gold, it’s durable and beautiful.

Cost: $185.00

17. Ruby Red Cufflinks

Ruby Red Cufflinks

Get your significant other a pair of ruby cufflinks he’ll always treasure. Not only do they feature the 40th anniversary stone, but they’re also handmade with quality components that will last a lifetime.

Cost: $43.21

18. Generations 2-Stone Bezel Set Bracelet

Generations 2-Stone Bezel Set Mother's Bracelet

This beautiful bracelet features two sizes of sparkling bezel set gemstones. You can personalize by selecting ruby red gemstones for your 40th year or birthstones to represent a husband and wife.

Cost: $119.00

19. Flikr Fire Personal Fireplace

Flikr Fire Personal Fireplace

Take the joy of campfires inside with this clean-burning fireplace. Add five ounces of rubbing alcohol, and you will end up with 50 minutes of burn time with no soot, except for where the flame touches.

Cost: $99.00

20. Anniversary Map

Anniversary Map

Create a piece of artwork from the place where you met your loved one. Just tell the artist where you met your love, and you’ll receive a custom map of the location along with your names and the special date.

Cost: $24.13

21. 6.0mm Cushion-Cut Lab-Created Ruby Stud Earrings

6.0mm Cushion-Cut Lab-Created Ruby Stud Earrings

Unmatched in color, lab-created ruby stud earrings are just right for everyday wear. The cushion-cut gems are placed in four-prong settings and 10 karat white gold posts with friction backs.

Cost: $179.00

22. Hubby and Wifey Cute Couple Mug Set

Hubby and Wifey Cute Couple Mug Set

Made of 100% ceramic, this mug set has been created to nest perfectly together. You can customize it to add your favorite pictures, photos, and text for a mug set that will be cherished for years.

Cost: $24.25

23. 40th Anniversary Cutting Board

40th Anniversary Cutting Board

Choose a 40th anniversary cutting board that can be used to display hor d’oeuvres and appetizers at your next gathering. It’s made with high-quality, precision-cut wood that’s been hand sanded for perfection.

Cost: $38.24

24. Custom Anniversary Sign

Custom Anniversary Sign

40 years together means 480 months, 2080 weeks, and over 1,261 million seconds. Choose this kiln-dried wood plank sign to remember how much time you’ve spent as each other’s number one.

Cost: $28.89

25. Date Night Fondue Set

Date Night Fondue Set

Transform date night into a romantic culinary experience with your loved one. This romance-themed fondue set features an acacia wood tray, a heart-shaped pot, and arrow skewers.

Cost: $65.00

26. Backyard Bar Beverage Tub

Backyard Bar Beverage Tub

Crafted of durable galvanized metal with easy tote handles on either side, this personalized beverage tub is made with backyard barbecues in mind. It also comes engraved with your family name for extra personalization.

Cost: $41.99

27. Personalized Song Name And Text Canvas

Personalized Song Name And Text Canvas

Turn your favorite song into a unique piece of art that will always be treasured. Pick a tune, and the lyrics will be transformed into a vinyl record complete with your names and wedding date.

Cost: $59.95

28. Twinkle in Time Custom Star Map

Twinkle in Time Custom Star Map

Create a custom map of the night’s sky the way it appeared on the night you were hitched. Plus, it can be completely customized, with your choice of colors, a personalized message, and more.

Cost: $50.00

29. The Million Roses Classic Black Box

The Million Roses Classic Black Box

Treat her to a dozen red roses that will bring her joy for years to come. Instead of fresh roses that wilt in a few days, this box of roses is naturally preserved to last up to three years and comes in an elegant black box with a ruby red ribbon.

Cost: $181.30

30. Couple’s Split Blanket & Sheet Set

Couple's Split Blanket & Sheet Set

No more fighting over the blanket. This sheet and blanket set is split from the top down to the foot of the bed where it stays tucked in, allowing you and your loved one to customize your sleep experience without the tug of war.

Cost: $85.00

31. Do One Thing Every Day Together

Do One Thing Every Day Together

This journal encourages you to spend time and communicate with your loved one each and every day. It provides a daily thought-provoking prompt, with enough space for you both to jot down a short response.

Cost: $11.66

32. Classic Turkish Cotton Robe

Classic Turkish Cotton Robe

Give your loved one the gift of comfort with this cotton robe. Made of plush 100% long-staple Turkish cotton and featuring two slouchy pockets and a snug waist tie, it provides the ultimate in relaxation.

Cost: $109.00

33. Personalized Last Name Sign

Personalized Last Name Sign

Get this personalized name sign to honor all the hard work you’ve put into creating your family unit. It’s made of rustic birch wood in your choice of stain and displays a three-dimensional name.

Cost: $57.00

34. One Perfect Year

One Perfect Year

Each year together is made up of countless memories. Create a piece of artwork using twelve memories, one from each month of the previous year, to show how special each year truly is.

Cost: $29.00

35. Create Your Own Reel Viewer

Create Your Own Reel Viewer

Remember these reel viewers from when you were kids? This set allows you to create your own reel with snapshots of your favorite memories to take you on a trip down memory lane in more ways than one.

Cost: $14.95

36. Personalized Wooden Clock

Personalized Wooden Clock

This modern and elegant style wood clock features custom engraving for a dose of personalization. It’s perfect for adding a modern touch to your decor and allows you to quickly and easily read the time thanks to oversized hands and numbers.

Cost: $80.10

37. William TENCEL™ Modal Long PJ Set

William TENCEL™ Modal Long PJ Set

Treat him to a great night’s sleep with these ultra-comfortable pajamas. Made with luxuriously soft modal fabric, this classic set of PJs is designed to be breathable, long-lasting, and stylish.

Cost: $158.00

38. Happily Ever After Platter

Happily Ever After Platter

Celebrate the day you got married with a sentimental platter you can use at your next event or hang on the wall to display. It features your names and wedding date at the bottom, along with the sweet phrase “and they lived happily after” at the top.

Cost: $88.00

39. BIG HORN OUTDOORS Pizza Ovens Wood Pellet Pizza Oven

BIG HORN OUTDOORS Pizza Ovens Wood Pellet Pizza Oven

Choose this outdoor pellet oven for the spouse who’s always looking for the latest culinary gadget. With high-quality stainless steel construction, the oven reaches temperatures of almost 900 degrees to cook delicious pizza and a variety of other foods in 90 seconds or less.

Cost: $179.99

40. Vinyl Record Player Wireless Turntable with Built-in Speakers

Vinyl Record Player Wireless Turntable with Built-in Speakers

Take your loved one back to the old days with this record player. Built-in stereo speakers play your favorite records, while Bluetooth wireless technology and USB hookups allow you to enjoy digital music.

Cost: $59.99

41. Apple AirTag 4 Pack

Apple AirTag 4 Pack

Never lose your wallet or keys again with these handy AirTags. Just attach them to your most commonly misplaced items, and you’ll be able to track them down using the Find My app on your iOS device.

Cost: $84.99

42. Atlas Coffee Club

Atlas Coffee Club

Treat your loved one to an exotic coffee experience that will take her to new locations every month. Each month, she’ll receive 12 ounces of coffee from a different country around the world, along with flavor notes, a postcard, and brewing tips.

Cost: $99.00

43. Handwritten Recipe Plate

Handwritten Recipe Plate

Preserve your loved one’s special family recipe with this keepsake platter. Just upload a handwritten recipe, and the artist will digitally recreate it on the heavyweight resin platter for a durable and long-lasting piece she’ll treasure for years.

Cost: $49.99

44. Apple AirPods with Charging Case 

Apple AirPods with Charging Case

These iconic headphones combine intelligent design with crystal-clear sound and easy-to-use technology. They feature up to three-hour talk time on a single charge and effortlessly re-charge in their carrying case.

Cost: $99.99

45. Shiatsu Foot Massager

Shiatsu Foot Massager

Soothe sore soles with this electric foot massager. With multiple massaging devices plus heat, it provides the ultimate three-in-one massage for your feet that can be customized to fit your needs.

Cost: $129.99

46. Organic Kitchen Herb Garden Kit

Organic Kitchen Herb Garden Kit

Grow your own culinary herbs right on the kitchen windowsill with this handy kit. It includes three seed sachets with basil, chives, and oregano, three biodegradable pots, two bags of potting soil, and a glass mister bottle.

Cost: $39.99

47. Mo Cuishle Neck Massager

Mo Cuishle Neck Massager

This neck massager provides a variety of different massage options and heat settings to tailor your own personal relaxation preferences. You also can use it on your neck, back, legs, or waist to deliver powerful pain relief where you need it most.

Cost: $49.99

48. Picture Perfect Photo Coasters

Picture Perfect Photo Coasters

Made of tumbled stone with chiseled edges, these coasters can be personalized with your favorite family photos. Plus, you can personalize the bottom with any one-line message of up to 18 characters.

Cost: $33.99

49. Owl Eyeglasses Holder

Owl Eyeglasses Holder

Give your eyeglasses a place to call home, allowing you to easily find them when you need them. This eyeglass holder has been hand-crafted by trade artisans in India and features a hook on the back that keeps your eyeglasses in place.

Cost: $25.00

50. Personalized Gift Compass

Personalized Gift Compass

Give your loved one a compass to represent the fact that you will always find your way back to each other. Made with soft brass, the compass comes personalized with initials, any phrase or text, or even an actual handwritten message.

Cost: $29.00

Choosing a 40th anniversary gift for your loved one that conveys all your love and appreciation may seem like a challenge. Use this list of 40th anniversary gift ideas for inspiration so you can be sure to wow your loved one on this special milestone.