Revol Snax Joins Edible Partner Program

Revol Snax Joins Edible Partners Program

The Edible® Partner Program is a premium food destination housing all your gifting and self indulgence needs. Shop from our curated list of brands across the country, featuring snacks, condiments, desserts and more – delivered straight to you.

With the Edible® Partner Program, customers find one platform with endless indulgence!

Who are Revol SnaxTM?

Founded by David Birsen and Nadine Calderon, Revol SnaxTM is on a mission to sustainably remove sugar and carbs from the packaged food chain. The company makes high quality snacks that fit multiple healthy lifestyles such as keto, paleo and plant-based habits. Like most great companies, they started Revol to solve their own problems. Both Birsen and Calderon adopted low carb diets, but couldn’t find quality snacks that didn’t contain lots of sugar and processed carbs. As a result, they created Revol SnaxTM to solve their snack problem!

Revol SnaxTM specializes in cookie bites and nut butters. All products have a “fat-fueled” mentality and are packed with healthy fats like coconuts and almonds to provide a sustainable form of energy. The snacks are keto friendly as well and contain very low net carbs so they don’t impact your blood sugar and offer benefits for your gut health!

Additionally, the Revol mission embraces a love of food.

We love food and believe it’s a fundamental part of enjoying life. We believe a low carb diet is an important step towards a healthier lifestyle.

Finally, the company, which stands for a revolution in snacks hopes that their products will help society overcome some preventable diseases like diabetes, obesity and heart disease.

What makes Revol SnaxTM stand out and WOW customers?

Known for being keto friendly, clean eating and always delicious, Revol SnaxTM makes delicious, whole food and plant-based snacks that are perfect when you crave something sweet, but don’t want the sugar or regret that typically follows binging on sweets. A dedication to their community is just one way that they provide a WOW-worthy experience. For example, the team shared the personal touches they provide to customers.
“We love having a direct relationship with our customers and when they engage with our brand we want it to feel like REAL people are on the other end, rather than a murky company curtain with mechanical procedures. We prioritize transparency and always start first by understanding the customer’s unique experience both during the goods times and when there is room for improvement. We optimize for long-term customer relationships and do all we can to ensure they have a positive experience.”

Why join Edible® Partner Program?

Revol SnaxTM embodies many of the same qualities that the Edible® brand represents. Providing high quality products and excellent customer service are attributes that we strive for every day. At Edible®, our passion, heritage, and future are rooted in helping people all over the world celebrate life’s most special moments with a gift or treat that’s carefully crafted to WOW. We certainly believe that Revol SnaxTM shares are mission of enhancing special moments because nothing is more everyday than an afternoon snack! We are happy to hear that the Revol SnaxTM team feels the same and is looking forward to sharing their delicious and healthy cookie bits and nut butters with more people!

“We love the Edible® brand because of the joy it brings to customers when they receive special gifts and the experience associated with this. We started Revol SnaxTM for a similar purpose: to help people eat healthier while also enjoying the little things in life. We’re on a mission to help people eat healthier low-sugar and plant-based foods without sacrificing delicious taste. We know Edible Partner Program is the perfect partner to help us achieve this mission and continue helping people enjoy the little moments in life!”