Quiz: What Sibling Are You?


Do YOU know what type of sibling you are? Are you leading the pack? Causing trouble behind the scenes? Making sure everyone gets along? Take our quiz to find out which sibling you are AND get a Mother’s Day gift suggestion based on your personality!

Don’t forget! When it comes to your siblings and WOWing Mom, it’s always a competition. Take our quiz to find the perfect gift!


What birthday present would you like to have?

If you could choose any career, what would it be?

What are you most likely to read?

Choose a superpower:

You’ve got to help around the house. What do you do?

Woo-hoo! It’s the weekend! What are your plans?

What Sibling Are You?
You are the Celebrity Sibling! You are super outgoing and know everything about everyone.

The perfect gift for you to get mom is the Ultimate Mother’s Day Gift, hands down. You need to make sure you have the best gift and really WOW her! (After all, everyone will be talking about your gift, so you’ve gotta go all out!) Fresh fruit, chocolate dipped strawberries, and balloons? You can’t go wrong.
You are the Good Example – The sibling that’s good at EVERYTHING. You do it all, and make it happen, and your parents want your other siblings to be more like you (even if they don’t necessarily say it).

Classic, delicious, and all-around perfect, the Mother’s Day Swizzle Bouquet™ is a classic gift that’ll make her day perfect. The custom Gourmet Belgian Chocolate pop pulls it all together for an extra sweet touch.
You are the Peacemaker! You’re always there to lend a hand if someone is in a rut. Two siblings arguing? You usually know exactly how to smooth things over.

You have everyone’s back, so this Mother’s Day, give mom a gift she can share with others, like the Mother’s Day Centerpiece. Featuring a flavor for every taste bud and sweet tooth, this gift will make your celebration unforgettable, AND you’ll be the Mother’s Day MVP.
You are the Rule-bender –You know who you are. You don’t break the rules – you just bend them! You wouldn’t say you’re the trouble maker because your ideas are great and (mostly) work out in the end.

We have a feeling that you’ll want your Mother’s Day gift to taste just as sweet as it looks. Our suggestion? The #1 Mom gift set! It’s perfect for honoring her on her special day, and we’re willing to bet that your siblings will be quite jealous. You’re clearly the favorite child, right? (P.S. – this gift is available for same-day delivery*, so if you waited until the last minute, you’re welcome.)
You are the Reserved & Responsible Sibling! You like to sit back and watch how things play out. Some may think you are shy and quiet, but we all know your personality comes out at home.

The Perfect for Mom Bouquet ™ is the sweetest way for you to say “Happy Mother’s Day!” You go for the gift that is thoughtful, indulgent, and shareable because you know your sibling are going to want to enjoy it, too!

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