Pulp Pantry Joins Edible Partner Program

Pulp Pantry Joins Edible Partner Program

We are pleased to announce that Pulp Pantry has teamed up with Edible® as a new member of our Partner Program!

The Edible® Partner Program is a premium food destination housing all your gifting and self indulgence needs. Shop from our curated list of brands across the country, featuring snacks, condiments, desserts and more – delivered straight to you.

With the Edible® Partner Program, customers find one platform with endless indulgence!

Who is Pulp Pantry?

Kaitlin Mogentale founded Pulp Pantry after she watched her friend juice a carrot. The question “what do you do with your pulp?” started it all! As her friend didn’t do anything with the pulp, Kaitlin sprung into action to save the carrot’s other (perhaps better) half and made some cookies. Now, Pulp Pantry works with large manufacturers to turn overlooked resources like fresh-pressed vegetables into wholesome pantry staples that make it convenient and delicious to eat more servings of vegetables and fiber.

Inspired by the desire to make a more sustainable world by reducing food waste and increasing nutrition, Pulp Pantry turns vegetable pulp into delicious snacks.

We’re working to cultivate better, more nutritious & sustainable food choices that serve our generation and generations to come.
For example, in 2020, Pulp Pantry upcycled over 50,000 lbs of organic vegetables that would have otherwise gone to waste!

What makes Pulp Pantry stand out and WOW customers?

Known for real vegetable chips, Pulp Pantry connects with their customer base. The products are 100% plant-based & vegan. Plus, they are non-GMO and made with organic vegetables using sustainable, upcycled ingredients. As a result of the dedication to using source materials that are authentic to a healthy lifecycle, Pulp Pantry offers products that really engage with consumers that have a similar mindset. To reinforce that connection, Pulp Pantry backs their mission with a happiness guarantee that is sure to WOW anyone that tries the snacks.
“Our customers are #1. We offer a 100% happiness guarantee – love the product, or get a refund. We are confident that Pulp Chips will be your new favorite salty snack staple, and want to get the product in your hands!”
And, the snacks are delicious!

Why join the Edible® Partner Program?

Pulp Pantry embodies the qualities that make the Edible® brand special and unique in the crowded food marketplace. For example, providing high quality products and excellent customer service are attributes that we strive for every day. At Edible®, our passion, heritage, and future are rooted in helping people all over the world celebrate life’s most special moments with a gift or treat that’s carefully crafted to WOW. We certainly believe that Pulp Pantry shares are mission of enhancing life’s special moments. We are happy to hear that the Pulp Pantry team feels the same and is looking forward to sharing their delicious (and sustainable) snacks with more people!

“We loved the concept of a snack partner program on Edible, for the most adventurous and curious of eaters! Plus, as a brand made from fresh vegetables, there are a lot of synergies between both brands.”