10 Inexpensive Presents on a Budget that Are Actually Amazing

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With inflation hitting hard, our wallets keep getting smaller as prices keep increasing. That’s why we need to be smart when it comes to buying our loved ones presents. While we’d love to spend unlimited funds, the truth is that you just don’t have the extra cash. Instead, try shopping for presents on a budget. You might be surprised by the quality of gifts you can find for less than $25 and the variety of inexpensive gifts out there. Here’s how to do it.

How to Choose Presents on a Budget

When it comes to choosing presents for less, your first step is to create a budget. How much can you afford to spend on gifts for an entire year? How much does this break down to per gift for each occasion? To come up with an accurate number, you want to ensure you have enough funds for the holidays and random occasions that might come up throughout the year. Once you have determined a per-gift budget, you can begin to make a plan.

Next, take the time to check out and research online sales. Your favorite retailers often run sales throughout the year. Keep an eye out and spot sales to get regular-priced items for less. You can also use the power of the internet to check prices. Is that favorite gift cheaper on Amazon or Best Buy. You can quickly do a little research to find the best prices and save yourself a lot of money in the process.

Alternatively, you can DIY a gift. If you have a skill or talent in creating something you can craft something amazing for your loved ones. Make some fresh baked cookies, create a sugar scrub or knit a scarf. Even if you don’t have a knack for crafting, you can find dozens of tutorials online for DIY presents that will impress.

Top 10 Presents on a Budget

If you’re looking to make a big impression on a small budget, we’ve got you covered. Here are ten presents on a budget, each clocking in at under $25:

1. Mini Chocolate Dessert Box

Designed to make the chocoholic in your life smile, this decadent and delicious dessert platter includes a brownie, along with a chocolate covered Oreo® Cookie, pretzel and graham cracker.

Cost: $16.99

2. Baked Treats Trio

Baked Treats Trio

A truly amazing and inexpensive gift, this delicious dessert box includes something to satisfy all of their sweet cravings. It comes with a rich and creamy cheesecake with a chocolate dipped strawberry on top, a fudgy brownie, and assorted fresh-baked cookies. The mix is sure to deliver a great present when you are a on a budget.

Cost: $19.99

3. Satin Pillowcase

Satin Pillowcase

A satin pillowcase helps to minimize hair breakage due to less friction and reduce breakouts by absorbing less dirt while also helping to prevent facial creases from sleeping. Plus, it helps keep you cool at night.

Cost: $19.00

4. PowerLix Milk Frother

PowerLix Milk Frother

This small, portable handheld milk frother creates thick and creamy frothed milk quickly and easily for coffee house-inspired drinks. It is battery powered it’s easily portable, and you don’t have to worry about cords.

Cost: $13.50

5. Indoor Herb Garden Starter Kit

Indoor Herb Garden Starter Kit

This kit includes everything you need to grow four herbs on your kitchen windowsill. It comes with four burlap pots, four seed packets, one soil disc, and four bamboo plant markers.

Cost: $14.99

6. Claudia Pearson City Tea Towels

Claudia Pearson City Tea Towels

Made with super absorbent cotton material that gets softer with each use, these towels are inspired by cities and regions of the United States. Pick your loved one’s hometown or their favorite city.

Cost: $24.00

7. Royal Brands Felt Letter Board

Royal Brands Felt Letter Board

This letter board is a creative way to make an announcement, leave a message, or post inspiring sayings. It features a felt board, a solid wood frame, and white letters, characters, and numbers.

Cost: $14.95

8. Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm Trio

Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm Trio

These soothing lip balms contain antioxidants, vitamin E and green tea, sunscreen, and natural emollients. The set includes three flavors: shea butter, natural mint, and pineapple mint.

Cost: $19.00

9. 3D Moon Lamp 16 Colors

3D Moon Lamp 16 Colors

This moon has been digitally recreated based on maps of the real moon to bring the beauty and gentle glow of the moon into your bedroom. It features 16 colors, four modes, and seven levels of brightness.

Cost: $23.99

10. Personalized Name Puzzle with Animals

Personalized Name Puzzle with Animals

This puzzle is the perfect gift for the little ones in your life. Made with real wood and eco-friendly water-based paint, it comes personalized with your loved one’s name, with different animals, colors, shapes, and details.

Cost: $18.44

With one of these gifts in hand, your loved one will never realize you didn’t spend an arm and a leg. They’re inexpensive, high quality, and unique gifts that you can ensure she’ll love and appreciate for any occasion.