Planning the Perfect Lunch for Back-to-School & Beyond


The back-to-school excitement is brewing, which means it’s time to break out of that summer vacation routine! Although this is an exciting time (for you AND the kids), it can also be a bit nerve-racking. To keep the excitement rolling, we came up with some great ideas you can use to keep their school lunches and snacks fun and creative all year long! We even asked a few moms and dads here at Edible® for some ideas! Take a look!

Start with the Lunchbox

A new school year wouldn’t be complete without cool new supplies, including a lunchbox! Adding this to your back-to-school shopping list will get your kids excited about bringing their lunch and showing off their newest school day accessory. With so many options available, your kids will love expressing their personal style with not only their back-to-school outfits, but with their school supplies too!

Xander, Age 6 | Edible® Parent, Amanda |We use silicon muffin holders to separate the items within the plastic bins so they don’t get smashed together during the day. Occasionally, I’ll slip in a note to say, ’Have a great day, I love you!’ or include a special treat that she will know came from me, like chocolate covered fruit!”

Plan Ahead

Before you go grocery shopping for the week, brainstorm some lunch ideas with your kids. Buy a chalkboard or bulletin board to display in the kitchen with the week’s lunchbox menu. Your child will love being a part of the planning process, and it will keep both of you organized. Not to mention giving them what they’re interested in means that they’ll most likely eat it! Now that’s what we call a win-win.

Kenneth, Age 9 | Edible® Parent, Robbie | “Kenneth’s favorite snack to bring to school is fruit salad! When packing his lunch, I try to make sure whatever I pack is easy to open, so he doesn’t have to fight with his lunch.”

Start a Sunday Tradition

The key to keeping things interesting is getting (and keeping!) your kids involved in the fun. Make it a routine that each Sunday you’ll prepare the week’s lunches together. Doing this early in the week will give you and your kids the time you need to pick the perfect lunch and snack combination! It’s a great way to bond with your child, check something off your weekend to-do list, AND make your morning routines so much easier.

Cecilia, Age 3 | Edible® Parent, Steve | “CC loves tuna boat sandwiches for lunch!”

Sneak in a Surprise

Sneak in a sweet surprise that’ll put a smile on their faces. Some ideas include a handwritten note, a joke they can share with their classmates, or even a surprise sweet treat! If you’re sending a note, wish them luck on their next test, celebrate a recent accomplishment, or share something fun you’re doing this weekend. If you’re planning to leave them a sweet treat, we just have one question for you: who wouldn’t love a chocolate dipped strawberry for dessert?

Jacob, Age 4 | Edible® Parent, Silvia | “Jacob’s all-time favorite lunchbox snacks are pretzels and grapes!”

Keep Things Creative

Keep their lunches fresh and new by being open to trying new things. Running out of ideas? Ask friends and family for their ideas to keep things fun. Plus, you can take some inspiration from our Savvy Snacks for Back-to-School Pinterest Board featuring some of our favorite snack and lunch ideas!

Isabel, Age 9 | Edible® Parent, Alicia | “I always include an ice pack, and try to give her lots of variety in easy open containers – not the kind you’ll miss if they accidentally get thrown away!”

How do YOU get your kids excited about their back-to-school lunch? Share your ideas with us by posting a photo and tagging us @ediblearrangements on Facebook and Instagram, and @edible on Twitter!

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