10 Personalized Gift Ideas that Stand Out from the Crowd

Personalized Gifts

We all have that special someone on your list who’s really hard to shop for. Maybe it’s your husband, your mother, or even your boss. Whatever the case may be, turning to a personalized gift is your best bet when you can’t think of anything they want that they don’t already have. A personalized gift makes someone feel like the gift is made just for them (and sometimes it really is). Here’s everything you need to know about choosing a personalized gift for your loved one.

How to Choose a Personalized Gift

When considering a personalized gift for your loved one, know that you have plenty of options. Practically anything can be personalized, from coffee mugs to doormats to socks. Would your loved one appreciate something sentimental that really speaks to the heart? There are dozens of personalized gift that provide a deep sentimental value with a poem or touching phrase along with their name.

If your loved one isn’t into sappy gifts, consider gifting something practical. You can find so many items that your loved one can use in her home, at the office, or on-the-go that can be personalized with her name, monogram, or an image. Or, consider a funny gift that will make your loved one smile and something she’ll treasure for years to come. No matter which option you end up choosing, your loved one will appreciate the time and creativity you put into picking the perfect personalized gift for them.

Top 10 Personalized Gift Ideas

If you’re searching for the perfect personalized gift for your loved one, you’re in luck. We’ve gathered up ten amazing personalized gifts that will show your loved one just how much you appreciate her.

1. Sweetest Celebration Confetti Bundle

Sweetest Celebration Confetti Bundle

This bundle includes everything your loved one could want, from a delicious fruit arrangement packed with fresh fruit favorites and confetti berries to a cuddly plush bear and smiley face balloon. Make it personalized by adding a personal note to your order when checking out.

Cost: $73.99

2. Blooming Daisies®

Blooming Daisies®

This gorgeous arrangement is just bursting with fresh strawberries and pineapple daisies in a beautiful white container that can be used time and time again. Add a custom note at checkout to make it personalized for your loved one.

Cost: $69.99

3. Dark Grey Initial Embroidered Throw Blanket

Dark Grey Initial Embroidered Throw Blanket

Featuring a white embroidered initial surrounded by a leaf-accented circle, this personalized throw blanket is sophisticated and unique. Made of comfy and cuddly acrylic, you won’t want get up from underneath it on the couch.

Cost: $65.00

4. Personalized Family Mugs

Personalized Family Mugs

These mugs are personalized with your loved one’s name and artwork depicting their image. Get one for each member of your family for a one-of-a-kind gift they’ll always remember.

Cost: $30.00

5. Wallverbs Our Family Personalized Picture Frame Set

Wallverbs Our Family Personalized Picture Frame Set

Commemorate your loved one’s family with this set of picture frames, personalized frame, and decorative tree accents. You can personalize the framed print with any family name in a choice of font and background color to make it truly unique.

Cost: $72.00

6. What a Difference a Day Makes Burlap Print

What a Difference a Day Makes Burlap Print

Celebrate the special dates that make up your loved one’s lives with this handmade burlap print. You can pick any dates to personalize the print, including birth, engagement, wedding, and children’s births.

Cost: $55.00

7. Personalized Wood Cutting Board with Floral Wreath Design

Personalized Wood Cutting Board with Floral Wreath Design

Made with your choice of walnut, cherry, maple, and bamboo, this cutting board features a semi circle with a leaf design along with your loved one’s family name. It’s a great timeless piece that will be used for years to come.

Cost: $49.99

8. Scripty Style Personalized Yoga Mat

Scripty Style Personalized Yoga Mat

Give your loved one the gift of namaste. You can personalize this mat made with PVC material and an anti-slip backing with a name or line of text and choose your color from five options.

Cost: $39.99

9. Mom Necklace With Kids Name 

Mom Necklace With Kids Name

Customize this necklace with the names of mom’s kids or grandkids. Made in all silver, all gold, all rose gold, or a mix of all three, you can add whatever names, words, or dates on the rings you’d like.

Cost: $35.69

10. Photo Face Socks

Photo Face Socks

These socks are personalized… with your face! Just upload your favorite photo and your face will be added all over these socks — perfect for a gag gift or, at the very least, a present that will make your loved one laugh.

Cost: $19.99

Whether your loved one relishes cooking or cuddling up for some Netflix, you’re sure to find a personalized gift for her on this list. Whatever personalized gift you choose, it’s sure to make her day.