10 Perfectly Sweet Candy Buffet Ideas

Perfectly Sweet Candy Buffet Ideas

It’s a universal truth: everyone loves candy. That’s why candy buffet bars are a great dessert idea for any party you throw. Your guests will love picking and choosing their own treats. Plus, you won’t have to worry about putting together a fancy dessert. Guests can choose exactly what they want, so they’re not stuck with something they don’t enjoy. A beautifully decorated candy buffet station can also double as party décor. And, if you provide your guests with festive goodie bags to fill up on their way out, they can also serve as party favors. Talk about a win-win! Here are some tips and tricks to help make your next candy buffet a success.

How to Create a Candy Buffet

The first thing you’ll need for your candy buffet is a whole lot of sweet treats. Choose candy in a variety of shapes, sizes, and textures. Sugary options such as gummy candy, lollipops, rock candy, gumballs, old fashioned stick candy, and marshmallows will always be a hit. But don’t forget about chocolate-y treats, like chocolate balls, chocolate covered pretzels, and mouth-watering chocolate dipped strawberries, like our delicious Chocolate Dipped Strawberries Box.

When it comes to displaying your candy, you need a table that’s strong enough to support all your sweet treats. You’ll need a simple backdrop for your display in coordinating colors. Streamers, garland, or balloons can do the trick, but feel free to use your imagination and get a little creative. To display your candy, use containers of varying sizes and shapes. You can use mason jars, clear glass jars, bowls, trays, and pedestal stands.

Top 10 Candy Buffet Ideas

In need of some inspiration for your candy buffet? Here are ten candy buffet ideas you can use for your next soiree:

  1. Rustic Candy Buffet

Rustic Candy Buffet

This candy buffet is all about rustic elements, from the tin cans to ribbon garland. In fact, the whole buffet is constructed with two barrels and a farmhouse door perched on top.

  1. Vintage All White Candy Buffet

Vintage All White Candy Buffet

Reminiscent of The Great Gatsby, this candy buffet is all decked in white with vintage 1920s details. It’s chock-full of white candy, like snowballs, gumdrops, and so much more.

  1. Flamingo Pool Party Candy Buffet

Flamingo Pool Party Candy Buffet

What’s better than a pool party? A pool party with a flamingo-themed candy buffet! With all the candy you could want in blue and pink, this candy buffet is sure to be a hit in the summertime.

  1. Pink and Gold Candy Buffet

Pink and Gold Candy Buffet

Large pink blooms and a gold frame design make this candy buffet display uniquely memorable. Candy is coordinated in shades of pink, gold, and white to pull the whole look together.

  1. Spooky Halloween Candy Buffet

Spooky Halloween Candy Buffet

If you’re throwing a Halloween or spooky-themed party, this candy buffet is sure to be a hit. It’s decorated with gravestones, spiderwebs, skulls, and orange and black candy.

  1. Carnival Candy Buffet

Carnival Candy Buffet

With balloons and colorful stripes, this candy buffet is like an all-you-can-ride ticket to the fair. Carnival-inspired treats, like candy buttons, snow cone-shaped cupcakes, and popcorn decorated cookies complete the theme.

  1. Nautical Candy Buffet

Nautical Candy Buffet

This nautical-themed candy buffet is chock-full of boat-themed details, such as Polo mints decorated as mini buoys, tugboat-shaped agar agar, and so much more. A striped tablecloth and life preserver top off the look.

  1. Dr. Seuss Candy Buffet

Dr. Seuss Candy Buffet

Dr. Seuss’s books and characters are so inspiring, they make a great theme for baby showers, first birthdays, and even graduation parties. This candy buffet takes the Dr. Seuss theme to a new level with jelly beans, lollipops, and Twizzlers all decked out in a Cat in the Hat style.

  1. Arabian Nights Candy Buffet

Arabian Nights Candy Buffet

This candy buffet sizzles in a variety of jewel-toned pink, purple, orange, and gold. Beads and ribbon comprise the backdrop, while the centerpiece of the display is a beautiful Arabian lamp set atop a tower of pillows.

  1. Garden Party Candy Buffet

Garden Party Candy Buffet

With an assortment of sweets, including licorice, lollipops, macaroons, and so much more, this candy buffet display is sure to please. Chock-full of real and faux blooms, it’s perfect for a garden-themed event.

Any one of these candy buffet ideas is sure to be a hit at your next party of gathering. Don’t forget to include some chocolate dipped strawberries, apples, and bananas (like the Classic Indulgence Box from Edible Arrangements®) to truly make the display complete.