The Perfect Friendsgiving in 5 Easy Steps

Friendsgiving in 5 Easy Steps

This Friendsgiving, take the time to feast, have fun, and reflect on everything you’re thankful for! These simple steps will have you on your way to a memorable Friendsgiving with your best pals.

STEP 1: Make Your Guest List

Plan out the number of seats you can accommodate and start working on invites. Try to only invite the number of people who can comfortably fit in your home so your guests don’t feel overcrowded while they try to eat!

STEP 2: Plan Your Place Settings

Make sure you have enough dishes, tables, linens, and chairs for everyone on your guest list. Start planning early so you can borrow or rent extra chairs and tables ahead of time. (Trust us. You’ll be glad you did!)

STEP 3: Make it a Potluck

Split up the cost by inviting all your guests to participate! Keep a list of who is bringing what to make sure every part of the meal is accounted for. You don’t want four different types of potatoes and no casserole! Most importantly, don’t forget dessert!

STEP 4: Let’s Talk Turkey

As a general recommendation, you should plan on one pound of turkey per guest. Don’t forget that a frozen turkey can take days to defrost, so make sure you’re not waiting until the last minute!

STEP 5: Have Fun!

Now that all the planning is done, enjoy yourself! Add some flair with festive decorations, play some music, and relax. Even if it doesn’t all go as planned, you’re still in the company of great friends, which is all that really matters. Plus, any mishaps will make for fun stories to share down the road!

While you’re busy planning the perfect Friendsgiving, let us give you a hand by helping with dessert! Still looking for a treat that all your friends will love? We’ve got a few Thanksgiving gift ideas that are pretty sweet. (Pun intended.)