Summer Party Planning: Get Festive with a Perfectly Patriotic Celebration


From Memorial Day to Independence Day and finally, Labor Day, patriotic themes fill our summer party schedules. Summer is a great time to gather with friends and family, so we think there isn’t any valid reason NOT to throw a patriotic party this summer!

After all, there’s nothing quite like gathering with friends and family, indulging in some festive and patriotic treats. Plus, we all want a little excuse to break out the red, white, and blue! Wondering how to incorporate these festive colors into your party theme? To help jumpstart your patriotic summer party planning, we gathered some of our favorite tips and tricks to help you throw your own perfectly patriotic celebration!

You’re Invited

Incorporate the red, white, and blue theme right from the start with your invitations. If you’re short on time and looking to keep things budget-friendly, take a photo of some festive decorations (that you can use later on for your party) and send out some personalized texts to your friends and family. If you have some time to get creative, find some free printable invitations! For example, Marla Meredith shares some great patriotic printables that are perfect for any summer party. From invitations to party favors and labels, these printables work for any and all parties!

“I had so much fun designing this red + white+ blue printable collection for you. Invite your guests with these festive invitations and embellish your table with patriotic themed tags and labels.This color theme is from my { Red + White + Blue  } ColorFresh palette. It is so fun to put those colors to great use!”

You can even get your kids involved by inviting your neighbors and close friends in person. Surprise them at their front door with a printed invitation and a sweet treat, giving them a preview of what’s to come.

Printable Invitation Inspiration from marlameridith

Summer Party Decorating Made Easy

Decorating with these festive colors can be so much fun because you have a world of options to choose from! However, don’t forget to keep it simple! Plus, let the kids help with the décor by having them craft with you! Check out some of the images below for fun DIY options the entire family can help with.

  • Denim USA Banner

For a unique patriotic banner, A Pumpkin and A Princess shares how to create a denim USA banner. Although the tutorial creates “USA” you can follow the process to create any phrase or word of your choice. For example, Happy Memorial Day or Happy 4th would work well (and you can store them for next year too!).

“Step one: Use your cutting machine to cut letters from the Heidi Swapp Minc 12×12 paper pad. Step two: Place your letters on the clear sleeve facing up. Place foil over the letters and run through machine on setting 3.Step three: Peel off foil and glue letters onto your denim banner. I like to use the Elmers x-treme glue sticks. I’ve probably talked about them a million times over the years but I’m always really impressed with how strong the glue is. In addition to the letters I used a pack of patriotic stickers from Michaels to add American flags and silver stars on the ends.”

  • Fireworks Mantel Piece

If there is something magical about a summer party, it is gathering in the early evening and waiting in anticipation of the local fireworks. Fortunately, Landeelu helps set the mood with a crafty (but still very DIY) activity. Plus, have the kids help by gathering up some sticks throughout the yard!

“So, as far as tutorials go, you basically just need a bunch of sticks, some red, white & blue spray paint, a drop cloth, mason jars (or other containers to hold the sticks) and some ribbon (optional). Next, divide your sticks into even groups, decide what colors you want them, and spray paint them!  The nice thing is that spray painting sticks doesn’t require you to be careful or anything so I let my 10 year old daughter do some and she was thrilled for the chance to spray paint something! Then put them in your mason jars/containers (I used the larger pint sized ones), tie a ribbon around the top and you’re all set!”

  • Patriotic Party Pieces

Unofficially, Memorial Day kicks off the summer party season, which means you can start collecting some nice decorative pieces. From mason jars for silverware to red, white and blue napkins, OMG Lifestyle offers a collection of easy decorative tips to set the patriotic mood this summer.

“Hosting a Memorial Day Barbecue is a wonderful way to kick off the summer.  It won’t take you long to pull this barbecue together with these simple patriotic touches to your table and easy recipes that are perfect accompaniments to burgers on the grill.  By keeping it simple and prepping everything in advance, you can enjoy your guests without slaving over a hot stove.”

  • Set the Mood with a Centerpiece

Finally, don’t forget a table centerpiece to pull your theme together and keep things consistent. For example, our Berry Patriotic Chocolate Star Bouquet™ helps create a festive mood to celebrate the stars and stripes in style! Plus, your guests will be even more impressed if it’s something they can eat!

“Add instant fireworks to any celebration! Edible Arrangements® fruit bouquets are perfect for backyard barbecues, block parties, beachside celebrations and more. Our collection of patriotic arrangements are a festive, fun and all-American way to celebrate the U.S.A.”

Decoration Inspiration from a Pumpkin and a Princess, Landeelu, & OMG Lifestyle Blog

What’s on the Summer Party Menu?

One of the best parts of summer is the variety of fresh seasonal ingredients available. With the temperature rising, one of our favorite options (of course!) is serving the freshest fruit. Keep things simple by throwing some of your favorites on the grill (we have some awesome recipes), or order ahead of time! Incorporate the red, white, and blue theme using fresh ingredients that your guests will LOVE. Fresh fruit is perfect for snacks, as a side dish, or even dessert!

  • Fruit Wands

Fruit is a great way to provide kids (and adults) with some nutrients while they enjoy all of the other great summer party foods. For example, Domino shares a few fun ways to incorporate fruit into patriotic platters.

“Hand these over to kiddos before they see all the other goodies in the dessert spread to get some fruit in their bellies before they begin the sugar parade. We’d keep them icy cold in the fridge until just before serving.”

  • Dessert Pizza

Another interesting way to incorporate some fruit into summer dishes is this unique dessert pizza. To help explain this dish, The Crafted Sparrow, describes the inspiration and the baking process.

“This dessert pizza needs to be at the top of your list of festive foods to make! The combination of the juicy, sweet berries and cream cheese icing spread on a sugar cookie crust is absolutely delicious. You’ll definitely be going back for seconds, maybe even thirds!”

  • Delicious Donuts

Nothing shows off your patriotism like bringing some donuts to any summer party. However, instead of the standard sugar-filled treats, bring some apple donuts. Made from fresh Granny Smith apples, these Edible® Donuts come in red, white and blue are a great addition to any summer party!

“Show off your patriotic pride with our Edible® Donuts – Red, White & Blue! Treat the guests at your next backyard barbecue, to fresh, crisp, donut-shaped Granny Smith apple slices hand-dipped in real, gourmet semisweet chocolate, then decorated with red, white, and blue chocolate glaze and sprinkles. No matter the occasion, this delicious treat is a festive way to celebrate the stars and stripes in style!”

Recipe Inspiration from domino & Crafted Sparrow

It’s Game Time

Don’t forget to prepare some festive activities for your guests! Take advantage of the summer weather by hosting outdoor games to entertain all your friends and family. Check out some of these awesome options. Mix things up with fruit corn hole, a can toss, or even Tic-Tac-Toe!

  • Tic-Tac-Toe

If you are looking for a classic summer game, why not start with one of the most well-known games around. Yes, set up some yard tic-tac-toe and all the kids at your summer party will entertain themselves. For more, Brit + Co offers some instructions, along with a list of other great yard games.

“Bring along this little game to your neighborhood block party, and get ready for it to be an instant hit. You can use any sized letters for this DIY, but the bigger the letters are, the more fun (and photogenic) it will be.”

  • Corn Hole

One of the more popular summer games is corn hole (or whatever you call it in your neck of the woods). If you don’t have a set of boards, then follow these instructions from Charles and Hudson to make a patriotic set.

“Bean bag toss or cornhole. Regardless of what you call it, this lawn game is popular across the country. From tailgating to backyard BBQ’s, cornhole is a game anyone of any age or athletic ability can play. We built these cornhole boards in honor of the 4th of July by adding some “Stars and Stripes” flair to them.”

  • Can Toss

Pay homage to an old carnival game with can toss or rocket toss. The game is simple, yet any competitive party goers will surely find some fun with this classic game. To prepare your cans, shares the details.

“Adhere strips of red, white, and blue duct tape to six clean, empty 15-ounce metal cans. Be sure to cover any sharp edges. For thinner lines, simply overlap the tape. To make the “rockets,” use a funnel to fill three small socks with rice (about ½ cup in each) and tie them off with a hair tie or a rubber band. Thread a 3-foot length of sheer ribbon through each tie and knot it in the center to secure it. To play, set up the cans in a pyramid.”

DIY Game Inspiration from Brit+Co, Parents, & Charles Hudson

Look the Part

When adding the finishing touches to your celebration, don’t forget to “look” the part. Plan your outfit and incorporate the good ole stars and stripes. Below are some adorable DIY options to incorporate these festive colors into your wardrobe. Also, consider keeping some miniature flags and bandanas around for your guests to wear when they arrive. You and your guests will be fully prepared for an all-American celebration.

  • Bandana Dress for Kids

Looking for a unique patriotic dress for your kids that won’t break the bank? If you have a little DIY enthusiasm this summer, then try this cute bandana dress. Fabulessly Frugal provides the instructions to create this special dress.

“First measure out your ribbon, you want it to go about 6 inches over the edge of the bandana. Fold over the top edge. Sew across on both pieces close to the top seam of the bandana. Try to sew in a straight line for both bandanas. This makes a tube for you to put the ribbon through. Next put two right sides together of the bandana, making sure the tube is at the top on both bandanas. The pin is where you start sewing and is for the armhole. Sew both sides starting at the pin and going down. If you aren’t sure where to place your armhole, hold the bandana up to your child and mark where the armhole should go. Put your big safety pin on the ribbon and feed it through the pocket to the other side. Repeat for both tubes. Gather the top of the dress together. Tie each side in a bow and your little girl is ready to wear it!”

  • DIY T-Shirt

In the creative mood and want to show off your sewing skill set? Consider making your own t-shirts for the summer. Depending on the age of your kids, matching shirts might be off the table, but similar shirts with some patriotic flair may work. From some Americana to a simple red, white and blue pocket, Polkadot Chair shares the must-know info to get your family in the patriotic spirit.

“I started with simple plain t-shirts and added pockets and embellishments to them to jazz em up for the fourth, or ‘Merica day as all the kids now call it (I don’t like that they call it that, so don’t shoot the messenger kay?) For the two shirts for my girls, I added an outline of the united states and a big ‘ole heart to the back.  On my son’s shirt, I just added the pocket (he picked out the fabric, hoping he agrees to wear it).”

  • Flag Shirts

Interested in making your own shirt for some summer parties this year, but light on time (or sewing experience)? Consider these simple DIY flag shirts! Mommy and Things shares a simple DIY method to add a ribbon and turn any plain white t into something singing with American spirit!

“First, cut the red ribbon in the desired lengths to fit you size shirt. Then, cut the fusable tape to the same length and place it between the shirt and the ribbon. Next, use an iron to melt the fusable tape and secure the ribbon in place. Finally, make a bow with the blue ribbon and iron it onto the shirt using the fusable tape.”

Outfit Inspiration from Mommy and Things, Faith Filled Food For Mom, Polkadot Chair, & Fabulessly Frugal

Time to Celebrate!

Let the patriotic celebration begin! You put in a lot of time and effort into planning your summer party, so make sure to enjoy yourself! Make memories with your friends and family, and don’t forget to capture those memories by taking photos (you can thank us later).

Decoration Inspiration from a Pumpkin and a Princess

For those attending a patriotic summer party, we have you covered as well. Take your patriotism to the next level with some USA themed party favors. For example, bring some cool American flags as gifts or wear in your hair! Additionally, don’t forget to say thanks to your host or hostess. Fortunately, Edible Arrangements® offers an assortment of red, white, and blue Dipped Fruit™ options. Additionally, our patriotic line of arrangements include Dipped™ apple donuts with red, white, or blue frosting and sparkling dot sprinkles, which are a fun American-themed treat. Actually, any of our patriotic Edible® gifts are a tasty tribute to the United States flag.

We hope you enjoyed some of our favorite tips and tricks for planning your patriotic summer celebration! Looking for even more inspiration? Follow us on Pinterest and share photos of your celebration with us on social media, too! Tag us @edible on Twitter, and @ediblearrangements on Facebook and Instagram. Happy celebrating!