Office Holiday Party How-To Guide

Office Holiday Party Tips

Office holiday parties are the perfect way to celebrate this festive season with your colleagues. They’re a great opportunity to get to know everyone in the office, and to kick back and enjoy yourself after a long year of hard work! If you’re on the planning committee for this year’s shindig and don’t know where to begin, this How-To Guide will walk you through everything you need to know to throw an unforgettable holiday party for everyone at the office. Trust us…we’re the experts at celebrating!

Coordinate a time and place that works for everyone.

Whether your budget calls for a simple daytime gathering in the office or an over-the-top event in a restaurant or ballroom, it’s important to remember that the venue should be convenient for everyone. (After all, a party isn’t a party without the guests!) If you’re planning a nighttime event right after work, stick to a place that isn’t too far away from the office so everyone can easily get there after they wrap up for the day. If a daytime party works best for the office, aim for a lunchtime gathering so everyone can come and go as they please – and people never say no to free lunch!

Plan the date accordingly.

Picking a date also involves a bit of strategy that depends on the type of holiday party you’re planning. Interested in a nighttime event that’ll get everyone to relax a little and leave their work-related worries at the office? Pick a night at the end of the week so people aren’t stressing about mid-week deadlines during the celebration. This advice goes for daytime parties, too! A Monday morning brunch might not be the best way to kick off a productive holiday week (cue the food coma), so aim for an afternoon gathering later in the week!

Yankee Swap vs. Secret Santa?

It’s the office debate that’s always present (get it?) during this time of year – but which one should you pick for your crew? A Yankee Swap gives everyone the opportunity to bring any gift they choose and is a safe choice when you don’t know your coworkers that well, while Secret Santa allows for a little more personalization – you can really tailor the gift to the recipient. No matter which you choose, lay out the ground rules such as the price limit and gifting category, and you’ll be in for a fun treat!

Let’s talk about the food!

Deciding on the type of food you’re serving is key when planning a successful holiday party for the office. You might find yourself debating whether to serve finger foods, full meals, or just desserts. The great news, however, is that our fresh fruit are perfect for every holiday celebration, AND they make great centerpieces!

This delightful arrangement includes chocolate dipped pineapple daisies, chocolate dipped strawberries, cantaloupe, honeydew, and grapes. It’s just as delicious as it is beautiful.

Edible® FruitFlowers® Bouquet - Edible® Donut

This arrangement features a tasty assortment of strawberries, pineapple daisies, grapes, and more. The highlight is the donut-shaped Granny Smith apple dipped in gourmet chocolate and topped with colorful glaze and sprinkles.

Chocolate Dipped Indulgence Platter

Every office party needs some dessert and this fruit platter is chock-full of decadent chocolate-covered fruit, including apples, strawberries, pineapple, and more. It offers a healthier take on traditional desserts, yet it’s still oh-so-delicious that keeps everyone in the office with a sweet tooth happy.

With all the sweet holiday party treats we offer, we’re more than happy to help you out. Just contact our Edible® For Business team and we’ll take care of the rest! We hope these tips and holiday office party ideas will help you make this year’s celebration the most successful one yet. Happy planning!