Noteworthy & Fun Family Friendly Earth Day Activities

Noteworthy Earth Day Activities

At Edible®, we work with our franchise owners and partners to create a sustainable business. Part of our sustainability efforts involves limiting food waste during the preparation of our delicious fruit arrangements. As spring emerges, we look forward to connecting with nature, planting our summer gardens and generally enjoying the outside with our families. Fresh fruit and fresh air go hand-in-hand, which means we will start to gather with our friends and family. We relish the opportunity to celebrate life’s most special moments, which means every April, we cherish Earth Day. Life is about spontaneous moments of goodness and Earth Day presents an opportunity to work with our hands and teach our children about their community. After all, our children are the future, so why not show them how to take care of this beautiful world we live in? To help, here are some noteworthy family friendly Earth Day activities.

Earth Day Activities for the Family

Family Friendly Earth Day Activities

Reduce, reuse and recycle is the standard Earth Day motto. In addition to the typical Earth Day activities, such as planting trees and picking up parks, there are other ways to create special moments with your family and make a difference.

  • Make Bird Feeders

Making bird feeders is a go-to nature activity, which is also great for Earth Day! It can be as easy as a toilet paper roll covered in peanut butter and bird seed to something as complex as carving a small log into a feeder.

Making a bird feeder is a great way to spend some quality time with your kids and to teach them how to reuse items in the home that may not get used much anymore. Whatever you choose to do your kids will enjoy the lasting benefits of watching the birds come flocking to their feeders!

  • Find Reusable Items Around the House

In addition to learning about Earth Day, many families start their spring cleaning activities around this time of year. So, combine these activities and look for reusable items around the house. For example, there is a growing movement of bringing your own shopping bag to stores. So, search the house for a few tote bags and put them into your car. Now, when you make your next impromptu trip, you’ll have a reusable bag ready to go.

  • Homemade Wrapping Paper

Spring seems to be the season of birthday parties, and let’s face it, wrapping paper is extremely wasteful (and expensive). You spend at least five to ten dollars, if not more, on pretty paper that you might only use a quarter of, and then the gift receiver rips it off without even admiring how shiny it is and tosses it away like it was nothing. Why spend all that time picking out the paper and spending money it, after you’ve already bought a gift?

The solution? Wrap gifts in homemade and recycled wrapping paper.

There are so many different ways you can do this, and many of them are great for kids. Start with a brown paper bag. If you don’t have brown paper bags, use old newspaper. No newspaper? Use old clothing. Anything can be turned into wrapping paper. Next, decorate the wrapping paper. A wonderful way to decorate is to attach foam animals to a rolling pin, dip in paint, and let your child do the rest! You can also do something similar by giving your kids stamps to decorate the paper with. Your kids will love adding their own flair to the wrapping, and the environment will love your resourcefulness!

  • Inspire Others

There are so many ways to inspire others and learn from others. For example, many children’s books discuss conservation, such as how to care for animals, the impact of nature and why recycling matters. Make Earth Day the day that you and your children read one of those books (or a few!) and do an activity that will help connect the book and its content to real life.

At Edible, our Edible CaresTM program enables all our local stores to engage with the community.

“So, when it comes to doing good work for amazing causes in your area, our stores are there to help. Whether it’s donating fresh fruit to local food banks, organizing fundraising events for local schools, or teaming up with other area stores to help support a cause that’s meaningful to them, there are any number of great ways Edible Arrangements® stores get involved!”

When thinking about an Earth Day activity, the important part is something that can be done together and helps your local community.

Celebrate Earth Day

Many Earth Day activities teach us (and our kids) about making a difference in the future. Planting trees will not mature until decades in the future, so we learn that our actions today impact our children (or grandchildren) tomorrow. At Edible®, we believe in celebrating all of life’s moments and Earth Day is no exception. After a long day helping your community and nurturing your local environment, you deserve a refreshing and delicious treat. Especially a treat that take sustainability to heart!

This box contains a delightful assortment of delectable fresh fruits, perfect for anyone following a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. It comes with a selection of fruit favorites, including pineapple, banana, grapes, strawberries, apples, and oranges.

Favorite Fruit Smoothie Recipes

A tasty and refreshing fruit smoothie is a great post-Earth Day activity treat. If you’re looking for a smoothie that’s high in protein and satisfies your sweet tooth, look no further than a create-your-own smoothie from Edible Arrangements® with strawberries and non-fat vanilla yogurt. Even better, it’s made with fresh, never frozen fruit and all-natural ingredients. A great way to end a day focused on nature.

The best gifts for Earth Day (and every day!) are the ones that leave no trace! Noteworthy Chocolates gifts are 99% plastic-free. We use biodegradable cellulose wrappers and our gift boxes are made of paper, recycled cardboard, and water. After the chocolate has been enjoyed (take a pic first for memory sake!), the rest can be composted, reused, or recycled. All that’s left is a big, yummy smile!

Earth Day is a perfect time to think about what makes a thoughtful gift.

The beauty of chocolate is that after it’s been eaten, there’s nothing left except the sweet memories. At Noteworthy Chocolates, our goal has always been to help people make life sweeter with gifts that don’t burden the recipient or the planet with more stuff. By creating a gift experience that’s 99% sustainable with fine chocolate and eco-friendly packaging that’s biodegradable or compostable, we can give thoughtful gifts that make every day Earth Day.

Have a WOW-worthy and thoughtful Earth Day!