10 Movie Night Ideas to Make it Special

Movie Night Snacks

Movie night with the family is always fun, but, sometimes, it’s worth the extra effort to make it a bit more special. If you’re looking to elevate your typical movie night, we’ve created this list of ten ideas that will bring your family closer together and create some wonderful memories for all of you. Here’s how to make your family movie night more special.

How to Make Movie Night Special

Making your movie night a bit more memorable doesn’t take too much effort. It just takes a few fun touches that elevate the entire experience. For example, move your movie night to the floor with plenty of pillows, poufs, and blankets. Even just a small change like sitting on the floor can redefine the entire experience. Alternatively, you can take the entire experience outdoors. Set up a projector and a large projection screen. Or, just take your TV and set it up on a table outside. Either way, changing the location will add another element of novelty to your movie night for everyone in the family. Likewise, little touches, like printing out admission tickets or putting out movie-inspired decorations can lend the entire experience a celebratory vibe.

Another way to make movie night special is by pairing your culinary experience with your chosen film. Delicious food always plays a big role in pulling off a great movie night. You’ll need plenty of popcorn, candy, and other sweet treats. Present all your treats in unique, movie-inspired ways for more fun.

Top 10 Movie Night Ideas

If you’re looking to create a memorable movie night, we’ve gathered up ten great ideas for you. Here are ten must-try movie night ideas:

1. Dip Your Own Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Chocolate Strawberry Dipping Kit

A great way to kick off your movie night is to make your own chocolate covered strawberries to enjoy during the main flick. This kit includes dipping chocolate and a bunch of scrumptious toppings, including mini sprinkles, vanilla white crispies, and crushed almonds.

2. Enjoy a Variety of Popcorn

Enjoy a Variety of Popcorn

What goes hand-in-hand more than a movie and popcorn? Elevate your regular popcorn with this sampler that includes a variety of gourmet popcorn flavors, including chocolate caramel, raspberry lemonade, bourbon barbecue, and birthday cake.

3. Charge “Admission”

Charge Admission

Charge your little ones “admission” and give them a realistic-looking ticket with this free printable. Your kiddos will get a kick out of receiving a ticket for their family movie night they can keep for years to come.

4. Take it Outside

Take it Outside

How many times have you watched a movie in your living room? Make it more exciting by taking your movie night outside in your backyard. You’ll need a large projector screen and projector, or you can just set up your regular TV on an outdoor table.

5. Pair Themed Food with Your Movie

Pair Your Food with Your Movie

Check out these common movies and the foods that pair best with them. For example, Maleficent goes best with angel food cake (with a devilish drizzle of chocolate, of course.)

6. Go Crazy with the Decorations

Go Crazy with the Decorations

Download these free printable decorations and make sure your home is all decked out in movie decor. Your kiddos are sure to love the snazzy decor as they get excited to view the film.

7. Create a Movie Candy Display

Make a Movie Candy Display

Create a display that looks just like one you’d find at a movie theater concession stand. This DIY project is easy to make with sheets of foam, and, of course, the best boxed candy you can find, including Junior Mints, Milk Duds, and M&Ms.

8. Keep Your Drinks Cold

Keep Your Drinks Cold

Keep your drinks cold and within easy reach while you enjoy the movie with this inflatable buffet. Not only does it keep up the theme of movie night, but it’s also easy to set up and fill with some ice, water, and soda.

9. Make Use of Pillows and Poufs

Make Use of Pillows and Poufs

Make sure your family is comfortable through the whole movie, even if you’re watching it outside. Set up plenty of pillows, poufs, blankets, rugs, and more, just like this Moroccan-inspired gathering.

10. End the Night with Some Trivia

End the Night with Some Trivia

If the little ones are up for even more fun after the movie is over, treat them to a little game of trivia. This trivia game asks them questions about some classic and well-loved movies, such as Kung Fu Panda, Madagascar, and Cars.

These movie night ideas are sure to elevate your average movie night. These fresh and new ideas will help you make lasting memories with the ones you love most.