Monday Celebration Tips: Ideas for a magical Christmas!


Christmas is just 4 days away! Are you ready for a sweet time with family and friends? Here are some tips for making it festive and fun.


Presents & Breakfast.

After you work up an appetite opening gifts, plan to sit down to a scrumptious family breakfast. Pancakes or French toast are breakfast favorites that are quick and easy to make on a busy Christmas morning. Add some bacon and a glass of juice and you’re ready to sit down and enjoy the perfect post-madness Christmas breakfast.


Stay away from social media.

Christmas time is best focused on family and friends. So put the phone down (unless you’re calling a loved one) and go build a snowman or play a game with the gang. You don’t need to tell everyone what you got for Christmas this year. (Unless it’s a puppy… then share away!)


Cook ahead!

Are you hosting the family for Christmas dinner? Take a tip from the best clever cooks and prepare ahead. Preparing as much as possible in the days ahead keeps your stress down and eases clean-up as well.


Sweet ending to a magical day.

While you’re primping the house, cooking away, and visiting with loved ones, let us take care of a sweet dessert! We can deliver to you on Christmas Eve so you’ll know dessert is ready for the next day! Make this “The Most Magical Christmas” ever! This arrangement will bring the Holiday cheer and be a beautiful AND delicious focal point for your special day!

The Most Magical Christmas