How to #WOW your significant other on your anniversary!


Whether you are dating or married everyone knows that relationships and marriage can be a lot of give and take, BUT it is also a wonderful thing! You might love to go to the beach, but your significant other would prefer a pool. But you find a way to make both of you happy at the end of the day. On your anniversary, it’s a time to step back and remember everything you love about one another.  And yeah, you should probably be showing your partner that you love them everyday- but Today means going out of your way for that little something extra special. Even if that means doing something your don’t like as much but know that your significant other LOVES. It will make them appreciate how much you care and that you are willing to do something for them that you might not typically do. So go to the pool for the day instead of the beach- you have the other 364 days for that.


Get a card: Now that you have planned an awesome activity that your significant other loves, it’s time to tell them how you feel on this special day! First things first, you need an anniversary card. Here you can either find a card that says or shows what you sometimes struggle to, or make one yourself with some great DIY design ideas! Just find one that you love and copy the design, adding your own unique flare to it (if you’re crafty enough). Once you find that perfect card, it’s time to write down how you feel about them. This is an opportunity to talk about the past year you’ve had, a great memory, or how much you love them. If you don’t know what to say, that’s okay too. Just imagine you’re talking to them and write down whatever comes to mind- it will be special because it’s from you.

Do something Special for Dinner:  You’re coming to the end of your anniversary and of course you need to end it on a high note. Whether you love to cook or prefer to have a world class chef take care of you, plan something special for dinner. If you are planning a night in, why not make your significant others’ favorite dish and have a beautiful place setting? This will make them feel so special because you really planned it out for your special day. But maybe you can’t cook… well don’t fret! You could always get a reservation ahead of time to their favorite restaurant. Make sure you let the restaurant know that it is your anniversary because they might make it special for the both of you (it never hurts to ask)! Now that you’ve already made your dinner plans, you only have one thing left to do, get a gift! table-71380_640

Anniversary Gifts:  Now that you’re almost finished planning your anniversary, you have one thing left on the list… get an anniversary gift for that special person! Our Full of Love Berries is a choice that is sure to impress, featuring juicy red strawberries dipped in gourmet semisweet chocolate. A delicious gift for the one you love! Not exactly what you’re looking for? Lucky for you we have a complete section dedicated just to anniversary gifts!  Why not find that perfect treat and send it to your significant other while they are at work so that they have a wonderfully sweet surprise on your anniversary? Everyone loves a good surprise and that is one sure fire way to #WOW your significant other on your anniversary!