Monday Celebration Tips: How to throw the coolest kids party!


Plan your list of party attendee’s- It is important that you give at least a full month of notice to your soon to be guests. Depending on how old your child is, you may want to invite all of the students in your child’s class. But if they are older, maybe they would prefer to just have some friends from their class, sports team, or club they are a part of. Once you have the list of people you would like to invite, it’s time to pick out those party invitations. Maybe you have a theme for the party that you want to include on the invitation. Once you’ve picked out how many invitations you will need and the style that you would like, it’s time to send them out. Don’t forget to send them out with enough time before the day of the party. By sending out your invitations early, you give your guests enough time to put it in the calendar and make sure they have nothing else on that particular date.


 Pick a Theme- Kids parties are always so much fun because they always seem to have a great theme! Maybe your child is obsessed with dinosaurs or maybe they can’t stop singing the songs from the latest Disney Princess movies. Pick a theme that your child loves and have it everywhere at your party. From the table settings on the cups and napkins, to the balloons, and gift bags! Having a theme will make the day really special for your child and all of their friends!


 Pumping the Tunes- Since you are going to have a bunch of children running around and having fun, you are going to want an awesome child-friendly playlist! Having a great playlist is the beginning to a great party! So make sure you find the perfect child-friendly mix so that the kids can have a blast!


It’s all about the activities- Today is all about your child and their friends having a really good time! Make sure that you have plenty of activities ready for the kids to do during the day! Maybe you are going the party at a pottery painting place, where they will get to paint something and take it home, or you plan on doing the party at home. If you are hosting the party at your house, make sure that you have some really great games set up outside, like a slip and slide, have a treasure hunt, or have a piñata. Having different activities set up for the kids will keep them busy and it will make it a birthday party to remember!


Create lasting memories- Today is a day that you and your birthday kid will remember for years to come! So make those memories last by taking lots of photos throughout the day! Always remember that years down the road, if you have the photos you can pull them out and look back on that special day especially if it is an important birthday! Such as 1st, 5th, 10th, 13th birthday etc.


Snack time- Every party needs a great selection of food and snacks!  It’s always important to have a good array of foods because not everybody may like what you put out. Make sure that you have both child friendly food and of course some food for the parents. A good idea is always pizza, burgers, hot dogs, and finger foods! Also make sure to use unbreakable plates and cups so you don’t have to worry about the kids breaking them by accident and hurting themselves. Plus paper goods come with some really good designs to match your theme!


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