How to throw a rocking 4th of July party

The Perfect Spread for the Fourth of July

The 4th of July provides a mid-summer celebration and a great time to gather with friends and family. After all, celebrating a birthday, in particular, the birth of our country marks a fantastic time to enjoy the refreshing and revitalizing nature of summer. Take your 4th of July entertaining to the next level this year with some simple party planning tips or simply adding a delicious fruit platter!

For example, every celebration needs to some delicious treats that set the ambiance and inspire the festivities. And America’s birthday is no different!

“Celebrate the birth of the nation by hosting a cookout with all of your family and friends. The Fourth of July is a great reason to gather with all your closest friends, watch fireworks, and play outdoor games. After all, it’s summer, and the weather is amazing.” 

So, start with a 4th of July spread that is sure to impress. From finger foods as appetizers to a few hearty main courses and finishing with some tasty desserts, keep your food simple and your guests will have a great time.

“No matter what your guests are in the mood for, this Fourth of July spread is sure to please. It’s got everything you could want from tasty appetizers, to delicious dinners, and out-of-this-world desserts.”

For more celebration tips, our team breaks down the decorations, attire and games that will keep your Independence Day rocking!

Summer Office Party Platters from Edible Arrangements

4th of July Decorations

Don’t forget this party is all about the Red, White, & Blue! Whether you are hosting your party inside or outside, make sure you decorate your party space with lots of red, white, and blue! You can DIY some great things like painted mason jars to hold candles or even buy some festive paper goods from a local party store. For example, red, white and blue bandanas offer a variety of ways to express your patriotism and American pride.

“These bandanas used as napkins are as simple as you can get. I love that they are the perfect size. Or how about wrapping some favors for your 4th of July celebration? Finally, consider wrapping up a VERY American apple pie and tie with a bandana. Slip your pie server through the knot and attach a cute chalkboard label with twine. You can even carry this like a caddy from the tied knot.”

This is the day to celebrate so do it in style with some great decoration, so for a more edible decoration consider adding some patriotic flair with the Berry Patriotic Chocolate Star Bouquet™.

4th of July Party Games

Every summer party calls for fun games to play for both the kids and the adults. Some summer favorites, are ladder ball, corn hole, can jam, and volleyball. These games are a great way to keep everyone busy and having a blast while you are able to host your party. For example, Uncommon Designs offers a unique way to introduce games into your party with a games station (great for kids of all ages!).

“There is nothing better than celebrating Independence Day with friends and family and our kids always have a blast.  This year at our Fourth of July Party, we put together the coolest station for Fourth of July Fun and Games! We carved out a spot for  all of the goodies on the front porch.  We set up a table with a burlap topper and included this adorable chevron flag art that we found at Hobby Lobby. Then, we set out the ultimate trio of July Fourth fun… bubbles, snaps, and sparklers, of course!  They were cleverly labeled… snap, crackle, pop.  The kids thought it was fabulous. Almost too cute to use!

4th of July Fireworks & Sparklers

First and foremost, does the 4th of July even happen without some fireworks? Take a look online and find a nearby fireworks show for partygoers. And if nothing is around, then there are sparklers! Do you remember being a kid and running around with the sparklers that your parents gave you? These are a must have for every 4th of July party for partygoers of all ages. They are safer then fireworks and as you remember, kids love them!

4th of July Festive Attire

Party in style with your red, white, and blue attire! This time of year every store has some awesome clothing that features the flag and where better to wear it than an awesome 4th of July party? From fun to festive, Cosmopolitan shares a handful of ways to add some patriotic flair to your 4th of July party (mainly from things already in your closet).

“Red, white, and blue may seem like an obvious, predictable color scheme to work with for the Fourth of July, but there are actually so many ways to work those hues into your outfit. [Here are] 15 outfits you’ll want to wear to all those barbecues, picnics, and parties.”

4th of July Food

Every 4th of July party always has an awesome spread of summer foods, so your party should be no different! It’s the middle of summer and of course most people are in the mood for none other than BBQ. So break out the grill and get cooking! Fortunately, Good Housekeeping shares an array of unique BBQ ideas, along with some other options to complete your menu and 4th of July party.

“This Independence Day, serve up a BBQ spread of star-spangled 4th of July recipes worthy of America’s 243rd birthday. We’ve got your meats, your sweets, and your boozy treats. All that’s left for you to do is choose your 4th of July menu, throw up some red-white-and-blue decorations, and invite the whole neighborhood over for some delicious, old-fashioned summer fun. Can we get a U-S-A?”

4th of July Dessert

Every party needs dessert and your party should be no different. When it comes to 4th of July food ideas, be unique with a splash of delicious red, white and blue like an array of Edible Arrangement bundles that feature plump, juicy blueberries that are paired with perfectly ripe strawberries and a large, pineapple daisy to create this incredible party piece. Plus, many assortments can be combined with fresh baked cookies and a hearty helping of cheesecakes, it doesn’t get much tastier than this on the 4th of July.

More 4th of July Party Tips

Instead of the usual Fourth of July fare, it might be worth stepping out on a limb and going with something more unique this year. For example, typically we think about an American dessert as apple pie, but how about some donuts? If you want to spice it up this year, then choose from our selection of our festive donut-shaped apples that are topped with festive, colorful glaze and dot sprinkles. Our Edible Donuts® make a wonderful addition to your Fourth of July dessert table or as a thoughtful gift for the hostess or for a special guest.

Additionally, looking for a quick and simple, yet festive way to set the mood? Well, fruit platters offer an easy way to serve a house full of guests on the Fourth of July, while also setting the patriotic mood. It’s easy for guests to sample a variety of treats from a platter, and when designed well, they look great on your serving table, too.

“At Edible Arrangements®, you can choose from a large variety of different arrangements that include fresh fruit and fruit dipped in creamy gourmet chocolate. You can even choose a platter that features our renowned semisweet chocolate covered strawberries. Each strawberry is chosen at peak freshness and dipped in real, gourmet semisweet chocolate for the perfect melt-in-your-mouth flavor. Our platters also feature a wide selection of fresh fruits, such as strawberries, pineapples, and grapes.”