How to have a deliciously sweet Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Tips

Thanksgiving is one of the most beloved family holidays because it means time with the 3 Fs: family, food, and football! If you follow these tips, you will be a ready for a SWEET Thanksgiving in no time!


Plan Ahead

Anyone who has ever hosted Thanksgiving knows that it can be stressful. Start by making a list of everything you will need for the whole holiday period. From drinks and appetizers to the main course (don’t forget the paper goods and decorations), there’s so much that goes in to meal planning. Start early so that you can add items as you think of them throughout the week and can save yourself from last-minute shopping trips. Consider cooking most of the meal a few days ahead, this way you can reheat what you already made!



Looking for exciting new Thanksgiving themed décor to WOW your guests? Here are some festive DIY Turkey Day decorations that you can do with the whole family!


Ready, Set, Hike

For a lot of people, football and Thanksgiving go together like sweet potatoes and marshmallows, so even if you aren’t a football fan, try flipping on “the big game” for interested guests to watch. You’ll be surprised how many will sit down to watch a quarter or check the score! It’s a good way to keep the crowd entertained while you are busy putting the final touches on dinner. On the other hand, if your company really doesn’t care about the pigskin hikes, you could suggest an ACTUAL short hike to build up appetites for the feast. And offer our Game Day Indulgence Platter to help curb everyone’s appetite.

Game Day Indulgence Platter

Dinner Time

Thanksgiving dinner…is there anything more delicious?! Because you planned ahead and started cooking a day or two before, take the food you pre-made and start warming it up in the order you will be serving. This will save you time and oven space! It’s the one time of year people eat all their favorite treats without restriction and then head to the couch to settle into the famous turkey-induced nap!


Something SWEET

Even after 2 HUGE plates of turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, squash, and green beans, it seems most people make room for something sweet! Because you took care of dinner, let us take care of dessert! Our Thanksgiving Centerpiece options are rich in fall colors and flavors making it the perfect way to end your Thanksgiving meal. The pies need some company after all!