How to get started on the slopes!


Follow these SWEET tips and you’ll soon be shushing with a smile.


Gear up!  Skiing takes lots of special clothing and equipment, so check all your gear twice BEFORE you head out. (Buying items last minutes in the ski lodge is NOT the economical way to go!)


Stay warm! It’s a key objective to keep you on the slopes longer and help you enjoy the day, so don’t forget to layer up with snow pants, jacket, gloves, hat/helmet, and long johns! And taking along some extra socks is always a good idea.


Go step by step! Ski slopes come in all shapes and sizes, so pick a good match for your skills. Get comfortable on “the bunny slopes” with basic moves like turning and stopping, then take on some higher terrain. This approach will let you control your ride, and make it a lot more fun too.


Fuel up with something sweet! – When the day is done and it’s time to relax, nothing sounds better than chocolate (hot or otherwise). Take out the box of Swizzle Berries that you packed in the cooler and ENJOY! The mixed fruit box comes with artfully topped strawberries, bananas, and apples are the perfect ending to a SWEET day on the slopes.

Swizzle Berries® & Chocolate Dipped Mixed Fruit Bundle