Monday Celebration Tips: How to Celebrate a Summer Birthday!


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Pick a Date-  First things first. You need to make sure that you figure out when is the best day to celebrate! Whether you are planning this shindig for yourself, a family member, or friends, find out what day works best for the entire crowd. Weekends are usually the best days to celebrate as most people are more available. Though this might mean that you don’t get the chance to celebrate on the actual birthday, but it’s worth it to be able to celebrate with the most important people when the time comes!


 Location, location, location-  Now that you’ve picked the date for your birthday celebration, it’s time to figure out where to throw this rocking Summer birthday party! Because it is Summer, you have a wide variety of places to choose from. Maybe the kids want to spend the day celebrating by the pool in your backyard, or maybe you just want to unwind and celebrate with a few close friends at an outside restaurant. The beautiful Summer weather provides you with a ton of options both inside and out. Find your favorite spot and enjoy the sun!

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 Crank the tunes-  The root of every great celebration starts with a rocking playlist, and your Summer birthday celebration should be no different! Whether you like jamming out to Top 20 Summer hits, tapping your boots to the Top 20 country songs, or if you prefer the cool soul of summer reggae tunes, make sure that you have the playlist ready for your party. We suggest starting the music before your guests arrive so that you get to have some fun while setting up the party.


Have a bonfire-  Summer means long, hot days and cool nights! Spending the evening surrounded by a bonfire will add a nice touch to any Summer birthday celebration and be the perfect opportunity for everyone to talk around the fire or tell scary stores. Just make sure you have enough chairs to sit on as the long Summer day fades into night.


Great food is a must-  Every birthday celebration needs an awesome spread of food, so why not stick to the season’s classics and have some BBQ? Summer calls for grilled food, cold salads, and even cooler drinks! Plus, everyone LOVES a tasty BBQ, so don’t forget to have enough for your entire crowd! And of course you CAN’T forget a…


Sweet Treat-  Best For Summer Birthdays! Watermelon Kiwi Summer-tini™

The only ingredient you need is our Watermelon Kiwi Summer-tini™! This fresh Summer fruit bouquet features watermelon and kiwi (two of our summertime favorites), sun-shaped pineapple, and our Pineapple Fruit Truffles®! It’s filled with a variety of bite-sized pieces of our fresh fruit favorites for all to enjoy, including our gourmet semisweet chocolate dipped strawberries. Then, it’s all mixed…we mean artfully arranged… in a fun, martini-glass-shaped container that can be used once the fruit is gone!

So go and celebrate that Summer birthday in style!