How to be the Hostess with the Mostess!

Thanksgiving Tips

As the holidays are approaching quickly, it’s time to get ready for lots of food, family, and get togethers! So put on your host or hostess hat because with these tips you will be ready in no time!

Keep It Spotless

A great way to start is with a tidy house! A few days before your guests are set to arrive, get the clean-up underway. Make sure you stock up on extra tissues, toilet paper, etc. If your guests are staying over, prepare some extra towels, toiletries, blankets, sheets, etc.


Greet Your Guests

It’s time! Your guests are arriving, so be ready to answer the door. Greeting guests promptly makes them feel welcome and excited to be there. If it’s their first time at your home, you can always start with a little tour.  Don’t forget to offer them a beverage or a snack once they arrive. OurLove Is Sweet Dipped Fruit™ Trio is a fresh snack that’s sure to please every palate!


Cook Ahead of Time

Whether you are hosting a holiday party or a family visit, save some time and dishes by cooking most of your meals ahead of time! By doing the food prep a few days before, you’ll reduce your stress about cooking and cleaning. You want to enjoy your event as much as your guests do, so let us help! We’ve got the perfect arrangements and dipped fruit boxes for any celebration! Our Thanksgiving’s #1 Centerpiece is rich in fall colors and flavors, making it perfect for the Thanksgiving dessert table!

Thanksgiving Tips


Will some of your guests be meeting each other for the first time? Be sure to introduce them and share a bit about each so there is no awkwardness. It will encourage everyone to mingle with each other.


Have a Great Time

Now that you’ve introduced everyone, let the party begin! Planning activities ahead of time will make enjoying the event much easier for you. If you will have lots of kids on hand, setting up an arts and crafts table will keep them busy while the adults are having a good time themselves. Find some easy DIY crafts on Pinterest.


Saying Thank You

Are you attending a party this holiday season or visiting with family? Showing up empty handed is always a no-no!  Show your appreciation to the host or hostess with Fall’s Freshest Hostess Gift! This arrangement will help you say thank you in a deliciously fun way!