How Start an A+ School Year!

Teacher Gift Ideas for the End of the Year

September is here, and that means back to school! As all “veteran” parents know, things get very busy from here on! So, we want to take the challenge as a celebration as everyone heads back to school. To help, here are some tips to have an A+ school year.

Calendar Up

Give the year a solid start by making a “master calendar,” including all activities and start-of-school deadlines for your kids. Give each child their own color for clarity and fun. Keeping a master calendar will help you and your children stay organized and on top of all activities. Plus, keep the calendar somewhere visible, like, in your kitchen, so it reminds everyone to bring their “A Game” this year!


Get Organized

If parents are organized, life is easier for all! And, getting organized yourself helps you teach your kids to be organized, too! For example, remind them to write down homework assignments in that shiny, new homework agenda pad. Staying on track with homework is key to school success. If they can stay focused, maybe even ahead on their work, that’s a bonus! Teacher’s LOVE when homework is turned in early. Teaching your children to be organized will help them start good habits that will last a lifetime!


Be ‘Monday Morning Ready’

Its 9pm on Sunday…does your child have everything they need for school tomorrow? In an ideal world, the answer would always be YES! But, we know that can be hard to pull off. Preparing as much as possible the night before definitely helps the day start off more smoothly. Even your youngest child can choose and lay out their favorite “make an impression” outfit the night before…which may include their favorite new shoes! Shoes are often among the hardest to find items early in the morning!


Join a Club or Team

Joining clubs and teams is a great way for any child to explore their emerging interests and make new friends. Remember to mark all activities on your family calendar so you can coordinate events, games, and pickups!


Meet the Teacher

Get to know your children’s teachers so you can be partners in their education. Before or after school meetings, and of course parent/teacher conferences, are extremely valuable times to learn about the teacher’s style and expectations. Remember, teachers also appreciate your insights on your child as well. Don’t forget to show your favorite teachers just how much you appreciate their efforts with an occasional thoughtful gift! ESPECIALLY one they can share with their class!


Teachers love our fresh fruit arrangements (trust us, we asked all of them). From hand dipped chocolate covered strawberries and bananas to artfully arranged honeydew and plump grapes, our various arrangements will once and for all answer the question “did you bring enough of that for everyone?” Yes, Mrs. Johnson. Yes we did!

So why not give your children’s A+ teacher an A+ gift for the A+ school year?!