Manager Training in Richmond, VA


Our latest on-the-road Edible Arrangements®’ Manager Training session takes place this week on July 11th and 12th in Richmond, VA. Following the field Manager Training in Houston, TX earlier this year, our corporate team is geared up and ready to guide the program’s 15-20 local manager-participants through the intensive program. The Richmond course, led by Curriculum Developer and Trainer Todd Lamson and Franchise Business Leader Wendell Jones, includes everything from general store operations and talent management, to expense management, local marketing strategies and more.

“After piloting our new curriculum for Manager Certification with such a vibrant group of managers in Houston, we’ve been able to tweak the program for our latest field training to make the session even better,” said Lamson. “Overall, the program is designed around the idea that our local store managers, the ‘boots on the ground’ people who really define our brand, are so full of ideas! To have an opportunity to focus on this pool of talent from our stores, and to let them share stories and gain knowledge of other’s successes, failures, triumphs, and struggles, is a really priceless learning experience for everyone involved.”

Interested in becoming an Edible Arrangements® store manager? Contact your local store to inquire about employment opportunities!