Madhu Chocolate Joins Edible Partner Program

Madhu Chocolate Joins Edible Partner Program

The Edible® Partner Program is a premium food destination that offers a solution for all of your gifting and self-indulgence needs. With our Partner Program, you can shop from a curated list of brands from across the country and have all of the products delivered straight to you (or your gift recipient). Finally, the Partner Program features delicious and wholesome snacks, condiments, desserts and more!

With the Edible® Partner Program, customers find one platform with endless indulgence!

Who is Madhu Chocolate?

Madhu Chocolate is an Indian-inspired bean-to-bar chocolate makers based out of Austin,TX. Harshit Gupta and Elliot Curelop started Madhu Chocolate in 2018 after experimenting with lots of flavors from traditional Indian cuisine with their favorite sweet treat…chocolate! The team ethically sources cacao from the Tumaco region of Colombia, then roasts, cracks, winnows, grinds, flavors, tempers and wraps all our bars by hand striving to create the highest of quality bean-to-bar product. Add in packaging inspired by Indian textiles and beautiful chocolate bars, Madhu Chocolate is a true labor of love.

We use lots of Indian spices, nuts and flowers in our chocolate making process to make very unique and beautiful chocolate. We’re 100% LGBT and 50% minority immigrant from India owned.

Inspired by Harshit’s mom and her love of food, Madhu means honey or sweet in Hindi and provided the mantra for their lives (and company); Be Madhu to one another.

What makes Madhu Chocolate stand out and WOW customers?

Madhu Chocolate embraces their personalities and devotion to creating an ethically sourced and sustainable company. The team takes pride in crafting sweet treats inspired by Indian desserts and flavors. Plus, the company operates their chocolate facility on 100% renewable wind energy to minimize their carbon footprint, along with sourcing raw materials with fair and transparent trading. The founders understand the importance of community to grow their company and operates with their mindset of being sweet to everyone at the forefront of Madhu Chocolate.

“With high quality ingredients, to high quality chocolate bars, to high quality packaging, to very honest story about Madhu Chocolate, about origin of every chocolate flavor, very friendly and quick customer service.”

Why join Edible® Partner Program?

The Madhu Chocolate team works hard to provide delicious Indian inspired chocolate bars and treats. Like the Edible® team, they take pride in delighting their customers, which means focusing on ethically sourcing the cacao beans to crafting chocolate treats in a sustainable facility and delivering sweetness to all of their customers. At Edible®, our passion, heritage, and future are rooted in helping people all over the world celebrate life’s most special moments with a gift or treat that’s carefully crafted to WOW. We certainly believe that Mudhu Chocolate shares our mission of enhancing life’s special moments by offering high quality products and treating customers with sweetness. We agree and are happy the feeling is mutual.