Lots to Celebrate in December (Including Birthdays!)

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December is a busy (and fun!) time of year full of celebrating the holidays, gathering with family, eating (lots of) food, and exchanging gifts! However, the hustle and bustle of the holidays can easily overshadow, or in some cases, even replace December birthday celebrations. For those of you reading this who either have a December birthday or know someone who does, we’re here to spread the word that having a December birthday is even more special than you think!

You’re already celebrating!

Although you may not see it at first, think of how sweet it is that you already have all your family, friends, and loved ones getting together this month to celebrate! This is the perfect opportunity to relish in the fact that the people who care about you are all in one place. Rather than receiving a card or a phone call for your birthday from your out-of-town family members, you actually get to enjoy their company in person. And besides, there are NEVER too many reasons to celebrate…especially when you’re one of them!

You share a birthday month with some pretty cool people.

If you’re a December baby who’s felt that no one understands what it’s like to share  birthday attention with Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and New Year’s Eve, just know you’re not alone! In fact, you actually share a birthday month with a pretty star-studded list of people: music sensation Taylor Swift who celebrates her birthday on December 13th, actress Ashley Benson and singer Sia whose birthdays both fall on December 18th, producer and host Ryan Seacrest who shares a birthday with Christmas Eve (December 24th), and basketball superstar Lebron James whose birthday is on December 30th!

Here’s how you can celebrate both!

Now that you’re (hopefully) feeling a little better about your birthday month, leave it to us to help you celebrate. The best part about our fresh fruit gifts is that they taste delicious regardless of the occasion! This means you and all your guests can enjoy one of our YUM-worthy treats, like a delicious fruit arrangement, a shareable gift basket, or even a box of chocolates for both your birthday AND the holidays. Pretty sweet, huh?

Whatever your plans are for this month, we hope you have an extra sweet birthday and holiday. Happy celebrating!