Looking Forward To Our 2nd Fruit Summit


Fruit Summit:  An event in which a select group of Edible Arrangements® franchisees and corporate team members engage in strategic discussions in a small group setting, with a focus on emerging with mutual goals and strategies for the upcoming year.

Following a successful “meeting of the minds” during our inaugural Edible Arrangements® Fruit Summit in 2012, we are once again delighted to be hosting a select group of our franchisees for what looks to be another productive brainstorming session March 6th – 8th, 2013 at the Edible Arrangements International corporate headquarters in Wallingford, Conn.

The collaborative days spent discussing key areas of our business are beneficial from both corporate and franchisee perspectives. Franchisees are able to interact with other Edible Arrangements® store owners and corporate staff, gain insight into current and upcoming ventures, and voice their opinions.  Corporate team members benefit from our franchisees’ in-store experience, and have the opportunity to use this group of true Edible Arrangements® experts as a sounding board for our latest and greatest strategies and initiatives.

Here at the corporate office, we’re looking forward to a marathon, three-day event filled innovative ideas and invaluable insights! For franchisees that are new to Fruit Summit, welcome, and for those who attended last year, we look forward to seeing you once again!