50 Last Minute Gift Ideas for Everyone in Your Life

last minute gift ideas for everyone on your list

It’s never too late to come up with the perfect last minute gift ideas for that special person or important occasion. When showing appreciation to a supportive colleague, celebrating a family member’s birthday, recognizing a significant holiday with a touching tribute, and more, gift cards are one option, but here is some gift idea inspiration that may help you better tailor your selection to your recipient and occasion.

How to Choose Last Minute Gift Ideas

Time is short, and the gift selection needs to happen sooner rather than later. However, just taking a moment to consider what you know about their interests helps you make a thoughtful choice. Is coffee or tea their preference during the day? What show, band, book, or movie often comes up in your discussions with them? Does their free time usually take place in front of TV, out with friends, in a garden, etc.? Thinking about their answers to these few quick questions quickly generates some potential gifts. If you aren’t sure about how they might respond, there are some great universal selections as well!

50 Enjoyable Last Minute Gift Ideas for Everyone

Your mind may be swirling as you consider your last minute gift ideas, especially if you have many people to buy for. Hopefully, this idea list will assist in generating ideas or with a quick and direct shopping experience, so that you can choose last minute gifts that they will truly appreciate and enjoy.

  1. Hand Blown Glasses

hand blown glasses makes a terrific last minute gift idea

These beautiful, handcrafted glasses are dishwasher safe and intended for daily use. They are the perfect last minute gift for anyone who enjoys unique craftsmanship with purpose.

  1. “BDAY” Wish-Tini With Confetti Berries

For that last minute birthday gift, choose a delicious fruit bouquet with fresh fruits like various melons and strawberries, not to mention celebratory pineapple lettering with confetti cake-batter flavoured confections. Looking for a similar idea for other occasions? From the classic elegance of the Simply Edible™ Bouquet to the vibrant spectacle of one of the larger displays, there is a perfect fruit arrangement for your last minute needs!

  1. Personalized Wooden BBQ Scraper

A perfect and personalized gift for Father’s Day, another celebratory occasion, or just because, customize this cedar scraper with an engraved message of your choice.

  1. Culinary Herb Kit

They don’t have to wait until the warmer summer months to enjoy the flavour enhancement of fresh herbs, like parsley and basil. This collection is perfect for gardeners, home chefs, and food enthusiasts or anyone looking to bring freshness into their dishes and plants into their home.

  1. Digital Thermometer

This easy-to-use tool is an ideal last minute gift idea for anyone, including grillmasters, bakers, and daily home cooks. Useful for confirming the cook on all of your culinary creations, like crockpot soups, candy, and more, this thermometer requires minimal storage space but offers multiple functions.

  1. Handled Pasta Serving Dish

Safe for ovens, microwaves, and dishwashers, this beautiful serving dish includes handles for presenting your meal in style and with easy delivery. Available in multiple colours, choose a favourite to complement the style of your recipient’s home and their artful approach to entertaining.

  1. Stasher Bags

To celebrate a new home or support a person’s love of travel or eco-consciousness, this Stasher reusable bag kit is a colourful way for them to organize or safely transport items, like make-up, snacks, or homemade soups!

  1. Wordle Party Game

Everyone from your friend’s teenage son to your grandmother has made the most of this trendy online game, so why not make the fun into a family affair? For any occasion or none at all, this last minute gift idea is something that anyone will enjoy playing with friends and family!

  1. Mini Waffle Maker

Whatever their favourite meal of the day may be, this gift idea works for breakfast fans who love the classic waffle drizzled in maple syrup or for panini fans who might use this griddle for a variety of sandwich adventures!

  1. The Adventure Challenge: Family Edition

To create memorable moments with each other and inspire new activities in addition to those you already enjoy together, provide fun challenges and encourage togetherness this last minute gift idea. Other editions are themed around solo events, couples, holidays, and more!

  1. Instant Photo Printer

Print your favourite photos to share with your favourite people with this portable printer. For the selfie styler or the family photo instigator, this device lets them capture and print the moment for everyone to remember in the years ahead.

  1. Lego Set

Whether they enjoy Marvel, Harry Potter, Minecraft, or another world or universe, lego sets are a fun challenge for any age. For individual enjoyment or collective merriment, this last minute gift idea provides for interactive entertainment around one of their choice interests.

  1. Health and Fitness Tracker

You care about them, so support them in healthy living. Challenge them to step competitions or encourage them to be mindful of stress and sleep needs with this thoughtful and purposeful gift idea.

  1. Blue Light Glasses

For your friend, the gamer, or your uncle, who constantly reads on a tablet, these glasses invite them to do what they love but protect their eyes in style.

  1. Custom Ornament

Ornaments are a thoughtful last minute gift idea. To celebrate a favourite memory or as a gift for a first festive time together, this meaningful gift can be personalized with your choice of text, shape, and frame colour.

  1. Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Take off the headphones or pods and share the joy of your favourite music with all. Both waterproof and wireless, this speaker fits easily into a bag and will help your recipient make the most of their next adventure, whether in the kitchen at home or at the pinnacle of their next hike.

  1. Air Fryer

This popular choice is easy to use and the healthier alternative to traditional fry methods. It’s also inspired many individuals to be more creative in the kitchen!

  1. Yeti

Whether their morning kicks off with coffee or tea or they simply enjoy cold water to hydrate throughout the day, choose this tumbler for a durable and dishwasher safe last minute gift idea. Available in a variety of colours and sizes with your choice of lid option, they’ll appreciate the portability and think of you with each use!

  1. Custom Animal Pillow

They like you, but they love their pet. Custom order a hand painted pillow with their pet’s face on it for them to treasure for years to come. Too short on time? Assemble a gift basket of treats and toys with a note about eventual gift delivery!

  1. Magnetic Wristband

The DIY-er or craftsperson in your life will be thrilled to receive this magnetic wristband. It will help them organize smaller objects and keep them within reach during ongoing projects. Instead of sitting on that lost pin during sewing or wasting time looking for that particular nail, this great last minute gift idea keeps everything they need in one place!

  1. Hygge Gift Set

Treat someone in your life to the gift of self-care. Choose their favourite scent for the soap selection and know that their senses will otherwise be indulged throughout soft socks and relaxing scents, while they enjoy time to journal or simply take rest.

  1. Unicorn Float

Celebrate summer and fun on the water in this unicorn float. This magical inflatable makes time in the water extra special and lifts the spirits of any who encounter or enjoy it!

  1. Bookworm Shirt

This last minute gift idea celebrates their preferred activity. You may not know what’s next on the reading list, but this handmade, comfy sweatshirt will let them sit down to enjoy the next book in style.

  1. Retro Arcade Machine

Can you still beat your cousin at that classic game? It’s time to determine whether the champ still reigns, or it is time for someone new to take the title. Jump on the retro trend or revisit the joys of youth by bringing the arcade into your home, office, or even on the road!

  1. Slipper

These lined slippers will keep feet cozy throughout the colder months. Create the relaxing environment that they need starting with the very part of them that carries them through their days.

  1. Handheld Massage Tool

This device brings the powerful and therapeutic benefits of professional massage treatments to their hands. This last minute gift idea lets them personalize their care regimen with variable speeds and accessories in order to soothe sore muscles and enhance circulation.

  1. Docking Station

This gift comes in your choice of wood colour and the option to personalize it. For organization of essential accessories and devices in one central location, this gift helps mornings begin with ease!

  1. Popcorn Gift

For an updated treat on movie or game nights, provide this unique gift with specialty salts. With three different toppings and popcorn types, each gift set provides multiple snack options!

  1. Cashmere Ribbed Toque

From that first early fall snow to that last late spring storm, this cashmere accessory will keep them warm and cozy throughout the colder seasons.

  1. Rechargeable Wine Opener

If they enjoy a lovely evening glass of wine, this thoughtful gift removes the work of the conventional tools. Though you wouldn’t necessarily know what bottle to choose for them, this last minute gift idea is a thoughtful accessory for opening their preferred beverage.

  1. Oil and Vinegar Gift Set

With enticing flavours, like Tuscan Herb Olive Oil and Fig Balsamic Vinegar, mix and match the oils and vinegars in this collection or use them individually to create dishes that everyone is sure to love!

  1. Toronto Maple Leafs Puzzle

For hockey fans, interactive fun, and even an eventual art piece, this last minute gift idea suits the sports lover and puzzle whiz.

  1. Cinema Light Box

For inspirational sayings, general reminders, or daily jokes, this light board lets them personalize the message of the day or month. From funky bedroom additions to kitchen spaces, this eye-catching feature is a unique yet functional design piece for any room.

  1. Bento Box

Available in a variety of colours, this useful lunch box keeps each food fresh and in its own space. Dishwasher-safe and microwave-friendly, this helpful gift lets them treat themselves thoughtfully and make preparations for the day that much easier!

  1. Balloon Bundle

With a cuddly teddy bear, delicious brownies, festively sprinkled chocolate dipped strawberries, and congratulatory balloon, this last minute gift idea is one that your grandchild  or niece will certainly treasure. Looking for similar gift sets for other occasions? Check out the variety of balloon bundles for holidays, messages of support, or just because!

  1. Succulent Gift

Send the supportive succulent on its own or add a variety of additional items, like lip balm or truffles, to design a gift collection for your intended recipient. However you choose to customize your present, they are sure to appreciate the encouragement!

  1. Jenga

For the friend who frequently hosts game days, that unexpected gift exchange, or the family member who always has a lively crowd at their home, this game provides an enjoyable challenge for a dynamic duo or competitive teams.

  1. Lap Desk

Switch up the work-from-home approach with this stunning wood lap desk. With room for a laptop, coffee mug, and more, take this practical and comfortable opportunity to change the scenery when needed.

  1. Lightweight Scarf

Most of us have one or more chunky, knit scarves for colder months, but this lightweight scarf works between seasons or when the warmer day unexpectedly takes a chill in the evening. Choose from a variety of colours and patterns for a piece that works all year round!

  1. Pottery Kit

The artistically-minded and DIYers in your life might enjoy the opportunity to make and decorate their own pottery. It may be messy, but it is sure to be entertaining!

  1. Espresso Collection

From a noted specialty roaster, this specialty collection offers the opportunity to try a variety of espresso beans and is accompanied by a ceramic espresso cup set.

  1. Smoked Salmon

This last minute gift idea works well as a contribution to gatherings or as a hosting gift that can be put to immediate use or enjoyed at a later date.

  1. Origami Book

They’ll love that you took inspiration from this classic film and TV series for your thoughtful gift. Prepare to be amazed by the recreation of beloved characters, ships, and more!

  1. Wooden Teardrop Earrings

Handmade and lightweight, these stylish earrings complete anyone’s look with their delicate design and universal appeal.

  1. Cheesecake and Rose Bouquet

This last minute gift idea combines the beauty of fresh flowers with the decadence of a creamy cheesecake. It’s the ideal choice for romance, celebration, or simply because you deserve to treat yourself!

  1. Hot Sauce Gift Set

Think they can take the heat? Tantalize their senses in new ways with this versatile and vegan-friendly set.

  1. Essential Oil Diffuser

Set the mood and create an environment that supports health and well-being with this last minute gift idea. Variable colour options and misting intensity are part of this sleek package.

  1. Personalized Puzzle

This eco-friendly and educational toy is a beautiful, customizable gift for new members of your family or your best friend’s new baby.

  1. Umbrella

Having more than one umbrella is always helpful, especially because they always seem to go missing right when you need one most. This compact version is easy to throw in a bag for availability at the moment it’s needed!

  1. Chocolate Covered Strawberries

For every occasion, these ripe and chocolate dipped delights are a sweet treat to comfort in times of challenge or celebrate in times of joy.

Whether you forgot the occasion or simply hadn’t found the right gift until now, these last minute gift ideas may be just what you need for the cherished individual or significant occasion.