It’s Easy Being Green with Edible Arrangements® St. Patrick’s Day Collection­™

St. Patrick's Day Collection

If your St. Patrick’s Day celebrations usually include parades, green everything and Irish soda bread, we’ve got the perfect way to go “brogue” this March 17th. Our St. Patrick’s Day Collection™ features shamrock shaped pineapples and strawberries dipped in green (white) chocolate.

Or, if you are attending a St. Patrick’s Day party, considering brining something sweet and satisfying as a special gift for the host and other guests. For example, a bite sized snack offers the perfect treat during the celebration.

Our St. Patrick’s Day Desserts & Treats Platter is hand-dipped for a hint of luck and a heap of sharable sweetness. Send as a gift or make your next St. Patrick’s Day bash a delicious one to remember.

Our Swizzle® Strawberries, Apples & Bananas box includes strawberries, apples and bananas that are all dipped in semisweet chocolate and topped with white Swizzle®! A great St. Patrick’s Day gift for parade goers because the box easily fits in any bag or large purse.

Finally, looking for a post-parade snack?

Our St. Patrick’s Day Platter offers a festive treat for families celebrating the holiday. Featuring chocolate dipped strawberries, pineapple daisies, Granny Smith apple wedges, and more, this St. Patrick’s Day Platter is something everyone can enjoy (even if they’re only Irish for the day)!

For those of us that are used to hosting St. Patrick’s Day, then you can still feel that Irish pride this year. Not only is St. Patrick’s Day a great day to connect, but it also points to the emergence of spring and a rebirth. To help mark the occasion, then one of our arrangements is perfect for your celebration. We use only the freshest, ripest fruits and real, gourmet chocolate in our creations, so they really do taste as good as they look. You can even get a platter that comes with apples, pineapples, and strawberries covered in delicious semisweet chocolate. Plus, many of our chocolate-dipped fruits are decorated with a festive green Swizzle® to get your guests in the St. Patrick’s Day spirit.

Find the perfect fruit arrangements for your St. Patrick’s Day celebration at your local Edible Arrangements store!