50 Inexpensive Gifts for Women That We Know She’ll Love

assorted chocolate treats layed out on a pink table

It can be difficult if a friend is celebrating her birthday or a special occasion, and you don’t have the cash for a big gift. You want to wow her with something really special, but you don’t want to break the bank. Luckily, there are tons of options that can come in clutch when you’re on a budget. You’d be surprised at the incredibly chic and stylish options under $30. You can find plenty of gifts that are inexpensive but don’t look cheap or tacky. Here’s how to find an inexpensive gift for women. 

How to Choose an Inexpensive Gift for Women

One way to ensure that an inexpensive gift makes a big impact is to find a gift that really jives with your loved one. She won’t even pay attention to the cost if it’s something that she’s really excited about. Pay special attention to the things she’s been into lately and you might find something that really knocks it out of the park. For example, if she’s into gardening, get her a tiny succulent plant. Or if she loves jewelry, get her a set of stackable rings that will match virtually every outfit.

Be sure to pay attention to sales. If you see something on sale that’s perfect for a loved one, grab it up. Even if it’s not her birthday for another four months, you can store it away until the time comes. If you’re down to the wire, check your local discount shops for things that have been considerably discounted in price. Additionally, don’t knock second-hand shops. A beautiful vintage-style gift can sometimes be the perfect choice, and it may end up costing you less than a latte.

Another option is to check out our collection of inexpensive gifts from Edible Arrangements®. You might be surprised to find out how many delectable treats cost less than $30.

Top 50 Inexpensive Gift Ideas for Women

If you’re on a budget and want to find the perfect gift for your loved one, don’t worry. Here are 50 inexpensive gifts for women that are all less than $30:

1. Pineapple Drip Cakes® And Swizzle Berries®

Pineapple Drip Cakes® And Swizzle Berries®

This box starts off with fresh strawberries dipped in semisweet chocolate and topped off with white chocolate Swizzle®. Next, you’ll find cake-shaped pineapple covered in semisweet chocolate, colorful chocolate glaze, and sprinkles. It’s a decadent and delicious gift that she’s sure to enjoy.

Cost: $29.99

2. Tarte Live, Love & Bloom Best Sellers Set 

makeup set with pink and purple packaging

For the makeup-loving women in your life, this gift set from Tarte is a gift she’s sure to love. It’s complete with some of Tarte’s best selling products, including an eye shadow pallet of everyday essential shades, their ultra-creamy mascara, and all-in-one lip balm.

Cost: $26

3. Hearth & Hand Slatted Wood Bathtub Tray 

wooden bath tray with bottle of body wash set up on a white bathtub

Give her the ultimate gift for relaxation and self-care with this beautiful bathtub tray. Next time she takes a relaxing bath, she’ll have the perfect spot to place a book, her phone, candle and even a glass of wine.

Cost: $27.99

4. All Their Favorites Bundle

All Their Favorites Bundle

A dozen fresh-baked cookies, four assorted Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory chocolates, and an indulgent box of chocolate dipped fruit make up this delicious bundle. The fruit box includes Granny Smith apple wedges, strawberries, and bananas dipped in decadent chocolate.

Cost: $26.97

5. Toaster Grilled Cheese Bags 

stainless steel toaster oven with grilled cheese on a plate next to it

For the grilled cheese lover in your life, these toaster grilled cheese bags are the perfect choice! The bags will allow her to pop a grilled cheese straight into the toaster oven for easy and mess-free grilled cheese making. Plus, each bag can be used up to 50 times – providing endless grilled cheese opportunities!

Cost: $10

6. Movie Genius Playing Cards 

deck of playing cards with famous actors displayed on each card

If the woman that you’re shopping for is the ultimate movie buff, this deck of cards is a great inexpensive gift idea! The deck features some of the most classic and influential actors and actresses in movie history, from Charlie Chaplin to Meryl Streep. It’s a unique and fun gift idea for women that any movie-lover will adore.

Cost: $10

7. Buttah Skin Charcoal Detox Mask 

black charcoal face mask tub

Give a gift that will add a luxurious step to her skincare routine. This charcoal detox face mask from Buttah Skin will indulge her skin, made with charcoal powder that will promote a healthy and glowing complexion. It’s a face mask so luscious, it’s hard to believe it doesn’t come with a luxury price tag.

Cost: $24

8. Siterra Artist’s Blend Coffee Mug

four textured mugs in soft pastel colors

If the woman in your life is always sipping on a morning coffee or afternoon tea, a new set of mugs is a great gift idea. This stunning coffee mug set comes with four textured coffee mugs with a rustic speckled design. She’s sure to think of your incredible gift each and every time she enjoy a beverage out of her new mugs.

Cost: $22.99

9. Crystal Glass Bubble Vase 

bubble design vases with single stems of flowers in them

These crystal glass bubbles vases from Sage and Sill are the perfect choice for the woman who loves all things home decor. With a bubble design, these vases will bring a sense of nature and unique style to her space. Plus, there’s 5 beautiful colors to choose from so you can pick a vase that’s just her style.

Cost: $18.99

10. DASH Mini Waffle Maker 

white mini waffle maker with a stack of mini waffles beside it on a white background

This inexpensive gift for women is sure to add a delicious element to her morning routine. This mini waffle maker from DASH creates perfectly sized 4 inch waffles, with a non-stick coating for mess-free cooking. It’s sure to be both loved and used!

Cost: $12.95

11. Dog Bandana from The Foggy Dog

floral dog bandana on a white background

For the dog mom in your life, consider gifting something for her fluffy companion. The dog bandanas from The Foggy Dog are a great choice, with a variety of colors and seasonal designs to choose from!

Cost: $26

12. 8 Set of Packing Cubes 

beige colored packing cube set on white background

This set of 8 packing cubes is a fitting gift idea for the jet-setting woman in your life. The pack of assorted size packing cubes will organize her suitcase to perfection, making packing and unpacking a breeze every time she travels.

Cost: $15.99

13. Stadium Map Art Coaster 

wooden coaster with sports stadium engraved into it

These one-of-a-kind stadium coasters are a great choice for the sports-loving woman in your life. The coaster displays the stadium of her favorite sports team in a three dimensional wooden display, topped with acrylic to offer a spot to place her drink.

Cost: $23.50

14. The I Dream of Dinner (so you don’t have to) Cookbook 

green cookbook with vegetable and shrimp meal displayed on the cover

For the women who’s always trying out new recipes in the kitchen, gift the I Dream of Dinner (so you don’t have to) cookbook. The book features 150 low-effort, but incredibly deliciously recipes that are perfect for the busy, on-the-go woman.

Cost: $20.99

15. Dearfoams Chenille Closed Back Slippers

grey slippers

Keep her warm and cozy on even the coldest of days with these incredibly comfortable slippers from Dearfoams. With a cozy fleece lining, velour footbed, and chenille knit design, these slippers are both a cute and comfy addition to her loungewear wardrobe.

Cost: $25.50

16. Pressed Glass Photo Frame 

pressed glass picture frames

For a meaningful gift, give her one of these stunning photo frames with a sentimental photo displayed. These pressed glass frames have a sleek and stylish design and come in your choice of antique brass, nickel, and copper.

Cost: $18

17. Layla’s Delicacies Vegan Escape Box

flower shaped chocolates displayed in a blue chocolate box

This beautiful chocolate box from Layla’s Delicacies is the perfect choice for any chocolate-loving vegan in your life. It’s complete with 6 pieces of assorted vegan chocolates that have been crafted to transport you to the Mediterranean region with their unique flavors and ingredients. It’s a gift idea for women that’s the perfect pick for any occasion!

Cost: $21

18. Debatable Party Game 

party game with pink and orange packaging and cards

For the one who loves to host game nights, gift her the unique party game Debatable. The game will introduce funny hot-button topics for players to discuss that will send the group into a hilarious argument. She won’t be able to wait to break out this game at the next game night with friends.

Cost: $15

19. 100 Things to Do For Your Wellbeing Scratch-Off Poster

orange scratch-off wellbeing poster

This scratch-off poster features 100 different things to do for wellbeing, from watching the sunrise and going fruit picking to simply laughing. It’s the perfect gift idea for the woman in your life who is always implementing self-care and wellbeing into their routine.

Cost: $15

20. Dessert Person Baking Book by Claire Saffitz 

dessert cookbook with red orange cake on the cover

Written by Youtube star Claire Saffitz, this baking cookbook features 100 carefully curated and perfected dessert recipes, from a strawberry cornmeal layer cake to malted chocolate brownies. It’s an incredible inexpensive gift for woman, perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth and love for baking.

Cost: $21.11

21. Beautiful Reflections Personalized Keepsake Box

Beautiful Reflections Personalized Keepsake Box

This beautiful silver plated keepsake box has enough room for her favorite earrings, necklaces, rings, and more. It comes engraved with your loved one’s name on the top in a pretty script font.

Cost: $19.99

22. Lula’s Garden Mystery Garden 

succulent in a white square pot

Gift her a fun surprise with the Mystery Garden from Lula’s Garden. She’ll receive one of their pre-planted fresh succulents is a stunning box that’s ready to display! Plus, it’s incredibly easy to care for and even comes with a water dropper for watering.

Cost: $28

23. Artisan Dish

Artisan Dish

This hand-molded dish features a hand-painting of the sweet sentiment, “You make the world a better place.” It’s the perfect meaningful gift that will remind your loved one how special she is.

Cost: $10

24. Sending You Sunshine Gift Box

Sending You Sunshine Gift Box

You’ll be surprised at how many adorable items are included in this gift box for just under $30. It includes a hand-poured soy candle, bath bomb, loofah soap, lip balm, and a box of matches.

Cost: $29.36

25. Waterproof Picnic Blanket

Picnic Blanket Waterproof

Treat your loved one to a picnic on the beach with this waterproof blanket. Just unfold the blanket and you’ll have the perfect spot to sit. Roll it back up and use the handle strap with a double ring buckle to carry.

Cost: $21.99

26. Coy Ring Set

Coy Ring Set

For the girl who loves jewelry, this set includes 12 different eclectic styles to mix and match for a bohemian chic vibe. The rings are made with various materials, stones, etc. to achieve this stylish mix and match look.

Cost: $24.95

27. Custom Design Makeup Bag

Custom Design Makeup Bag

This makeup bag couldn’t be more perfect for your loved one because it’s made using her favorite photos. You can choose from one to six photos and countless designs to create a one-of-a-kind piece she’ll always treasure.

Cost: $19.99

28. Dried Flower Centerpiece 

white vase filled with colorful dried flowers

While fresh flowers are likely out of budget when shopping for inexpensive gifts, this bouquet of dried flowers is just as stunning – and at an affordable cost! The rustic dried flower centerpiece is made from dried lavender and other colorful blooms, creating an eye-catching gift that she’s sure to be wowed by.

Cost: $24.50

29. Avocado Multi-Tool

avocado multi-tool scooping out the center of an avocado

Shopping for someone who happens to love avocados? This multi-purpose avocado tool is an incredibly useful gift, allowing her to cut, pit, and scoop avocados with ease. You’ll be improving her avocado toast game immensely with your amazing practical gift.

Cost: $15

30. Repurposed Sari Produce Shopping Bags – Set of 3

colorful reusable produce shopping bags with an assortment of produce within them

For the sustainable woman in your life, these repurposed sari produce bags make for a cute and practical gift. It comes with 3 beautifully colorful drawstring bags made of repurposed Indian sari fabric. She’ll be strutting the isles of the supermarket with these gorgeous eco-conscious shopping bags.

Cost: $15

31. Women Owned Tea Brands Box 

tea sampler gift box

There’s nothing better than women supporting other women. With this tea sampler box, you can give an inspiring gift that supports women owned businesses, with four tea samples from women owned tea companies.

Cost: $16

32. Bodum Electric Milk Frother 

Help take her home-barista game up a notch with this electric milk frother from Bodum. This bistro milk frother heats the perfect amount of milk up to a frothed consistency, allowing her to make cafe-worthy lattes right at home. Coming in at $29.99, it’s an affordable, yet high quality, gift that she’s sure to enjoy using.

Cost: $29.99

33. Vintage Succulents Puzzle 

succulent puzzle in a cylinder box

This 1,000 piece puzzle makes for a gift that’s both challenging and fun. Once she put’s all the pieces together, the puzzle displays a retro-style botanical art piece of succulents.

Cost: $22

34. Kitsch Satin Pillowcase 

pillow with white satin pillow case

Satin pillowcases help tame frizz and hair breakage, reduce breakouts, and provide a cool sensation all night long. Gift these benefits to the woman in your life with this satin pillowcase from Kitsch. Plus, you can choose from a variety of colors and patterns to fit her home decor and style!

Cost: $19

35. Sundance Craft Cocktail Kit 

cocktail infusion kit

She’ll be making delicious craft cocktails at home with this Sundance craft cocktail kit from Mixy. The kit comes with a jar full of dehydrated orange, strawberry, hibiscus, and turbinado sugar. She’ll just need to add the spirits of her choice for a delicious citrus-infused cocktail right at home!

Cost: $25

36. Himalayan Glow Salt Lamp

himalayan salt lamp

This unique salt lamp is made from Himalayan salt that was hand mined from the Himalayan mountains. The soft amber glow will provide a relaxing and calming atmosphere to her room, offering a uniquely aesthetic decor piece.

Cost: $14.60

37. Scalloped Tortoise Hair Clip Set 

three hair clips on a white background

For a stunning accessory that she’s sure to love, consider gifting this hair clip set from Anthropologie. It comes with three hair clips with a natural-colored tortoise design. She’ll be eager to rock these hair clips as soon as she opens the gift!

Cost: $18

38. Lavender & Vanilla Soy Candle 

white candle with a wooden cover

This lavender and soy candle will elevate her space with a simplistic design and calming scent. Infused with essential oils, it gives off comforting and warm scents of lavender, vanilla, fir needles and tonka beans. It’s a luxurious scented candle without the luxury price tag.

Cost: $7.95

39. Silicone Baking Mats 

2 silicone baking mats that say "bake it" on them

For the woman in your life that loves to bake, gift her a set of silicone baking mats. These PBA free, eco-friendly and reusable baking mats offer a non-stick surface for her to bake cookies and other treats on for easy mess-free baking.

Cost: $19.97

40. Jade Roller & Gua Sha Set 

jade roller and gua sha skincare set

This jade roller and gua sha set will elevate her skincare routine to a luxurious level. The jade roller helps with muscle tension and energizes skin with a cooling sensation, while the gua sha is made to lift the skin and improve fine lines. She’ll feel refreshed and glowing after using this gift!

Cost: $16.99

41. Straw Beach Tote 

straw beach tote

This straw shoulder bag makes for the perfect beach tote that’s useful, durable, and incredibly cute. The earthy tote is made from a high quality straw material and complete with an artificial leather strap for a beachy look. It’s an inexpensive gift idea for women that’s a great choice for the beach-lover in your life.

Cost: $17.79

42. Freshwater Pearl Chain Stud Earrings 

pearl earrings with gold chain detailing

Give her a gift that will become an everyday staple piece with these stunning pearl earrings from Madewell. With delicate gold chain detailing, these freshwater pearl earrings are a unique twist on a classic piece of jewelry.

Cost: $24

43. Sunday Funday Self Care Kit 

face mask set with 5 colorful masks

The Sunday Funday self care kit from Pathology is the ultimate full-body self care kit. It comes with two face masks, two eye gels, and a peel pedicure mask. With this gift, she’ll be enjoying the ultimate R&R and a boost of confidence with her refreshed and glowing skin.

Cost: $28

44. Five Minute Gratitude Journal

beige journal

This 5 Minute Gratitude Journal is an impactful addition to anyone’s daily routine. The journal offers useful prompts for both morning and night, providing a great place for self-reflection and gratitude.

Cost: $7.99

45. Birth Month Flower Shower Steamers 

colorful floral shower steamer cubes

These Birth Month Flower Shower Steamers offer a unique inexpensive gift for women. Handmade with aromatherapy essential oils, they turn any shower into a a floral-scented spa experience. Plus, there is a different steamer for each month, allowing to choose a just-for-her gift inspired by her birth month.

Cost: $20

46. Upcycled Record Coasters 

coasters made from recycles recors

Crafted from real reclaimed records, these coasters are the perfect choice for any music lover in your life. Each coaster is sealed to provide protection for any surface and offers a fun place to set down drinks. Plus, the unique and colorful designs offer hip pieces of decoration for your bedside or coffee table.

Cost: $18

47. YETI Rambler 10 oz Tumbler 

blue travel tumbler

This 10 oz tumbler from YETI will keep her coffee or tea steaming hot while she’s on-the-go. It’s insulated to keep beverages nice and hot and has a lid designed to keep drinks from splashing out for mess-free travel. It’s a quality inexpensive gift for women that is sure to get plenty of use!

Cost: $20

48. OUAI Mini Melrose Place Eau De Parfum 

small perfume bottle with roses, vanilla, and other ingredients around it on a white background

This eau de parfum from OUAI has a luxurious fresh floral scent with notes of champagne, bergamot and rose. This rich fragrance comes in a 0.37 fl oz roller bottle, the perfect size for her to carry in her purse or keep in her car.

Cost: $22

49. VATTENKRASSE Watering Can 

ivory watering can with a sleek gold handle

For the plant mom in your life, gift this stunningly sleek watering can. It provides both function and decoration, with an ivory and gold design that will look cute when left out on display.

Cost: $13.99

50. Artisan Truffles Chocolate Box 

box of chocolate truffles

When searching for gifts for women, you truly can’t go wrong with gifting a delicious edible gift. With this artisan truffles chocolate box, she’ll enjoy 7 gourmet chocolate truffles in delicious artisan flavors: sea salted caramel, fresh mint, birthday cake, fresh raspberry, Italian espresso, white Euro dark and red velvet cake. It’s an inexpensive gift idea for women that’s so delicious, it’s hard to believe it’s within budget.

Cost: $12

Whether you’re shopping for her birthday, a holiday, or another special occasion, you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to make a big impression. Choose one of these inexpensive gifts for women and you can’t go wrong.