10 Amazing and Inexpensive Gifts for Coworkers

Inexpensive Gifts for Coworkers

You spend so much time with your coworkers, they’re like family. You want to show them how much they meant to you, but you also don’t want to spend an arm and a leg every time a holiday rolls around. Luckily, there are tons of inexpensive gifts that can make a big impression on your coworkers. You can find plenty of options that will delight the people you work with and not leave a gaping hole in your bank account. Here are some ideas.

How to Choose an Inexpensive Gift for a Coworker

Your first step when choosing an inexpensive gift for your coworker is to consider her likes and interests. What really lights her up, especially at the office? Does she love using a brand new pen that perfectly glides across the paper? Choose a high-quality pen that’s even personalized with her name on it for less than $20. Or, maybe she loves whenever there are chocolate treats in the breakroom. Choose a chocolatey arrangement from Edible Arrangements® that’s custom-made for the sweet lovers in your life. The key here is to find a gift that your coworker really loves so much the price doesn’t even matter.

The best gift for a coworker is something that’s practical and useful, but also is in line with her interests. You can find plenty of inexpensive items online that fit the bill. Etsy provides personalized, handmade items that are typically much less expensive than the store. Amazon, of course, offers free shipping and great prices on tons of products. There is also a variety of affordable gifts from Edible Arrangements® that are sure to make a lasting impression.

Top 10 Inexpensive Gifts for Coworkers

Don’t worry if you’re not sure what to get your coworkers that won’t break the bank. Here are ten inexpensive gifts for coworkers to give you some ideas:

1. Cookies And Fruit Care Package

Cookies And Fruit Care Package

Choose this delicious duo with Granny Smith apple wedges, strawberries, and banana bites are all dipped in decadent semisweet chocolate. To top it off, it comes with a dozen fresh baked cookies in assorted flavors.

Cost: $27.98

2. Chocolate Lovers Treat Box

Chocolate Lovers Treat Box

Perfect for your chocoholic coworker, this treat box comes with a Bavarian pretzel, graham cracker, and Oreo cookie, all covered in Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory milk chocolate. Plus, it comes with chocolate covered strawberries and a delectable brownie.

Cost: $24.99

3. Thanks for All You Do Camp Mug & S’Mores Gift Set

Thanks for All You Do Camp Mug & S'Mores Gift Set

This sweet gift will make your coworker feel appreciated and valued. It comes with a camp mug with the words, “Thanks for all you do,” and all the fixings for s’mores, including a chocolate bar, graham cracker, and marshmallows.

Cost: $14.99

4. EcoMoist Natural Screen Cleaner Spray

EcoMoist Natural Screen Cleaner Spray

Your coworker will appreciate this eco-friendly screen cleaner spray that wipes away dirt and grime without stripping away the finish on high-tech equipment. It’s quick-drying and smear-free, so it’s perfect to keep at your desk for when things get messy.

Cost: $10.95

5. Moleskine Classic Notebook

Moleskine Classic Notebook

This notebook is the ideal place for notes, to-do lists, goals, and dreams, or for keeping a journal. It features a leather-like moleskin cover, thick, ivory pages, and an elastic closure band.

Cost: $16.99

6. Signature Series Personalized Leatherette Pen-Charcoal

Signature Series Personalized Leatherette Pen-Charcoal

This leatherette pen with silver-coated brass accents is both stylish and functional. In your choice of grey or blue, it can be personalized with your coworker’s name in your choice of 29 font options.

Cost: $19.99

7. The CrunchCup XL

The CrunchCup XL

If your coworker is always rushing into the office with breakfast in hand, make it a lot easier with this unique cup. It features one compartment for cereal and the other for the milk so you can enjoy your cereal with one hand on the go, without having to use a spoon.

Cost: $24.95

8. Pierced Constellation Tealights

Pierced Constellation Tealights

This beautiful tealight will instantly brighten up your coworker’s desk both literally and figuratively. Crafted of porcelain, these porcelain votives feature a delicate design that elegantly lets the light through.

Cost: $12.50

9. Bento Lunch Box

Bento Lunch Box

Choose this adorable bento box in your choice of three colors. It comes with three different compartments and a fork and spoon so your coworker can eat her lunch on the go without any hassle.

Cost: $19.99

10. Costa Farms Aloe Vera Live Indoor House Plant

Costa Farms Aloe Vera Live Indoor House Plant

This aloe vera plant can help clean the air in your office, boost productivity, and reduce stress. Just place it near a window and let it thrive. You only need to water it every two to three weeks.

Cost: $20.99

Choose one of these inexpensive for your coworkers the next time a birthday or holiday rolls around. Your coworkers will appreciate the kind and thoughtful gesture, and your bank account will also thank you.