How to Show Appreciation: 10 Ways to Show Your Gratitude

How to Show Appreciation

When is the last time you have told your loved ones how much you appreciate them? Showing your appreciation makes your loved ones feel cared for and valued. Plus, it deepens your connection and even makes you feel happier and more satisfied with your life. Here’s how to show your appreciation to the ones who mean the most to you.

How to Show Appreciation

Scientists agree that we should all approach life with a little bit more gratitude. However, showing your appreciation for your loved ones isn’t always easy. We’re all busy, with more on our plates than time to do it all. That being said, it’s important to take the time and make the effort to show your appreciation to your loved ones.

Show your appreciation the next time you realize the value in something you received, the time your loved one spent with you, or their contribution to your life. Your loved one will feel valued and special, and may even hold you in higher regard. To do this, you can just give her a call and tell her about all of the things you appreciate. Or, try one of the below activities that can help demonstrate your appreciation in a more meaningful and memorable way.

Top 10 Ways to Show Appreciation

If you’re not sure how to show your loved ones how much you appreciate them, we’ve gathered up ten great ways. Here are the top ten ways you can show your appreciation for the people you cherish most:

1. Give a Gift

Give a Gift

Giving a gift shows your loved ones that we are grateful for them and value the role they play in our lives. Consider our You’re The Best Platter Bundle that includes a platter chock full of chocolate-covered apple slices, strawberries, and pineapples, and a bouquet of “Thank you” balloons. Or, check out our For Everything You Do Bundle with a beautiful fruit arrangement, two dozen freshly baked cookies, and a “Thank you” balloon.

2. Write An Appreciation Note

Write An Appreciation Note

Expressing gratitude to your loved one in writing lets her know that her efforts haven’t gone unnoticed. Luckily, your appreciation letter doesn’t have to be long or wordy to make a big impression. Keep it simple and sincere by providing an example of how she went above and beyond for you. Then, wrap it up and let her know how much you appreciate her.

3. Compliment Them

Compliment Them

A simple compliment can go a long way in making your loved one feel appreciated. In fact, studies have found that receiving a compliment makes your brain react just like it would if you were paid a monetary award. Be specific and sincere for the biggest impact.

4. Create Something Homemade

Create Something

Not all gifts have to be storebought. Instead, a homemade gift can make your loved one feel especially appreciated, as she’ll know that you took time out of your busy schedule to create something just for her.

5. Take Her Out for Coffee


Meet up with your loved one for a cup of coffee. Not only does it provide a chance for the two of you to catch up, but it also shows her you appreciate her by carving out time out of your schedule to spend together.

6. Lend a Listening Ear

Lend a Listening Ear

Listening is perhaps the world’s best way to show appreciation. When you lend a supportive ear and listen with curiosity, care, and compassion, your loved one feels appreciated and valued. Plus, your connection and bond will truly deepen.

7. Do Something They Enjoy

Do Something They Enjoy

Spend quality time with your loved one to show your gratitude. Even better, put her first and consider doing something that she really enjoys that isn’t particularly your cup of tea. At the very least, you’ll learn something new.

8. Make a Photo Album

Make a Photo Album

A photo album can help show your loved one how much you appreciate her by reminiscing about all the fun things you’ve done together. You can do it the old-fashioned way with a scrapbook and pictures, or make one digitally with one of many programs online.

9. Help Out

Help Out

She’s always willing to help out in a pinch, so feel free to return the favor. Help her clean, deliver a home-cooked meal to her family, or offer to do her grocery shopping. No matter what you choose, lending a hand will make her feel appreciated and valued.

10. Say “Thank You”

Say Thank You

It may be easily overlooked, but a simple word of thanks can go a long way. Tell your loved one how much you appreciate her, and be clear and specific about the things you appreciate.

Show your loved ones your appreciation with these ten tips. You’ll deepen your connections with your favorite people and feel happier in your life.