How to Pick the Best Chocolates for Mother’s Day

How to Pick the Best Chocolate for Mother's Day

Your mother deserves the very best for Mother’s Day. After all, your mom is one of the most important people in your life. Mothers’ Day is the perfect time to show her just how much you care with a thoughtful gift that truly honors her. Chocolates and other sweet treats are very popular gifts for this time of year, and with good reason. They’re a perfect choice, especially if your mom has a bit of a sweet tooth. A delicious chocolate gift will delight your mom and give her a little glimpse into how thankful you are for all that she does. But how do you find the very best chocolates for the very best mom? Here’s everything you need to know for choosing the best chocolates for Mother’s Day.

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Think About Her Preferences

The first thing you should do if you’re considering giving your mom a chocolate gift this year is to consider her preferences. Does she prefer the intensity of dark chocolates? Or does she like the creamy consistency of milk chocolate? Does she favor plain, smooth chocolate or chocolate that’s full of nuts, fruit, caramel, or cream? Make sure you keep your mom’s preferences in mind with whatever you choose. If you’re not sure which type she’d prefer, ask around. Maybe another loved one who’s close to your mom can help shed some light on which type of chocolate she like best. Or, just opt for a variety package that includes a wide variety of flavors.

Find Quality Chocolates


As anyone who’s bitten into a piece of chocolate that tastes like stale cardboard can attest, there are good chocolates and cheap, low-quality chocolates. Therefore, regardless of the type of chocolate you’re looking for, you want ensure that it’s high quality before purchasing.

Here’s how to evaluate chocolate to find out if it’s a good quality:

  • Inspect the ingredients. Read the list of ingredients to ensure that there aren’t a lot of extra ingredients. A good rule of thumb is to keep it to less than five items. Cheap, low-quality chocolates often pack in a lot of extra ingredients to keep costs low, but it impacts the end result.
  • Look for cacao. Cacao is perhaps the most important ingredient in chocolate. Look for a high cacao percentage in the ingredient list. Dark chocolate should contain over 70 percent cacoa, while milk chocolate should have a lot less, somewhere between 25 to 50 percent.
  • Check for freshness. When you pick up candy at the grocery store, always check the sale by date. At a chocolate shop, it can sometimes be a bit trickier to check for freshness. If you can, opt for a holiday-themed box. Because Mother’s Day is a short season, you can be assured the candy is fresh.
  • Inspect the candy. Take a look at the chocolate to ensure it has no white or discolored spots. White spots don’t necessarily mean that the candy isn’t fresh. Instead, it’s often that the chocolatier incorrectly melted the chocolate or it has been exposed to too much heat. Either option means an inexperienced chocolate maker and lackluster chocolate.
  • Sample, if possible. Some chocolate shops allow you to sample the candy. If you can, try a small piece to make sure it melts in your mouth with a smooth texture.

Consider the Presentation

When you finally settle on the perfect chocolate, your next step is to consider the presentation. Some chocolate shops feature fun, festive boxes that are just perfect for Mother’s Day. Or, think outside the box (literally). Carefully arrange your chocolates in a coffee mug, small basket, or mason jar. Get creative and decorate your package with your mom’s favorite colors and textures. Think a mason jar with burlap ribbon and some beautiful wildflowers. The possibilities are endless. A little effort can go a long way in creating a great presentation and your mom is bound to love the end result.

Make it Personal


The chocolate shop you buy your candy from might have an option to make the gift more personal with a handwritten message or personalized box. But even if they don’t, you can add your own touches to make the gift your own. No personal touch is as important as including a heartfelt message that tells your mom how much you care. You don’t need to be an award-winning poet to write a heartwarming note. Instead, be honest about how much you appreciate everything your mother does for you and the impact she has on your life. Bring up a funny story or share a touching memory. It doesn’t need to be complicated to make a lasting impression.

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