How to Impress Your Boss for Boss’s Day

Boss's Day Gifts

Boss’s Day is officially October 16th, which means if you’re looking to impress your boss during Bosses Week, now is the time to start thinking about a smart and unique gift to stand out!

The gift you choose for your boss’ gift says a lot about who you are. So, what does a fresh fruit arrangement or dipped fruit box say about you? Well, for one, creativity and out of the box thinking come to mind. And just like our new Boss’ Mid-Day Snack package, you’re also innovative, clever and absolutely enjoyable!

For instance, our signature Fruit Truffles® are expertly crafted using just the good stuff that your boss will surely enjoy…fresh fruit and gourmet chocolate! The Classic Apple Fruit Truffles® box features a combination of two apple truffle varieties that are sure to delight. This truffle box includes 30 Granny Smith apple bites dipped in decadent semisweet chocolate, covered with either rich chocolate micro drops or decorative white drizzle. A thoughtful gift idea that will remind your boss about how much value you add to the office!

How to Impress Your Boss

In addition to chocolates, there are other ways to impress your boss. Although Boss’s Day recognizes managers that make a difference and help guide their teams, employees can use the day as a reminder to showcase their talents as well. To help, we rounded up a few ways to impress your boss everyday of the year.

  • Find a Mutual Connection to Get to Know Each Other

People work well together when they have a connection. So, to help impress your boss, take an interest in finding out what makes them tick. In turn you will develop a good rapport and seamless communication with each other. Jacquelyn Smith shares why communication is the key to a successful professional relationship.

“When you first start working with your boss, you should sit down and have a conversation about how he or she likes to communicate. Ask your boss if he or she likes to correspond by phone, e-mail or in person, find out how often he wants status updates from you, and figure out how much detail he wants in those updates. Great communication is vital for building a strong relationship with your boss.”

  • Keep a Positive Attitude

Nobody likes a “Negative Nancy” in the office. So many people dislike going to work that it is hard to find a positive person in the office. However, if you keep a positive attitude, this will really shine in the office and help impress your boss. Carolyn Steber explains how a positive attitude can pay off!

“While you don’t have to go overboard with a put-on chipper personality (that’ll likely start rubbing everyone the wrong way) it’s always a good idea to be a force of positivity in your office. Positivity can include things like greeting your boss with a smile in the morning, happily tackling problems when things go wrong, and even just keeping negative comments to yourself. Bad vibes have a way of coming back around and gossip can stall a career if it gets back to your boss. Remember what mom said, ‘If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.'”

  • Arrive to Work Early

As they say, “the early bird gets the worm” and impressing your boss is no different. Although there are many flexible work schedules, showing your boss you are ready to work early in the day, continues to set people aside and impress the boss. Jason Steele shares how arriving early helps showcase an impressive work ethic.

This has always been the key to impress a boss who is concerned with your inputs. Since it is so hard to predict when traffic will be bad or your bus will be late, sometimes the only way to ensure you are always on time is to arrive early. Arriving before your bosses will give them an impressive notion of your work ethic.”

  • Be a Team Player

By nature, a boss manages a team of people. Therefore, if you take personal approach and “me first” attitude, your boss (and teammates) will take note. The solution is simple, support your teammates and make the team stronger. Carly Stec shares how this simple notion actually stands out from the rest of the team and helps impress your boss.

“Depending on your industry, getting ahead at work might sometimes feel like a dog-eat-dog type of situation. And while the old saying goes, “Nice guys finish last,” there is actually an opportunity for self-advancement through the act of helping others. Not to mention, if your boss catches you in the act, it can highlight your ability to be remarkably helpful: a trait almost every good boss cares about.”

  • Take a Proactive Approach

In the typical office, everyone has a lot to do, especially the boss. So, take a proactive approach and provide some ideas that can help improve the general workflow, but also take some stuff of the boss’s plate. (Of course, there is the micromanager boss, which might enjoy all the work.) Nicole Rollender, a boss and business owner explains why this effort made a difference (to her and the employees career!).

“The employees who impressed me most always thought ahead. They looked at the projects they were working on and came up with new ways to expand them. This is a great way to get promoted. I often earmarked employees who came to me and said, “I have five new ideas I think would be fantastic for our products and our department and our company,” for promotion plans. Every time an employee met these goals, they’d receive their promotion: a higher job title and a bigger paycheck.”

Finally, being proactive means planning ahead! Fortunately, you can show your boss you plan ahead by placing your order now for delivery right to your office. (And even if you need a last-minute boss’s day gift, we can still help you get your boss a fresh gift on time with our same-day delivery).

Bosses Day is the first of many holidays coming up over the next few months, which makes the decision to choose Edible Arrangements® NOW as your professional gift option a great one. For even more business gifting options, including gift ideas for your clients and vendors, employee appreciation, holiday gifts and more, visit our Business Gifting page.