How to Cut Star Fruit in 6 Easy Steps

star fruit

Star fruit is typically grown in Thailand, Southeast Asia, and South America. It features a mild sweet and sour taste and a juicy texture somewhat like a mix between a pear, grape and orange. It features five points and looks like a star when cut. Star fruit is a good source of fiber and antioxidants. These antioxidants can help boost your immune system, which helps ward off colds and flu. Star fruit is also high in vitamin C, providing more than half of your daily recommended intake in just one medium fruit. Interestingly star fruit can cause adverse effects in certain people due to its high oxalate content. Doctors recommend people with kidney problems avoid eating star fruit.

For the rest of us, star fruit serves as a wonderful addition to our fruit repertoire. You can eat them fresh or add them to tropical smoothies or salads. They also make a great garnish for your favorite soft drink. Read on to learn how to cut a star fruit to best enjoy its scrumptious flavor.

How to Tell if a Star Fruit is Ripe

Star Fruit

Before beginning to cut the star fruit, make sure it’s ripe and ready to eat. A perfectly ripe star fruit will have a bright yellow color with tinges of light green. You may also find dark brown along the five ridges. The flesh should feel firm to the touch, though juicy on the inside. You’ll know a star fruit is overripe if it turns entirely yellow and starts to have brown spots all over.

You can tell your fruit is underripe if it’s mostly green with just a small amount of yellow. In this case, you can just leave it on your countertop and it will start to ripen within a week. If you want to hold off on enjoying your fruit, you can place it in the refrigerator, which will delay the ripening process and keep your fruit underripe for a little longer. When you’re ready to enjoy it, you can just pull the fruit out and allow it to ripen on your countertop.

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How to Cut a Star Fruit

Star Fruit

You may be intrigued by star fruit, but not sure how to cut into it and enjoy its sweet flavor. Luckily, it’s not too complicated to cut. Plus, the waxy skin can be consumed, so it’s not even necessary to completely remove it. Here’s how to cut a star fruit in six easy steps:

1. First, rinse off the star fruit or gently wash in a mixture of white vinegar and water. You can eat the exterior skin, but it’s important to make sure it’s cleaned thoroughly.

2. Place the star fruit vertically on a cutting board and use a sharp knife to remove the brown edges along each and every “star point” or ridge on the fruit. These brown spots are edible, but they can be a little rough and aren’t as tasty as the rest of the fruit.

3. Next, turn the fruit onto its side and cut off the stemmed point on the bottom of the fruit. Then remove the other end, which will appear more flattened.

4. Finally, with the fruit on its side, use the knife to cut the fruit into slices to your desired thickness. Generally, this will be between a quarter-inch to a half an inch. As you cut, you will notice each slice has a natural star shape.

5. Within the stars, you may notice a few small black seeds. Use your fingers or a knife to remove these seeds. They’re edible, but are bitter and not particularly tasty.

6. Pop a slice of star fruit in your mouth and enjoy the delicious burst of flavor!

How to Store Star Fruit After it is Cut

Star Fruit

After you cut a star fruit cut, you shouldn’t leave it at room temperature for more than a couple of hours. Instead, pack the star fruit in a sealed container or storage bag and place it in the refrigerator. Try to finish it within one or two days to ensure it still tastes amazing.

If you’re contemplating bringing home your first star fruit, but aren’t sure what to do with it, don’t panic. Star fruit is amazingly easy to cut into and enjoy, perfect for adding to your weekly mix of fresh fruit. In fact, every part of the fruit is edible, so you could just dive in. Cutting it up first just makes it a bit more visually appealing.