Seven simple steps: cutting a mango

Seven Step Guide on How to Cut Mangos

Mangos are a lot like coconuts. You know they’re delicious, but you’re not so certain on how to prepare them. Well, we’re putting an end to the confusion with this simple 7-step guide.

What you’ll need:

  • A large knife
  • A paring knife, or small knife
  • One mango
  • A spoon (optional)

The steps:

  1. The pit of a mango is flat and wide. Use your large knife to cut around it by slicing off both the left and right side of the mango. Once you’ve done this, you should have three distinct pieces: the left side of the mango, the center of the mango (which contains the pit), and the right side of the mango.
  2. Now you’ll have to score the flesh (it’s easy, we promise) of both the left and right sides of the mango with your paring knife. To do this, hold the fruit of the mango toward yourself, then cut vertically 5-8 times and horizontally 5-8 times. Always cut down to the skin, but never pierce it.
  3. Once you’ve scored your mango half, hold the edges of it with your thumbs and push your other fingers upward, causing the scored mango pieces to bloom outward.
  4. Remove each piece of the scored mango with a paring knife or spoon (if it’s ripe enough).
  5. Repeat this process with the other mango half.
  6. Now that both halves are cut, move on to the center third of the mango. Stand the center of the mango up vertically.
  7. Using your paring knife, cut around the pit. This should produce two mango slices. Once you’ve cut the center third of your mango into two slices, there shouldn’t be any fruit left to remove. You’ve officially prepared the perfect mango.

Congratulations! No more mango-cutting anxiety for you. Make sure to visit our blog regularly for more quick and easy guides like this one, and good luck beating the heat in the summer months ahead.

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