How to Cut a Grapefruit: 3 Simple Ways

grapefruit cut in half

Grapefruits are large citrus fruits that taste like a combination of an orange and a lemon. They feature a distinctive sweet-tart taste and very juicy flesh. They’re also packed with health benefits due to a high concentration of antioxidants and fiber. In fact, they contain more than 60% of your daily intake of vitamin C, which boosts your immunity and helps your body defend against colds and the flu. Grapefruit has also been shown to provide weight loss benefits due to its high fiber and water content.

In short, grapefruit makes for a great fresh fruit snack or as a part of a balanced meal. However, they may seem difficult to cut at first glance. It’s true that they aren’t as easy to peel and enjoy as an orange. They have a thick, sour rind and tough membranes that separate each section of the grapefruit. Luckily, you can easily learn how to cut grapefruit once you understand a few easy tricks. Read on for three easy ways to cut a grapefruit.

How to Tell if a Grapefruit is Ripe


Before you cut into your grapefruit, you’ll first need to check and make sure it’s ripe. Ripe grapefruits are slightly more red in color than underripe grapefruits. Additionally, the deeper the color, the sweeter the grapefruit. You’ll also want to choose grapefruits that feel plump and heavy for their size. They should also give slightly when you press on them. Grapefruits that aren’t quite ready will feel hard to the touch and not yet heavy for their size. Store them on your countertop for a few more days until they ripen a bit more.

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Top 3 Ways to Cut a Grapefruit


If you’re looking to enjoy the delicious taste of grapefruit, we’ve got you covered. Here are the top ways to cut a grapefruit:

1. Cut Around the Membrane


This method is best for getting right to the eating part as quickly as possible. It might not look beautiful, but it’s quick and easy. Begin by laying the grapefruit on its side. Slice it completely down the middle. Lay the grapefruit open and you’ll see all of the membranes separating the sections. Use a sharp knife and cut around each of the sections between the membranes and along the rind in each piece. Use a spoon to scoop out each section, one by one. You can top the fruit with sugar or just eat it as-is. Either way, you’re in for a treat.

2. Cut Away the Rind


This method leaves you with grapefruit chunks you can use in salads or smoothies. Begin by slicing off both ends of your grapefruit. Set the grapefruit on the cutting board and use a sharp knife to cut along the edge of the peel, revealing the grapefruit flesh underneath. Turn the grapefruit and continue removing the peel all the way around the grapefruit in small sections. Then, carefully cut out the sections by sliding the knife along the membrane of one section and then the other side of the same section. You’ll end up with a pile of grapefruit flesh and a mass of empty membranes.

3. Peel Away the Rind


Though it might be the most complicated, this method leaves you with perfectly intact grapefruit pieces that you can use for desserts, decorating, or just for eating. First, score the skin of the grapefruit and begin peeling it like an orange. Separate the grapefruit in half, then in quarters like you would do with an orange. Next, you’ll want to remove each section from its membrane. Make a little slit in the membrane and use your fingers to pull the flesh out. Repeat with the rest of the grapefruit.

How to Store Grapefruit After it is Cut


After you cut a grapefruit, you should store any leftovers in the refrigerator right away. Wrap the cut grapefruit in plastic wrap or secure it in an airtight container. Be sure to use it within three or four days to prevent it from going bad. It’s better to wait to cut the fruit until you know you’re going to eat it within a few days.

Like most fresh fruit, grapefruit makes for a delicious and nutritious treat. A grapefruit may seem intimidating to cut, but it’s actually pretty easy, especially if you don’t need it to look pretty and just want to enjoy the sweet-tart goodness. With these tips in hand, however, you’ll be ready with virtually any grapefruit application from salads to dessert presentations.