How Faces Change After Smoothies


We recently came across this article about an awesome project from Brazilian photographer Marcos Alberti, who captured photos of his friends after they had one, two, and three glasses of wine. We thought his results were pretty interesting, and naturally it made us wonder: how do faces change when 100% fresh fruit smoothies from Edible Arrangements® have been consumed?!

On a mission to find out, we asked our own resident impromptu photographer/Art Director, Steve, to snap a few shots of the Edible® team after they enjoyed a delicious fresh fruit smoothie of their choice.


For their “before” photos, we told participants they should just do what felt natural to them. Then, we took the “after” photos at varying stages in the smoothie-drinking process – some people had just a sip or two, while others had consumed their entire smoothie. We told the smoothie drinkers they could do whatever they wanted in this photo, too.



Is it just us, or do the faces in the post-smoothie photos seem like the people are having way more fun?



We thought the results of our smoothie face experiment were pretty sweet. Want to try one of our fresh fruit smoothies for yourself? Find your nearest Edible Arrangements® store!

*Smoothies available in select locations. Contact your local Edible Arrangements® store for details.