Holiday Survival Guide: 5 Tips for Stress-Free Shopping

Holiday Gift Guide

No matter how much you love them, it’s impossible to deny that the holidays are often a chaotic time of year. From braving Black Friday lines in the hopes of scoring big deals to last-minute wrapping, stocking stuffing, and even shipping, crossing off the people on your annual shopping list is often one of the most daunting tasks. This year, skip the stress by following our 5 tips for surviving holiday shopping this year!

Make Your List (and check it twice!)

It might sound like a no-brainer, but putting together a plan is essential for keeping your holiday shopping in check. Before you get started on any shopping, make a list of all the people you need to buy gifts for and send cards to. Break up your list by giving yourself different deadlines for each group of people. By organizing your shopping list, you’ll stay focused all season long.

Do Your Research.

Before you start packing up your sleeping bag to camp out in those Black Friday lines, scope out the circulars or browse online to find the best coupons, sales, and places to shop. Compare prices, convenience, and the pros and cons of buying in-store versus shipping. You’ll find deals anywhere you shop, so keep an eye out for the best prices on your must-have gifts.

Bring a Buddy!

This holiday season, divide and conquer your shopping list by recruiting a friend or family member to help! Turn Black Friday into “Mom and me” time by inviting your mother to join the fun, or even split your list with your husband to hit the stores on foot. Share a treat with a friend as you scour the web from the comfort of your couch, or even throw a gift wrapping party at your house! No matter what you do (or who you do it with), you’re guaranteed to have more fun in the company of others.

Treat Yourself.

Holiday shopping can be exhausting, so it’s important for you to enjoy a little pick-me-up from time to time. (After all, you deserve it!) Carve out some time for a self-pampering session, a pit stop for some sweet snacks on the go, or even just a much-needed coffee. Trust us – you’ll be so glad you did!

Have Fun!

This should go without saying, but in case you need a friendly reminder, don’t forget to have fun! The holiday season is a time for giving and sharing moments of joy with the people you love most. Don’t sweat the small stuff, and take in every moment with friends, family, or even strangers in line. It might be a crazy time of year, but it’s all because everyone’s trying to make this holiday season extra special.

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