10 Best High School Graduation Gift Ideas for Him

High School Graduation Gift Ideas for Him

Graduation season is quickly approaching, and that means searching for the best high school graduation gift ideas for him. High school graduation is an important milestone in any young man’s life. It marks the beginning of a new chapter in life and commemorates everything he’s accomplished so far. As his friend or loved one, you want to be there to cheer him on every step of the way. A thoughtful and creative gift is a great way to support him as he embarks on his next journey and celebrate his big accomplishments.

How to Choose a High School Graduation Gift for Him

Whether he’s your son, grandson, nephew, brother, or friend, choosing a present for a high school graduate can be a bit tricky. You want to get him something that shows how proud you are of all of his accomplishments and everything he’s planning on doing in the future. You also want to get him something he can actually use.

The best way to do this is to figure out a bit about his plans after high school. Is he heading off to college across the country, or is he going to the community college and staying local? Or, maybe he’s hitting the working world or taking some time to figure out his next steps.

Once you have a better idea of his post-high school goals, you can better determine some ideas for a present. For example, if he’s heading off to college, get him some pre-packaged snacks he can enjoy in his dorm room and make it feel a bit more like home. Or, if he’s planning on jet setting across the world, get him a duffel bag that he can use for his most important essentials.

Top 10 High School Graduation Gifts for Him

If you’re shopping for a high school graduate this spring, check out this list below. It’s chock-full of great high school graduation gift ideas for him that will help celebrate the occasion and send him off to his next chapter on a high note:

1. Congratulations Indulgence Platter

Congratulations Indulgence Platter

This congratulatory platter includes so many tasty treats, he’s sure to be impressed. It includes ten delectable rich and creamy cheesecakes topped with chocolate dipped fruit and whipped cream. Plus, it comes with fresh, juicy strawberries, grapes, and a few white chocolate “Congrats” sentiments.

Cost: $59.99

2. Congratulations Dipped Fruit Box

With chocolate covered strawberries and apple slices, plus banana bites dipped in a combo of white and semisweet chocolate, you couldn’t really ask for more. However, this set delivers as each confection is covered in delectable white or semisweet chocolate Swizzle® or a white chocolate “Congrats” sentiment.

Cost: $39.99

3. Roku Premiere+ 4K HDR Streaming Player

Roku Premiere+ 4K HDR Streaming Player

Get him a gift that can make his next chapter a bit more interesting with this Roku streaming device. He can hook it up to his TV in his dorm room (or at home) to stream all of his favorite TV shows and movies so he never runs out of entertainment.

Cost: $89.90

4. People’s Choice Beef Jerky Box

People's Choice Beef Jerky Box

No matter what his post-high school plans entail, he’ll love this box of jerky that he can enjoy while on the go. It comes with no less than six varieties of the highest-quality jerky, all completely sugar-free, carb-free, and high in protein.

Cost: $40.99

5. Collage Photo Blankets

Collage Photo Blankets

Get him a photo blanket that commemorates all his favorite memories from high school. His photos will be displayed in super-sharp detail on the cozy fleece blanket, which has enough room for nine pictures on each side.

Cost: $54.99

6. Patriot Power Cell

Patriot Power Cell

Make sure his phone never runs out of juice, even on the go, with this power cell. It uses a rechargeable, lithium-ion battery that can charge up your phone in no time flat, and is made to withstand drops, splashes, and spills.

Cost: $29.95

7. The Everyday E25 Earbuds

The Everyday E25 Earbuds

These earbuds are designed to deliver more powerful sound than others. They’re also made to fit comfortably in your ear whether you’re working out, sitting at home, or traveling across the world.

Cost: $79.99

8. The Ranger Wallet

The Ranger Wallet

This wallet keeps all of his cards and cash contained with less bulk than an ordinary wallet. It comes with four card slots with a front slot for quick access, features RFID protection to keep his personal information secure, and is made from full-grain vintage leather.

Cost: $55.00

9. Flynn Chronograph Brown Leather Watch

Flynn Chronograph Brown Leather Watch

Make sure he’s never late to an appointment or a college lecture with this beautiful leather watch. It features quartz chronograph movement, a gold case, and a genuine leather strap.

Cost: $99.83

10. Weekend Travel Bag

Weekend Travel Bag

Whether he’s off to college in the fall and plans on visiting home on the weekends or he’s taking a gap year to travel the world, this duffel bag is sure to come in handy. With a durable and lightweight design, it features a high capacity that’s perfect for longer trips.

Cost: $79.99

These graduation gifts will show your high school graduate how much you care and how proud you are of all of his accomplishments. He’s sure to feel loved and supported as he tackles his next step in life.