Happy National Dipped Fruit Week®!

National Dipped Fruit Week

At Edible Arrangements®, we believe every day is another reason to celebrate. That’s why we’ve created our own semi-annual celebration for National Dipped Fruit Week®.

Swizzle® Strawberries, Apples & Bananas Box

National Dipped Fruit Week® was designed with a few specific intentions. First, we want to encourage our guests to test their taste buds, and sample a type of dipped fruit they may never had tried before. We boast the best variety of chocolate dipped fruit, and our chocolate dipped pineapple and chocolate dipped bananas are some of our most-loved varieties!

Next, we want to invite our guests to visit their local Edible Arrangements® stores because each and every neighborhood store is part of the community and has something special to offer. From in-store options like smoothies and fruit salads to create your own boxes, once you enter an Edible Arrangements location, our amazing in-store Fruit Experts® are ready to WOW you with a smile, samples, and special offers.

Finally, we simply want to surprise and delight our loyal fruit fans by giving them a great deal! (Not to mention it’s also a great excuse to treat themselves, their friends and their family to The Best Dipped Fruit, Period.®)

We’re always looking for ways to Make Life A Little Sweeter®, and National Dipped Fruit Week® is just another way we’re working hard to WOW our guests. After all, what could be better than enjoying chocolate dipped fruit for just $1 a piece?!